“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, 
                                  sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; 
                                                   it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” 

                                                                                           ~ William A. Foster 

Below is every puppy that we have had a hand in producing.
We have whelped 39 litters in our home during the past 20 years, plus helped to produce co-bred litters whelped by others.
We are extremely proud of each and every one of them, whether he or she is a top winning show dog or simply a beloved companion.

We take pride in keeping in touch with our puppy owners and love to hear from all of you!

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(Dogs listed in italics have also gone on to produce litters within our breeding program)

Chance x Tressy
D.O.B 4-21-95

Am/Can Ch, UKC BIS/Grand Ch Esmonds Azzo v Chance HCT, TT, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Astis v Chance CD, NA, OAJ, AD, BH, TT, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Apollo v Chance OA, OAJ, CGC 
V-Rated Ayla vom Esmond TT, HIC, CGC
Esmonds Aahz v Chance CGC, TDI
Esmonds Arabella v Chance CGC, TDI

Prico x Quilla
D.O.B 5-01-96

Am Ch Esmonds Banyon von Pico HIC, CGC
Esmonds Bolt of Lightning HT, PT, BH, HIC
Esmonds Buffalo BIll CGC, TDI
Esmonds Blockbuster

Falco x Tressy
D.O.B 01-04-97

V-Rated U-Ch, Ch Esmonds Call in the Cavalry Am/Can CD, NA, BH, U-CD, U-AGI, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Cause for Pause UDTDX, 11xSchH3, FH2, AD, IPO3, BH, TT, CGC, VX
Esmonds Cutting Edge CDX, TT, CGC
Esmonds Con Artist

Hunter x Tosca
D.O.B 12-31-97

Esmonds Daredevil Duncan
Regency's Darielle v Esmond

Kody x Quilla
D.O.B 4-04-98

V-1 U-Ch, Ch Esmonds Eat Your Heart Out Am/Can CDX, RAE, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, BH, AG.N, U-CD, U-AGII, TT, HIC, CGC, VX
U-GRACh Esmonds Everybody Duck CD, TD, AXP, AJP, NAC, TT, HIC, CGC, RTD (VCD1)
Esmonds Extravaganza CD, HIC, CGC
Esmonds Eternal Echo CDX
Esmonds Extra Special TT, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Urban Pride Expectation
Esmonds Ever After
Esmonds Evening Star
Esmonds Extreme Rico
Esmonds Ein Schuzen
Esmonds Ein Kase Kumpf

Azzo x Quilla
D.O.B 11-03-98

V-1 UKC Ch/ATCh Esmonds First Class Flirt RAE, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, Ag.I, Ag.IJ, O-NAC, NJC, O-TN.N, TT, HIC, CGC
Multi V-1 NS'01 U-Ch, Ch Esmonds Final Jeopardy TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
Esmonds French Kiss
Esmonds Full Metal Jacket
Esmonds Foxfire

Ali x Gambol
D.O.B 10-25-99

V-1 Am/Can Ch, UKC Ch/GRACh Esmonds Golden Opportunity RAE2, NA, NAJ, AXP, MJP, NF, Ag.N, Ag.IJ, O-NAC, S-NJC, O-TN.N, NGC, TG.N, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
V-Rated, Am Ch/CT, Can Ch/OTCh Esmonds Gone with the Wind UD, RE, HT, PT, HTD1s, BH, U-CDX, TT, HIC, CGC, VX
Esmonds Go For Broke CD, HIC, CGC
Esmonds Great Gatsby HIC
Esmonds Get Ready to Rumble
Esmonds Guardian Angel
Esmonds Go with the Flow
Esmonds Governess Jessie
Esmonds Gunter
Esmonds Gizmo

Crash x Gambol
D.O.B 4-22-00

Esmonds Helluva Chance CD
Esmonds Hula Dance of Oakview HIC
Esmonds Hooligan and Again
Esmonds Hot Diggety
Esmonds Hurricane Briggs
Esmonds Hot and Spicy

Elvis x Gambol
D.O.B 1-27-02


Multi V-1 Multi BOSS Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Iza One and Only Am/Can CDX, RE, Am TDX, Can TD, SchH3, FH2, IPO3, BST, AD, BH,

