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Karma graced our lives for much too short a time. Our "keeper" puppy from the Magnum/Emma breeding, Karma quickly became the brightest spot in our home, endearing herself to many, but choosing one very special place in Mike's heart to call her own. 

For nine weeks, they were inseparable.  Mike's hopes of a male to train after Yngo retired shifted to training sessions with Karma.  The two of them had big plans to take on the world and I had no doubt that they would accomplish that particular goal as both possessed equally tenacious personalities.

Sadly, Karma did not recover from an intestinal blockage.  We still don't know what it was that she ingested, or why she did not bounce back after the surgery.  We made the final decision to take away her pain on September 8, 2005.  Heartbroken does not begin to describe how we are feeling. 

Thank you to Dr. Kerstin Kelly of the Fenelon Animal Clinic for caring enought to take Karma into her own home over a holiday weekend and for referring us to the wonderful veterinarians at the VEC Critical Care Unit in Toronto.   Although we prayed for a better outcome, it is comforting to know that Karma received the best possible care and large amounts of compassion during her ordeal. 

Most importantly, thank you to Cassie and Kevin Levy for allowing us the opportunity to love our little Princess Jr.  She was truly special and we will never forget her.  



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