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Esmonds Magnum Challenger CD, RI, ACT2, SDN, SWM, SBNE, SINE, SENE, TT, CGC, TKA, NW3, NW3-V, NW3-I, L2I, L1C, L1V, L1E
OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac, OFA Eyes Normal



Axel is our hard working "Red boy" from the Gable/Abbey litter, co-bred with Carol Jones.
Axel is owned by Ana Cilursu and Craig Saxton of New Jersey - who also owned Simone's brother, Cisco.


Axel always has a huge smile on his face and is well loved by his family.


Axel has titles that some of our other dogs don't have.  
In fact, we joke that one needs a secret decoder ring for his titles!


        Axel's AKC titles

          ACT1 (Agility Course Test 1)

          SWN (Scent Work Novice)  
          This is the overall Novice title after completing the four elements: Buried, Containers, Interior and Exterior

          SBNE (Scent Work Novice Buried Elite)

          SINE (Scent Work Novice Interior Elite)

          SCA (Scent Work Advanced Containers)

          SBA (Scent Work Advance Buried)

          SIA (Scent Work Advanced Interior)

          TT, CGC, TKA (Trick Dog Advanced)

        Axel's Performance Scent Dog title

          SDN (Scent Dog Novice)

        Axel's NACSW titles

          NW2 (Nosework Level 2)

          L2I (Level 2 Interiors)

          L1C (Level 1 Containers)

          L1V (Level 1 Vehicles)

          L1E (Level 1 Exteriors)


Axel and Ana, passing the CGC


Click HERE to see Axel and his littermates growing up.