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2006 SWRK Best Female Puppy, 2007 USRC North Central Regional Youth Siegerin
V-1 CH Esmonds SuperNova Am CD, Can CDX,
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows DJDI, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Patella, CERF, Thyroid Normal, vWD-

Winner of the 2010 & 2011 ARC "Taxi" Award

Supernova: One of the most energetic explosive events known to Man.



Nova's name is fitting.  She is an absolute delight, with loads of energy.
Nova is very serious when it comes to working however,
In fact, she's one of the smartest that we've ever had.


Nova has huge pawprints to fill being our first Iza daughter.
So far, she's met every one of our expectations!




Nova recently attended the 2007 USRC North Central Regional Seiger Show
where she was V-1 Rated by Judge Lucy Ang.  Nova then went on to win the Youth Siegerin award!


2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
USRC Judge Lucy Ang

20 Months.  Good Size.  Very good bone and substance.  Good Head.  Pronounced stop.  Small ears, well set and carried.  Broad back skull, short broad muzzle.  Dark brown eyes.  Mough pigment mostly dark.  Strong Neck.  Excellent top and underlines.  Very good chest development.  Very good front and rear angulation.  Tail is docked.  Very good coat.  Medium brown markings.  Scissor bite, complete dentition.  Free far reaching movement.



Nova also attended one Sieger Show as a puppy...

2006 SWRK/AIRK Independent Sieger Show ~ Waukesha, WI
FCI Judge  Fernando Lucas-Martins

9 months old, complete and correct scissors bite, correct size, good bone and substance, very good head, dark eyes, dark mouth pigmentation, correct ears, good stop, very good topline and bottomline, a little longer in the body, very good angulation in front and rear, very well developed chest, very good color but markings could be smaller, very good coat, very good movement, very good reach and drive, topline in movement could be more firm.



At just 14 months old, Nova finished her CKC Championship in two weekends,
winning Best of Breed three times in five showings!!!

In the US, Nova wins the Bred By Exhibitor Class at both the
2007 ARC Regional Specialty in New York and the 2007 Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty!



Nova earning her BH at the 2007 Schutzhund Club of Buffalo Spring Trial!


Nova during the Drop on Recall and Retrieve Over the High Jump at the
2008 ARC National Specialty.

Nova earned her first CKC CDX leg and also her first AKC CDX leg, both with 1st placements!!!


Nova Bring!



Like most of our dogs...Nova LOVES the water!


She is also turning into a fantastic puppy socializer!
(Nova is shown here with pups from the Vanstone's "Hockey" Litter)


Nova finally has pups of her own!

And she's as wonderful a mother as we expected!!!



Nova ~ 2006


Nova ~ Spring 2007


Nova ~ 2008


Nova and her brother Richter



A young Nova, earning her Herding Instinct Certificate
with a lovely performance at Have Ewe Herd? in Barrie, Ontario!



Nova growing up...

18 Month old Nova & Cassie Jackman.



Nova making friends at the dog show!
(ok, she's really Ripley's friend, but Nova REALLY enjoyed playing with her!)

Nova also has new doggie friends...Clare and Tie!
(From Back... Nova, Clare, Tie)

Although Nova asks, with friends like Clare, who needs enemies???
See them in action...  Video 1   Video 2   Video 3

(Tie is very nice to Nova by the way!)


Nova and Ann



Baby Nova...


Both Gambol and Iza are taking their responsibilities as 'mentor' very seriously.
Nova is shown, above,  learning to relax and enjoy the comfort of the couch...
A dog bed just isn't good enough for Gambol and her offspring!
For the most part though, Gambol puts up with her antics.


We have very high hopes for Nova to follow Gambol and Iza's footsteps.
So far, she's already got Iza's love of the dumbell and the "Red Ball" here for video!

Baby Nova...