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2008 Esmond Family Video

2007 Esmond Family Video


Nova's pups have arrived!!!!!
2 Males & 4 Females Born October 2, 2009!!!
Click Here to watch these pups grow up


Click the photo above to
see Flapper performing
at Toronto's Royal Winter Fair!


Jemme wins an Award of Merit
at the 2009 MRC Specialty!!!


Good luck to Deke as he embarks on his new life in
Australia with the Belbins!!!


Thank you to the Kong Co.
for sending Yngo six new
Animal Wubbas!!!

See the new Wubbas at

Esmondrott MACH Counter:

    Usher  18 QQs   600 Points   
    Joe       7 QQs   444 Points
    Griffin 20 QQs   443 Points
    Blaze    5 QQs   499 Points
    Slick    4 QQs   230 Points

News... Emma completed
her Canadian ATCH!!!

Jemme is WB/BOW and
Best in Specialty Show
at the 2009 Rottweiler Club
of Canada Regional Specialty!


See Yngo's 10th
Birthday Celebration(s)

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New Webpages are up for
the Simone/Axel puppies...

  Esmonds Yakity Yak of Eis Haus
  Esmonds Yankee General
  Esmonds Yield No Yards
  Esmonds You Are My Sunshine
  Esmonds You Had Me At Hello
  Esmonds You Make It Look Easy
  Esmonds You're Play'n With Fire
  Esmonds Your Brie de Meaux
  Esmonds You're My Lucky Charm
  Esmonds Yabba Dabba Doo
  Esmonds You Gotta Slide

Dawn Neff has designed
new embroidery patterns!!!






Please Visit:

to see all the designs that
Dawn has available!!!

Skye is WB/BOW for a
Four Point Major at the
2009 CRRC Specialty!!!

Rebel earns his CKC CDX
title with three first placments
as well as two High in Trials!!!

Coach wins a five point major
at the Connecticut Working
Dog Specialty!!!

Please help us to welcome
our newest co-owned pup...

Eis Haus Hot Prospect v Esmond aka "Raith"
co-owned with Jade Plumley

Patton's photo is chosen by
English Artist, Karie-Ann Cooper for use on stoneware
items distributed in the UK!!!

Click Here the Artist's Website

Lynette Nehmer and
Charm take on BSL!!!

Click Here to view the story


Weekly News...

December 20, 2009

Aiden finishes his AKC UD!!!


December 13, 2009

Oz wins another major in Cleveland, Ohio!!!

Rebel is 1st place in Utility with a score of 196 for his first UD leg!!!
Aiden earns his second AKC UD leg at the same trial!!!

Eddy earns all three legs of her AKC Rally Novice title!!!


December 5, 2009

Reign is WB/BOS in Rhode Island!!!

Lorenz passes the AKC TDX test!!!

Joy is High in Trial at the ASCA trial in New York!!!
Cisco earns his second Rally Advanced leg!!!


November 29, 2009

V is WB/BOW and Best of Breed on Friday & Sunday, and
WB/BOW on Saturday for nine CKC points her first weekend out!!!

Oz is Best of Breed at the Caledon Kennel Club show on Saturday!!!

Savvy wins Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes at the RCC Specialty!!!

Jazz completes his Canadian OTCH title!!!

Griffin earns his 20th QQ plus 32 more MACH points!!!
Breve finishes her AX title with a first place!!!
Beckham completes her NJP title and an NFP leg with 1st place!!!

V, Brie and Ember all pass the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!


November 22, 2009

Toro wins a major in Massachusetts!!!

Jada finishes her AKC CD title with a placement!!!

Griffin QQs again, earing 34 more MACH points!!!
Usher earns 21 more MACH points!!!
Jerome earns MXF leg #4 with a placement!!!
Richter earns his NADAC NJC and TN-N titles!!!

Beckham earns her HTADIIIsd titles with Reserve HIT and another HTCh point!!!


November 18, 2009

Mason finishes his CKC Championship, completely owner handled!!!!

Bianka son, Hero, wins his first major in New York!!!
Aspen is WB both Saturday and Sunday for two more AKC points!!!

Celine earns her IACBA CH with 3 BOB wins and two group placements!!!

Jerome finishes his AKC CD title!!!
Jada earns her first AKC CD leg!!!

Jerome QQQs, earning MX leg #6, MXJ leg #4 and MXF leg #3, plus 25 MACH points!!!
Griffin earns QQ #18 and also grabs 12 more MACH points!!!

Reign passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!!!


November 8, 2009

Braun is Best of Breed on Thursday for 1 point, is the same again on Friday 
for 2 points and wins his 3rd major and Best of Breed again on Saturday to
finish his AKC Championship at just 15 months of age!!!

Kamo is Best of Breed both days in Alberta!!!