Yngo x Envy
D.O.B 2-26-02

V-Rated Ch/OTCh/ATCh Esmonds Jump for Joy Am CDX, Am RE, Can RA, NA, NAJ, Ag.X, Ag.XJ, MSCDC, MGDC, RNMCL, 
Esmonds Joe Cool Parker Prince MX, MXJ, XF

Yngo x Beca
D.O.B 6-09-02

Multi V-1 USRC Select Am/Can Ch Esmonds Kaleidoscope of Quarks UDT, RAE, NA, OAJ, OAP, AJP, NFP, SchH3, FH, BST, BH, Can CD, U-CD, U-AGII, CS, CI, TT, CGC, TDI  (VCD2)
V-Rated FDCh Esmonds Kaos in the Nite CD, RN, HT, PT, HSAs, HCTd, JHD, TT, CGC
V-Rated Ch Esmonds Kinetic Energy TT

Yngo x Gambol
D.O.B 11-23-02

OTCh Esmonds Loping Thru The Mud Am CDX, Am/Can RE, Am TD, Can TDX, OA, OAJ, NF, NAP, NFP, Ag.N, Ag.IJ, CGN (VCD2)
Esmonds Last Chance CD, RE, TT, CGC, TDI

Yngo x Beca
D.O.B 2-01-03

V-Rated BOSS Select 1 Am/Can Ch CT Esmonds Make Mine a Double Am UD, RE, Can CD, Can TD, TT, CGC
Esmonds Many Happy Returns CDX, RE, TT, CGC
Esmonds More Than a Pretty Face TT, HIC, CGN

Bo x Flirt
D.O.B 3-02-03

V-1 Multi BISS Select Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Never A Dull Moment Am/Can CD, RAE, NAP, OJP, HT, PT, JHD, U-AGI, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
U-Ch Esmonds Never Been Kissed CD, RA, CS, CI(t), BH, HCT, TT, CGC, RTD
Esmonds Now or Never

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos

Gable x Beca
D.O.B 5-25-04

Am/Can Ch CT Esmonds Old Southern Comfort Am UD, Can CDX, RE, U-CD, CS, CI, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
Ch Esmonds Outta the Blue Nordike TT, HIC, CGN
MACH Esmonds Opinicus v Nordike CD, TD, RN, MXF, TT, HIC, CGC (VCD1)
Esmonds ObyGoshbyGolly Nordike CD, TDX, Can TD, RA, HT, PT, TR1, AD, BH, HCT, TT

*Co-bred with Norma Dikeman

Yngo x Goldi
D.O.B 2-26-05

V-Rated Ch CT Esmonds Perfect Opportunity CDX, RA, Can TDX/UTD, TT, HIC, CGC
Ch OTCh Esmonds Peppermint Patty Am CD, Am/Can RE, Am/Can TDX, NA, NJP, NF, Ag.I, Ag.IJ, ADC, SGDC, HIC, TT, CGN 
Esmonds Perpetual Motion CDX, RAE, OJP, BH, NJC, WV-N, RATO, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Point and Shoot RE, NA, NAJ, JHD, TT

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos

Magnum x Emma
D.O.B 4-25-05

V-1 BISS Am/Can/UKC Ch ATCh Esmonds Qruzin' for a Bruzin' CD, Am/Can RN, Ag.N, Ag.NJ, AD, RNMCL, TT, HIC, CGN
Multi V-1 USRC Select BISS Am/Can Ch Esmonds Quite Audacious RN, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
V-Rated Am Ch Esmonds Quidado Thor CD, RN, TT, CGC
Am Ch Esmonds Quality Brew
Esmonds Quarterback
Esmonds Quite the Ride
Esmonds Quantum Leap HIC, CGN
Esmonds Que Sera Sera

*Co-bred with Cassandra Levy

Yngo x Goldi
D.O.B 10-01-05

BISS Am GRCh, Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Rally Round the Flag TT, CGC, THDD
MACH Esmonds Remember the Roar CD, RA, MF, NAP, OJP, CGC
Esmonds Reckless Abandon TT
Esmonds Ready For Anything TT
Esmonds Raisin' A Ruckus

