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Our Co-Bred Ted/Clover Litter
(4 Males & 7 Females) was born on July 26, 2012!!!

Co-Bred with Perri and Andrew Yinger

To see this litter all grown up, please visit JungerSohn Rottweilers

Am CH Pepperhaus Xcellent Adventure UD, RE, BH, AD, BST, JHD, CGC, ARC VX (Ted's Page)
Am CH Esmonds You're My Lucky Charm RN, HCT (Clover's Page)



Congratulations to all of our happy new owners!!!

Red Boy is JungerSohn Signs N One Ders v Esmond  "Prophet" Owned by Andrew and Perri Yinger  Dundee, OR
Patriot Girl is JungerSohn U Know U One-T Me v Esmond  "Liberty" Co-owned with Pat Schwartz of Lac La Hache, British Columbia
Purple Boy is JungerSohn You Only Live One S v Esmond  "Yolo" Co-owned with Elizabeth Cates of Jonesboro, TN 
Orange Girl is JungerSohn One More Thyme v Esmond  Co-owned with LaLonnie and Greg O'Meara of Sandy, OR
Yellow Girl is JungerSohn Just One Kiss v Esmond  "Kissy"  Owners: Jon and Katie Davis of Olathe, KS
Lime Boy is JungerSohn One Sheet To The Wind v Esmond  "Cruzr" Owners: Shantel McCook and Larry Ingersoll of Sandy, UT
Pink Girl is JungerSohn Just One Look v Esmond  "Selby" Owners: Patrick and Char DeMott of Studio City, CA
Aqua Girl is JungerSohn One Awesome Blossom v Esmond "Blossom" Owner: Missy Taylor of Coeur d'Alene, ID
Cheetah Girl is JungerSohn One Lucky Star v Esmond "Layla"  Owners: Francie and Bruce Wendlant of Prairie Village, KS
Zebra Girl is JungerSohn One To Love v Esmond  "Oregon" Owners: Justin and Corinne Paterson of Headingley, Manitoba
Spaulding Boy is JungerSohn One Nation Under A Groove v Esmond  "Groove"  Owners: Bill and Paige Walker of Tigard, OR

The co-bred Ted/Clover litter has arrived!
Congratulations to Perri and Andrew Yinger of Oregon on their first litter!.


Like her dam, Simone, Clover is being the perfect Mother!


Pups at 11 days...



Happy Clover and her big brood!


Two weeks old and out for a picnic...


More puppy candids...

Like her mother before her, Clover is a patient and loving dam.


The pups are getting lots of visitors now!


Keep checking back to watch these pups grow up!!!