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Esmonds Last Chance CD, RE, TT, CGC, TDI



Chance quickly grew into one of the great loves of my life.
He is the kindest dog I've ever owned and works tirelessly to be a good boy.

However, one day I made the joke that "Chance is for sale...Cheap!"
because he was not on his best behavior due to all of the girls being in season.
Next thing I knew, I was getting a call from Andrea Bauer saying "I think I want Chance".

Andrea was on my list for a puppy, but with a new baby, I didn't anticipate her
deciding she wanted another dog this soon...much less my "Little Man".

After much soul-searching, I agreed to let Andrea and Tim take Chance on a "trial basis"


And, during a visit with Chance recently, I saw just how happy he is.
Chance is now owned by Andrea, Tim, Kurt, Alexis and Gabby.

I guess that Indiana isn't that far to go to visit......
Or, maybe Andrea and Tim could buy a summer cottage in Bobcaygeon...
Hey, that's an idea!


Chance and his family ~ 2007


Chance "guarding" the farm


And meeting the farm's newest residents!

We are absolutely amazed at how well Chance gets along with these ducklings!!!


Chance and Gabby...
The "Pot of Gold" at the end of Andrea's rainbow!



Andrea, Chance and the kids recently came to visit us in Bobcaygeon.
We all had a great time, especially Kurt, who wanted to spend most of his time in the lake with Chance!

In fact, Chance and Kurt enjoyed swimming in Bobcaygeon so much
that Tim and Andrea built them a pond right on their property!

As you can see, Chance is VERY happy about'll nice he even has a lifejacket to match the family!!!


Chance and Kurt in one of their favorite places...under the bed.


And in their Scooby Doo tent!


Chance and Alexis.

These two loved each other right from the start...

And to think that I was worried about placing a 16 month old
intact male dog in a home with a two month old human baby!

Chance and Alexis - 2008


Chance and Alexis - 2014
They've been together almost every day of both of their lives!


Here's Kurt, helping with Chance's obedience training...

And teaching Chance to stack!

Kurt and Chance recently started competing and at their first event,
won the 2007 Indiana Daviess County 4-H Reserve Grand Champion in Obedience!!!
They also place 3rd in agility!


Chance and his friend, Pebbles


Chance and half sister, Iza (middle) and Mommy Gambol (right). 


Little Red Riding Hood and her Big Bad Wolf...

Ayyiiiiii...What big teeth you have!!!


Chance and Andrea do their first demonstration at a local day camp,
teaching kids how to train and respect dogs.

From the report that we got back from Andrea, Chance seems to think he's made for this!
Good boy Chance!!!

Chance and Gabby recently did a demo for 377 kids!


Chance and Gabby are now registered therapy dogs...
Here they are on their very first visit!


Chance is also starting to compete in obedience trials.  He is shown, above, with Tim
earning their first AKC CD leg with a 193 1/ was both Chance and Tim's first time in the ring!!!

We are very proud of Tim and Chance for earning their CD title in three straight trials!

Chance also loves working with Andrea and recently earned the AKC Rally Novice title!


Just like his Dad, Chance ADORES his tire!


Baby Chance...

Chance REALLY likes his toys!


Here's Chance at 7 weeks with his favorite "toy" father, like son!