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos

Connor x Iza
D.O.B 10-14-05

V-1 Ch Esmonds SuperNova Am CD, Can CDX, Am/Can RE, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, RTD
Esmonds Sixth Sense CGC -  Wilderness Search & Rescue K9, NAPWDA Cadaver Detection Dog
V-1 Am/Can Ch Esmonds Seismic Activity Am/Can CD, RE, HT, PT, BH, U-CDX, ASCA CD, U-RO, O-NJC, TN-N, NWPD, TT, HIC, CGC
Am/Can Ch Esmonds Shoot to Thrill RA, CGC
V-Rated Esmonds Spark an Inferno TDX
Esmonds Simply Irresistible RN, CGC
Esmonds Shaken Not Stirred HIC
Esmonds Subtle Storm

Elvis x Emma
D.O.B 5-10-06

Am/Can Ch MACH U-GRACH Esmonds Timing is Everything RAE, MXF, T2B, RATS, HIC
Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds The Oz Man Cometh RN, TT, HIC, CGN
Am/Can Ch Esmonds Take Me Higher UD, VER, RE, CI, HCT, CGC
Ch Esmonds T.G.I.F TD, TT, HIC, CGN
Esmond's Takoda's Good Medicine CD, RN, AXP, AJP, HT, PT, HSAs, JHD, NW2, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Takin' Care of Business RTD
Esmonds Timeless Treasure
Esmonds Twice the Trouble

*Co-bred with Cassandra Levy

Gabe x Iza
D.O.B 1-03-07

DC Esmonds U Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet CD, RE, Can RN, HT, PT, HSAsd, HSBd, HIAsd, HIBd, HXAsd, TT, HIC, CGC
Ch Esmonds U Can't See Me CD, RN, TT, HIC, CGN
U-GRCh Esmonds Ultraviolet DeLight CD, RA, HT, PT, HSAs, HRD1s, TT, CGC
MACH Esmonds U Light My Fire Am UD, Can CDX, Am/Can TD, RN, XF, VER, BH, ASCA CDX, TT, CGC, (VCD2)
Esmonds Unbreakable Spirit Am/Can CD, Am TD, Can TDX, Am/Can RA, N-CD, N-TD, N-UTD, SD-A(sp), TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Unforgettable Moment CDX, RA, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Ubiquitous RE, TT, CGC, TDI
Esmonds U Better Believe It TD, TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds U Can Call Me Rory HIC, CGN
Esmonds Unteathered

Nevar x Caygeon
D.O.B. 3-19-07

Select Am/Can Ch Esmonds V T Lombardi Vanstone RE, RL2, TT, HIC, RTD
Esmonds Violet Vanstone NTD, ITD, ATD, HIC
Esmonds Velcro Vanstone TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds VolcanicBlaze Vanstone HIC

*Co-bred with Chris & Bev Vanstone and Tammy Ausloos

Yngo x Nova
D.O.B. 9-29-08

Ch Esmonds Winner Takes All TT, HIC, CGN
CT Esmonds Will of Steel ASCA TD, OB1, TR1, BH, CGC, Patrol/Narcotics Police K9
Am OTCH MACH7 Esmonds We're Off 2C the Wizard UDX5, OM6, FTC, TQX
Am OTCH Esmonds Worth the Wait UDX4, OM5, CGC
U-Ch Esmonds Wreaking Havoc HT, PT, HSAsM, HSAd, HRD1, JHD, STDs, TT, CGC
Esmonds Windy City Express MX, MXJ, MXF


Rebel x Iza
D.O.B. 9-29-08

Esmonds Xpect the UnXpected NJC, TN-N
Esmonds Xero to Sixty



Axel x Simone
D.O.B. 3-27-09

Am/Can Ch Esmonds You Had Me At Hello RN, TT, HIC, CGC
Am Ch Esmonds Yakity Yak of Eis Haus CD, HT, RAE, U-RO1, RL1, HIC, CGC, RTD
Am Ch Esmonds You're My Lucky Charm RN, HCT
Am/Can Ch Esmonds Yankee General Am UD, Can CD, UKC CD, RE, TDX, CS, CI, HIC
Am GRCh Esmonds You Are My Sunshine CDX, RE, O-NAC, NJC, IAC, TN-O, TG-N, HP-N, TT, CGC, TDI
Am Ch Esmonds Yield No Yards
Ch Esmonds Yabba Dabba Doo TD, RN, TT, HIC, CGC
Ch Esmonds You're Play'n With Fire RN, TT, HIC, CGN, RTD
Ch Esmonds You Make It Look Easy TD, RE, DD, SD-S, CGN
Esmonds Your Brie de Meaux TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds You Gotta Slide

