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V-1 U-CH, CH Esmonds Eat Your Heart Out Am/Can CDX, RAE, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, BH, AG.N, U-CD, U-AGII, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI
MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Versatility Excellent, ARC Top Ten Agility 2002, 2004 & 2005
April 4, 1998April 27, 2013 


Envy is my nut of a dog.  The energy of a border collie and the willingness of a Golden,
all wrapped up in a pretty little Rottweiler package.   A dog for all reasons,
Envy is happy to work, happy to show and happy to lay on your lap.
Following in her mother's footsteps, Envy has won judges and spectators
over in just about every venue and in two countries.  


Envy shown above at age 11!!!

A few weeks later she attended the 2009 Toronto Sieger Show
and received the following critique from ADRK Judge and Kormeister, Anton Spinder...

"11 years old, correct dentition, scissors bite, mostly dark brown mouth pigmentation, partly little bit spotted at gums, excellent substance and condition, alert, strong head, brown eyes, correct ears, broad back, strong shoulders, strong rear end, correct angulated, excellent coat with nice red brown markings, free and happy movement."


Envy at age 11 1/2!


More veteran photos of Envy...

Envy and her favorite person in the entire world!

Click HERE to see Cassie's webpage.



Envy had some nice wins in her career, inlcuding Winners Bitch for a 5 point major at the
2003 Northstar Rottweiler Club Specialty under breeder-judge Dani Canino!


Unfortunately, Envy had to be spayed before finishing her AKC Championship.

However, Envy is a Canadian and UKC Champion, and was awarded a V-1 rating at her first Sieger show,
the USRC North Central Regional under Judge Frans Schaaf!



ENVY loves obedience!!! 

She earned three Novice titles with 10 placements, including 3 first placements...

...and two Open titles with 5 placements, including 3 first placements as well!!!


On to Agility...

Envy earns her Canadian Novice Agility title with four consecutive first placements in Novice B


She then goes to the States to finish up her NA with a first, two second and two third placements
with a different handler!  Thanks to Tammy Ausloos for running Envy for her AKC titles.


She then moves up and earns her first Intermediate leg with a 2nd place finish
and completes her AKC NAJ title with a first and a fourth placement!


***Envy makes the ARC Top Ten Agility rankings in 2002 in both Standard & Jumpers...
Plus...She is ranked #10 Overall in the 2003 Rottweiler Club of Canada Top Rott standings!

Thank you to Tammy Ausloos for all that you've done with Envy!


Tammy and Envy are back in action, completing their RN, OA, OAJ, AXJ so far!



Tammy and Envy did really well at the 2005 MRC Specialty, placing in nearly every event
they competed in and finishing Envy's Rally Advanced and Agility Excellent titles!!!

Tammy and Envy also earned all ten legs of the RAE without ever failing a trial!


Envy's AKC record...



Envy and her other favorite...Calvin
Pictured here as shown in the 2004 Browntrout Calendars.


Despite all of Envy's accomplishments, many people simply know her as "Froggie"
Yes, she does this on command.  It's very cute actually.


As a puppy, Envy placed at the following Specialties:

1998 Emerald Valley Rottweiler Club Specialty
1st 9-12 Sweepstakes
4th 9-12 Bitch Class

1999 Hoosier Valley Rottweiler Club Specialty
4th 9-12 Sweepstakes (shown)
2nd 9-12 Bitch Class

1999 Rottweiler Club of Kansas City Specialty
2nd 9-12 Sweepstakes (to her sister, Elle)
3rd 9-12 Bitch Class

1999 American Rottweiler Club National Specialty
4th 12-18 Bitch Class

2000 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty
1st Bred By Exhibitor Bitch Class