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Esmonds Canadian Shield TD


Shield is the happy and handsome turquoise puppy from the Chip/SOLA! litter.
We were smitten with this pup from the start because of his cheerful attitude.


We knew we were looking for a pup just like this for a special friend.
Kim Oatway had done fabulous things with her Gabe/Iza daughter, Takara
and we knew that Shield would be the right match for this next stage in her life.

As you can see, Shield is maturing into a very handsome boy.
We keep telling Kim that she has a blossoming show dog on her hands!


But first, the important stuff - Shield's first back end title.
He and Kim earned the CKC TD at the Cross Country Tracking Club in Fall 2020.


Shield also lives with his best friend, Nyna.  Together, they are in charge of the farm - and the fun!


Baby Shield.  He may have been the cutest puppy we've ever had!

Click HERE to see Shield and his littermates growing up.