*Co-bred with Valerie McGraw

Ripley x Nova
D.O.B. 10-2-09

CS-ATCH2 Esmonds Zoomin' Atcha CD, RE, HT, PT, HSAd, HIAd, HXAd, OAP, AXP, AJP, OFP, SpChST, STDs, STDd, TT, CGC, VX
Esmonds Zig Zag Zoom CD, TDX, HIC, CGC
Esmonds Zingin' in the Rain TT, HIC
Esmonds Zerelda Bloom TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Zu Talkin' to Me?
Esmonds Zen Master

Oz x Simone
D.O.B. 5-10-10

Am GRCh Esmonds Million Dollar Baby TT, CGC
Ch Esmonds A Star is Born RA, TN-N, TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Bourne Ultimatum AX, MXJ, OF, RATN
Esmonds Driving Miss Daisy PCD, RE, Ag.NS, Ag.NJS, RNMCL, ADC, SGDC, DOT, SD-A(SP), HIC, CGN
Esmonds Midnight Express NA, NAJ, RATN
Esmonds Streetcar Named Desire HIC, CGC
Esmonds Officer and a Gentleman HIC

Rebel x Jill
D.O.B. 11-14-10

Esmonds Firestarter UD, TD, AJP, AXP, NJP, CS, CI, TT, CGC, VCD2
Esmonds Black Beauty CD, RE, TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds The Hobbit TD
Esmonds Great Expectations TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Eragon IPO2, UPr2, FPr2, BH, TT, CGC
Esmonds Purpose Driven Life TDI
Esmonds Band of Brothers RN, RL1, CGC
Esmonds The Little Prince

Dante x Itchy
D.O.B. 01-30-11

Am GRCh, Can Ch ARC Select Esmonds Ringside Gossip RN, NA, OAJ, OF, U-AGII, HIC, CGC
V-1 BISS Am Ch Can GRCh Esmonds One Night Stand Am/Can/UKC CD, Am RN, Can RE, CAX, U-RO2, TN-N, TG-I, ND, TT, HIC
Ch Esmonds Youthful Indiscretion HIC
Esmonds Illicit Affair UD, MXB, MXJ, OF, TT, CGC
Esmonds Love Child
Esmonds Shotgun Wedding

Oz x Simone
D.O.B. 11-4-11

Am Ch Esmonds London's Westminster CD, RE, CS, CI, DS, TT, HIC, CGC
Am Ch Esmonds Nairobian Princess
Am Ch Esmonds Brazzaville v Kando
Esmonds Suva'N Up a Mudpie NJP, NFP, Ag.N, Ag.IJ, TD, RA, TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Heart and Seoul BN, RN, TT, HIC, CGC
Esmonds Tokyo's Sumo Takeo CDX, RN, CGC, TDI
Esmonds Dreaming Big in Vienna HIC, RTD
Esmonds Moscow at Midnight HIC
Esmonds Oslo My Way or Norway HIC, CGC
Esmonds Belle of Brussles
Esmonds Casablanca 
Esmonds Copenhagen 

Patton x Itchy
D.O.B. 01-19-2012

Cdn Nat'l BOSS, Am/Can GRCh, UKC Ch Esmonds Devil Went Down to Georgia CD, TD, RE, Ag.I, Ag.NJ, TN-N, ADC, SGDC, TT, HIC, CGN
Am Ch Esmonds Devil May Care CD, RA, OAP, AJP, OFP, HT, PT, HSAd, STDds, CGC, VX
Am Ch Esmonds Devil in a Blue Dress CGC
Esmonds Devil's Advocate HIC, CGC
Esmonds The Devil's Keeper HIC

Patton x V
D.O.B. 12-05-2012

Am Ch Esmonds Rochill Fleetwood Mac CS
Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Guns N Roses
Esmonds Red Hot Chili Pepper CDX, GN, RAE, PT, FDC, CS(t), CI, CGC, TKN, TKI
Esmonds Siouxie and the Banshees OA, OAJ