Usher earns two more QQs as well as 59 MACH points!!!
Jerome earns his 5th MX leg with 15 MACH points!!!
Breve earns her 2nd MXJ leg with 6 MACH points!!!
Beckham earns her 2nd NJP leg!!!


November 1, 2009

Grant earns his AKC TD title at 7 months of age!!!

Beckham earns her HTDIIId & HRDIIIs titles, plus one HTCh point!!!
Jazz earns his second CKC UD leg with a score of 196!!!

Jetta earns her OB1 and HCT titles!!!

Griffin earns another QQ, another MF leg and 12 MACH points!!!
Jerome earns MXJ leg #3!!!

Bristol earns his Rally Excellent title!!!
Gavin earns his first Rally Excellent leg!!!


Our News from the MRC Specialty...

Jemme wins an Award of Merit!!!
Braun is Best in Sweepstakes and wins the 12-18 dog class!!!
Reign wins her 12-15 Futurity Class and places in the 12-18 bitch class!!!
V wins her 15-18 Sweepstakes class and places in the 12-18 bitch class!!!
Chatty wins her 6-9 futurity class!!!
Nevar pups Ellsa and Demi win the 6-9 bitch class and Bred By Exhibitor bitch classes!!!
Bianka pup Hero wins the Bred by Exhibitor dog class!!!
Coach places in the Open dog class!!!
Grant and Reggie place in the 6-9 futurity class & Reggie places in the regular class!!!
Hannah wins the Brood Bitch class with Tudie & Flex!!!

Juna earns UDX legs 13 & 14!!!
Elke earns her first UDX leg on Saturday and qualifies in Utility on Friday & Sunday!!!
Juna and Elke also win High Scoring Tracking dog awards!!!
Bailey qualifies in Utility on Saturday & Sunday!!!
Aspen finishes her CDX title plus earns an extra leg!!!
Coach and Tie complete their Rally Advanced titles!!!
Braun earns all three legs of his Rally Novice title!!!
Bianka pups Haley & Circe each earn their RN title!!!

Elsewhere this weekend...

Kamo is Best of Breed in Alberta!!!
Clover is WB/BOW/BOS from the 6-9 class at her very first AKC show!!!

Flare finishes her AKC CDX title with a placement!!!
Skye earns her Carting Intermediate title!!!
Tesla passes the ATTS Temperament Test!!!

Tonka earns his IPO3 title!!!

Griffin QQs again and earns 16 more MACH points!!!
Jerome earns his 2nd MXJ leg and 11 MACH points!!!
Takoda earns another MJP leg with a placement!!!
Breve earns an Excellent Fast leg!!!
Beckham earns a Novice Fast leg with a placement!!!

Toro passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!
Spencer earns his Therapy Dog certification!!!


October 20, 2009

Grant is AKC Tracking Certified at just 6 months and 3 weeks of age!!!


October 18, 2009

Patton is V-1 and Select Male at the USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show!!!

Usher has another QQ and earns 42 MACH points!!!
Griffin has another QQ and earns 19 MACH points!!!

Flare earns her BH title!!!


October 11, 2009

Skye finishes her AKC Championship with a major in Boise, Idaho!!!
Toro finishes his UKC Championship with a Best of Breed & Group 2!!!
Mason earns another CKC point toward his Championship!!!

Juna earns her 11th & 12th UDX legs with a Utility 1st, OTCH points and High Combined!!!
Elke earns 21 OM points her first weekend out in the B classes!!!
Aspen earns her first AKC CDX leg with a placement!!!

Griffin QQQs both Friday/Saturday and QQs Sunday to earn 34 MACH points!!!
Jetta finishes her MXF title and earns another MX leg with MACH points!!!
Flare earns her second OAJ leg and second NF leg with a placement!!!

Takoda finishes her AKC HSAs title!!!

Lorenz wins two more AKC points, plus completes his AKC Rally Excellent title!!!

Tory passes her Canine Good Citizen test!!!


October 4, 2009

Gavin is V-1 at the 2009 West Coast Landesgruppe show!!!

Minty finishes her CKC CDX title with all first placements!!!
Montana finishes her CKC CD with a first place, plus earns two RE legs!!!
Takara earns all three legs of her CKC RN!!!

V earns her TD at the Medallion Rottweiler Club test!!!

Beckham is 1st place for three more Herding Championship points
on Saturday and earns one more HC point on Sunday!!!

Juna earns her TR1 and OB1 titles!!!
Lorenz earns his TR1 and BH titles!!!

Jerome earns his first MXJ with a placement and MACH points!!!
Takoda earns her second AXP leg with a first place!!!

Lucas passes the Draft Dog tests for his DD title!!!


September 27, 2009

Braun wins TWO four point majors in NY, plus earns his first AKC RN leg!!!
Aspen wins two more AKC points in Texas!!!
Mason is WD/BOW/BOB & Group 4 for three more CKC points!!!
Toro wins Best of Breed and Group 3, twice, for 70 UKC points!!!

