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OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, CERF    


Lexa was the beautiful pink ribbon puppy from our "M" litter.


She now lives in Tenessee with owners Chrystal & Darrell Freeman
& Titan (Titan's Vergeltungswaffe UD, RE, TT, CGC, TDI).



Chrystal was...'um...persistant ;-)  But it paid off.
Welcome to the Esmondrott family Darrell & Chrystal!!!


As you can see, we're pretty pleased with how Lexa is turning out!
She is shown here at 13 months.


A family portrait...Chrystal, Lexa and Titan.
I'm guessing that Darrell is the one on the other side of the camera?


Summer Fun!


Lexa is learning how to be a show dog.  She is shown here at the
2004 ARC National Specialty were she placed 3rd in her futurity class!

And not only is Lexa beautiful,but she is smart also!

She is shown here getting ready for the obedience ring...
and again after completing her CD title in three straight shows!

Chrystal and Lexa have also started to compete in Rally Obedience,
earning two Rally Novice (RN) legs at the 2005 ARC National!
(And not to be left out, Titan also earned two Rally legs!!!)

News...both Lexa and Titan earn their RA titles on Oct. 16, 2005!

Big news!!!
Lexa recently earned her CDX title with placements!!!


Lexa and Titan also both pass their TT and CGC tests at the 2005 National!


Lexa is shown above, running a fun lure coursing/obstacle course at a local show...
looks like Lexa is REALLY enjoying this!


There are two common traits that all Yngo kids possess...
The love of being wet and chewing sticks.

Looks like Lexa is no exception!

Oh Yes, Lexa has inherited a few other Yngo traits as well...

Please visit Yngo's Page if you're not sure what we're talking about.


Our Favorite Lexa shots...

Safety First!!!


What a great toy!



I think I might catch this one...


You are safe from the evil rake when I'm around!


Ever the "working" dog, Lexa has a new job as BSO (Boat Safety Officer)


Lexa also Flies...



She also moonlights as a babysitter!




More Lexa Candids...

Just for the record...
ALL of these sticks are mine!

Ok squirrel...I know you're over there...
and when I catch you, you're mine!

And of course everyone knows that
the tire is mine as well.

I do, however, share Darrell with Titan...

But never the bed!!!


Lexa at 5 months.


Lexa at 4 months.


Lexa at 12 weeks.


Lexa at 7 weeks.


I just know I can get that UD!!!
Lexa practicing her metal articles at just 6 weeks of age.