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos

Yngo x Itchy
D.O.B. 04-28-2013

Ch Esmonds Singular Sensation CD, TDX, RE, IPO1, FH, BH, CS, CI, TT, HIC, CGC


Albert x Simone
D.O.B. 05-13-13

Am Ch, UKC BIS/Ch Esmonds Hey Jude CD, PT, HSAs, RE, U-RO2, CS, CI, TT
Am GRCh Esmonds Eleanor Rigby BN, RE, ORT, ASCA CD
Ch Esmonds Penny Lane TT, HIC, CGN
CT Esmonds Good Day Sunshine CDX, HT, PT, HSAsd, HSBs, HIAs, RE, STDsd, JHD, VX
Esmonds Sgt. Pepper CDX, BH, TT, HIC, CGC
Esmonds Ain't She Sweet MX, MXJ, OF, RATM, NTD, ITD, CGC
Esmonds Magical Mystery Tour
Esmonds Ticket To Ride
Esmonds Let It Be

Grant x Rumor
D.O.B. 09-22-2014

Multi BOSS Am/Can Ch, UKC BIS/Ch Esmonds God of Mischief CD, TDX, Am/Can RN, BH, U-RO1, RATI, TT, HIC, CGN
Multi BOSS Am GRCh, Can Ch Esmonds Goddess of Wild Things NA, NAJ, NAP, NJP, OF, NFP, CA, TKN, NAC, NJC, TN-N, TG-N, WV-N, TT
BOSS Am GRCh, Can/UKC Ch Esmonds God of Night Am/Can CD, RE, Can RN, U-RO1, HT, PT, CA, CS, HIC, TN-I, IJC, FDC, RATI, DJ, SD, UJJ, IAC, TKN, TKI, TKA, CGC, CGCA, CGCU
Am Ch Esmonds Goddess Arianrhod CD, RE, ATD, TKP, CGC
GRCh Esmonds God of All Am/Can RN, U-RO2, PD, TN-I, HIC, TKN
MACH3 Esmonds God of Valor Strider UD, MF, T2B, PAD

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos

Vado x Itchy
D.O.B. 01-30-2015

Am Ch Esmond's Wicked Strong V Annedora HT

*Co-bred with Sue Ann Wolf

Surfer x Pebbles
D.O.B. 06-03-2015

BOSS Am GRCh Esmonds Dreamsicle CD, RE, CGCA
BOSS Am Ch Esmonds Chunky Monkey TDI, TKN
Multi BIS Ch Esmonds Neapolitan CD, RA, CGC
Am Ch Esmonds Mint Chip CD, TKA, CGC
Esmonds Rocky Road CDX, MX, MXJ, NF, HIC
Esmonds Mississippi Mud Pie CD, RE, AX, AXJ, TKA, CGC
Esmonds Holy Spumoni DS, AS, TKN, TKI
Esmonds Blue Moon

*Co-bred with Barb Young

Blue x Itchy
D.O.B. 05-14-2016

Am Ch Esmonds Bazinga! RN, RL1, U-RO-1, CGC, TKN
Am GRCh UKC BIS/GRCh Esmonds How Sweet It Is RN, U-RO1, CGC
GRCh Esmonds Git 'R Done
Esmonds To the Moon RN, TKN, TKI, TKA, TKP, CGC
Esmonds Optimism Acted Out
Esmonds Night Court
Esmonds Ace Ventura

Gable x Abbey
D.O.B. 09-01-2016

Esmonds Bel Air Rides Like the Wind CD, RN
Esmonds Cobra Classic In the Lead CS, BCAT
Esmonds Magnum Challenger TT, HIC, CGC 
Esmonds Karmann Ghia CS 
Esmonds AC Bristol Blue Racer
Esmonds 68 Eldorado 

*Co-bred with Carol Jones

Surfer x Rumor
D.O.B. 12-18-2016

Am Ch Esmonds To Sir With Love NA, NAJ, RN
U-Ch Esmonds Love For Ransom RN, CS, CS(t), CA, CGC, CGCA, CGCU, TKN
Esmonds I Love Rock N Roll RN
Esmonds Crazy Lil' Thing Called Love HIC
Esmonds LoveMonkey
Esmonds For The Love of the Game

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos

Yngo x Rumor
D.O.B. 08-02-2017

Ch Esmonds Viva La Vida HIC, CGN
Ch Esmonds Veni Vidi Vici HIC
Esmonds Take It to the Limit CGC. CGCA
Esmonds Life of the Party
Esmonds Time of My Life
Esmonds Life is for Living
Esmonds Life in the Fast Lane
Esmonds Life is Good with Disney
Esmonds One More time
Esmonds Sieze the Day

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos & Julia Foster-Hess

Tryst x Kellen
D.O.B 9-25-2017

Ch Esmonds You Make Me Smile
Esmonds Impossible Dream RN, CGC, TKN, TKI
Esmonds Girl's Ain't Nothing But Trouble RATN, HIC, CGC, TKA, TKP
Esmonds Because the Night HIC
Esmonds Piece of My Heart HIC
Esmonds Something Just Like This
Esmonds Welcome to the Jungle
Esmonds Born to be Wild

*Co-bred with Moe Mullen & Kathy Bach

Nox x SOLA!
 D.O.B 11-9-2017 

Esmonds Here Comes the Sun HT, PT, JHD 
Esmonds Force of Nature CGC
Esmonds Nor'Easter HIC


Co-Bred Litters outside of our Alphabetical Breedings...

Yngo x Missy
D.O.B 11-28-02

Am/Can Ch Oakview's Rio Bravo v Esmond CD, RE, NAP, TT, HCT, CGC, TDI 
Am/Can Ch Oakview's Roughrider v Esmond RN, CI, TT, CGC, TDI
Oakview's Rumpel v Esmond TDX, CGC
Oakview's Razzle Dazzle Esmond 
Oakview's Reno v Esmond

*Co-bred with Pearl Thompson

Yngo x Etti
D.O.B 5-20-04

V-1 Am/Can/UCI Int'l Ch Rochill's Canadian Mist v Esmond UDTDX, ASCA CD, TT, CGC
Ch Rochill's Ironstone von Esmond RA, TDX/UTD, TT, HIC, CGN
Ch Rochill's Sambuca v Esmond CD, RN, CGN
Rochill's Jack Daniels v Esmond

*Co-bred with Julia Foster

Oso x Bailey
D.O.B 3-28-06

Am Ch CT Esmonds Absolut Attitude UD, OM1, RE, Can CDX, Can TD, BH, CGC
Am Ch Esmonds Ouzo Elixer CD, RE, Am TDX, Can TD, JHD, CGC, TDI
V-Rated Ch Esmonds Vintage Claret CD, RA, TT, HIC, CGC
Ch Esmonds Smooth Operator TD, PCD, TT, HIC, CGN
Ch Esmonds Corona Kid PCD, RE, DD, TT, HIC, CGN
U-Ch Esmonds Titus Tea Turstadt UD, RE, OA, OAJ, CS, CI, U-CDX, CA, U-RO3, BH, CGC
Esmonds Jamaican Me Crazy Am RN, Can RE, TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Bottoms Up TD, CGC
Esmonds Private Reserve RTD
Esmonds Pick Your Poison CGC
Esmonds Old Vine Zinfandel

*Co-bred with Donna Wielert

Magnum x Bianka
D.O.B 9-01-07

Rudez Danc'n in the Dark CD, RA, CGC
Rudez Down in History v Esmond HIC, CGC, RTD

*Co-bred with Dave Makar

Ely x Caygeon
D.O.B. 6-05-08

Esmonds Fast Eddy Vanstone CD, RA, NAP, NJP, TT, HCT, CGC
Esmonds Game On Vanstone TT, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Lemieux Vanstone HIC
Esmonds Five Minute Major Vanstone
Esmonds Cold Steel On Vanstone TDI
Esmonds Sweet Piper Vanstone

*Co-bred with Chris & Bev Vanstone and Cassandra Levy

Axel x Mia
D.O.B. 7-27-08

Am GRCh/Can Ch Esmonds Knight of Valor CD, RN, TT, CGC
Esmonds Born in the USA v Valor CD, RN, CGC
Esmonds Uncommon Valor CD, RATS, CGCA
Esmonds Reign of Valor CGC

*Co-bred with Tony & Becky Dove

Axel x Bianka
D.O.B. 1-1-09

Am Ch Eis Haus Hot Topic CD, RE, CS, TT, CGN
Am Ch Eis Haus Haley's New Year Comet RN, TT
Eis Haus Hypnotic Spell CD, RE, NAP, NAC, TT, CGC
Eis Haus Hot Prospect v Esmond
Eis Haus Hot Summer Night v Esmond
Eis Haus Happy Days Are Here Again
Eis Haus Hot Ticket

*Co-bred with Valerie McGraw

Nevar x Tie
D.O.B. 1-15-10

Am/Can Ch RATCH Esmonds Never Say Never RAE, CAX
Am/Can Ch Esmonds Simply Meant to Be HIC
Esmonds Spirit in the Sky MX, MXJ, XF, JS-N
Esmonds Moment of Truth RN, AXP, AJP
Esmonds Love Will Find a Way RATN, CGC
Esmonds Silver Lining
Esmonds Message From Above

*Co-bred with Tammy Ausloos & Cassandra Levy

Pilot x Jemme
D.O.B. 6-29-12

BIS Am//Can/UKC Ch Oakview's Easy Goer v Esmond TT, HIC, CGN
Am Ch Oakview's Easy Company v Esmond
Oakview's Easy Gamble v Esmond RA
Oakview's Easy On the Eyes v Esmond
Oakview's Easy Rider v Esmond

*Co-bred with Peg Langdon & Nan Faile

Ted x Clover
D.O.B. 7-26-12

Am Ch JungerSohn You Only Live One S v Esmond
Am Ch JungerSohn One Sheet To The Wind v Esmond
JungerSohn U Know U One-T Me v Esmond UD, RE, CS, CI, CGC
JungerSohn Just One Look v Esmond CDX, RA
JungerSohn Signs N One Ders v Esmond CA
JungerSohn One More Thyme v Esmond BN, RN, CGC
JungerSohn Just One Kiss v Esmond CGC
JungerSohn One Lucky Star v Esmond CGC
JungerSohn One Awesome Blossom v Esmond
JungerSohn One To Love v Esmond 
JungerSohn One Nation Under A Groove v Esmond

*Co-bred with Perri Yinger

Renee x Kaz
D.O.B 1-5-13

Am Ch Ferncrest Triple Crown Classic v Esmond
Am Ch Ferncrest Run For The Roses v Esmond
Ferncrest Race For The Crown v Esmond

*Co-bred with Judy Coates

Gable x Clover
D.O.B 6-27-13

Multi BISS Am GRCh  UKC Ch JungerSohn Two For The Show v Esmond RN, U-RO1,TT,  HIC, CGC
GRCh JungerSohn A Story Two Tell V. Esmond NTD, HT, CRXMCL, RA, CRNT, HSS, SDSS 
Am Ch JungerSohn Two Morrow's Another Day v Esmond UD, TDX, RN, CS, CI, HIC, CGC
JungerSohn It Had Two Be You v Esmond CDX
JungerSohn Two Pints O'Guinness v Esmond CGC
JungerSohn Desmond Two Tu v Esmond

*Co-bred with Perri Yinger

Surfer x Maggie
D.O.B. 4-25-2014

Am Ch Halo’s Do It Again
Am Ch Halo’s Diamonds Are Furever
Am Ch Halo’s Digging up Pennies
UKC Ch Halo’s Defining moments with Desi CD, RN, TDI
Halo’s Dalhia Kentucky Rose
Halo’s Divine Archangel 
Halo’s Dreams Come True
Halo’s Darwins Delight
Halo's Dragon Lives by the Sea

*Co-bred with Kathy Lovan

Gandalf x Clover
D.O.B. 08-11-2014

JungerSohn ThreePete v Esmond CGC

*Co-bred with Perri Yinger

Misha x Pebbles
D.O.B. 10-05-2014

Esmonds The Lorax SD-A, HIC
Esmonds The Grinch PCD, RA, HIC, CGN
Esmonds Horton Hears a Who CGC
Esmonds Cindy Lou Who CGN

*Co-bred with Barb Young

Bumble x Beejus
D.O.B. 03-06-2018

Pagan's Brown Dirt Cowboy
Pagan's Rum Runnin Cowboy
Pagan's Flashpoint Cowgirl Up
Pagan's Cowgirl BB Lightyear

*Co-bred with Lisa Wingerter & Lisa Clare

“Passion follows purpose; determine what it is you are ‘meant’ to do 
and you will always know ‘what to do’ next.”   ~ Spike Humer