Jazz earns his first Utility leg!!!
Bravo earns his second AKC CD leg!!!

Jerome finishes his AXJ, earns two MX legs, 24 MACH points and
two CD legs, all with placements!!!

Takoda finishes her AJP title and earns her first AXP leg with placements!!!
Nevar completes his AKC OJP title with 1st and 2nd placements!!!
Griffin earns another QQ and 26 MACH points!!!
Usher earns another QQ and 25 MACH points!!!

Joy finishes her AKC Rally Excellent title!!!
Lars finishes his AKC Rally Advanced title!!!
Lyta earns all three legs of her AKC Rally Novice title!!!

Raith passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!


September 20, 2009

Bond is WD/BOW/BOB Fri, Sat & Sun to finish his CKC Championship!!!

Juna completes her AKC UDX title!!!!!
Skye earns her first AKC RE leg!!!

Gavin passes the CKC Tracking Dog test!!!

Eddy passes both legs of her AHBA HCT title!!!


September 13, 2009

Friday and Toro both pass the CKC TD... at the same trial!!!

Thor finishes his AKC CD and RN titles with placements!!!
Minty earns two CKC CDX legs with first placements!!!

Ely completes his AAC Masters Agility Dog title!!!
Usher earns 22 more MACH points!!!
Takoda earns her first AJP leg with a first place!!!

Jetta finishes her RAE2 title and earns her first RAE3 leg!!!


September 7, 2009

Toro is WD/BOW in New Jersey for two more AKC points!!!

Bond passes the CKC TD!!!

Minty earns her AKC CD title with three first placements!!!
Tesla earns her last two AKC RE legs!!!
Lucas finishes his CKC RA title!!!

Jerome earns his second MX leg and 34 MACH points!!!

Luka earns all three legs of his HSAd title with a 1st placement,
and also completed his ASCA OTDd title!!!


August 30, 2009

Ely earns another AKC point in New York!!!
Dani earns another AKC point in California, plus finishes her RN title!!!


August 23, 2009

News from the Northstar Rottweiler Club Specialties...

Goldi wins both her Veterans and Veteran Sweepstakes classes at both shows!!!
V wins both her 12-18 Class and Sweeps class on Thursday and her 12-18 class on Friday!!!
Scarlet places 3rd in her Sweepstakes class at both specialties!!!
Tie earns her 2nd Rally Advanced leg with a first place!!!
Grog earns his first two CD legs and completes his Rally Novice title!!!
Nevar earns an OAP leg with a 2nd place!!!
Usher earns 2 more QQ's and 50 MACH points!!!

In other parts of the country...

Cisco finishes his AKC CD title!!!
Jada completes her AKC Novice Fast title!!!
Juna earns UDX leg #9 as well as 5 OTCH points!!!
Lorenz is BOW for another AKC point, as well as two RE legs!!!


August 16, 2009

Tie finishes her AKC Championship, going BOW both days in Iowa!!!

Juna earns UDX leg #8!!!
Lorenz earns all three legs of his AKC RA title!!!

Norris completes his AKC Agility Excellent title!!!
Flare earns her first AKC OA leg with a perfect score!!!


August 9, 2009

Jemme is WB/BOW and Best in Specialty Show at the
2009 Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Specialty in Killbride!!!

Savvy is Best Canadian Bred at the Specialty!!!
Raith is Best in Sweepstakes his very first time in the ring!!!
And across the country, Hoss finishes his CKC CD title!!!

Oz is WD/BOW in Ballston Spa, New York!!!

Elke takes back to back 1st placements in Utility A with great scores!!!


August 5, 2009

Hoss finishes his CKC Championship and earns two CD legs!!!


August 3, 2009

Jemme is WB/BOW/BOB Saturday, WB Sunday and WB/BOW/BOB and
Group 3 on Monday for her first nine CKC points!!!

Rogan finishes his CKC Championship, going WD Sat/Mon and WD/BOW/BOB Sunday!!!

Toro is WD/BOW for two more AKC points!!!

Takoda earns her first two HSAs legs with a 3rd place!!!

Rayne earns four CKC CD legs with all firsts and also completes his CKC RN title!!!
Elke earns her first ASCA UD leg with a first place!!!
Mason completes his CKC Rally Advanced title!!!
Buca completes his CKC Rally Novice title!!!

Emma placed 7th and 9th in the jumpers classes and placed 10th in the
standard class at the 2009 AAC Nationals!!!

Bradaigh earns an OJP leg and AXP leg, both with first placements!!!
Flare earns her first OAJ leg and first NF leg, both with placements!!!
Jada completes her NA title with a 1st placement and also earns her first NF leg!!!


July 28, 2009

V is WB/BOW & BOS over a special for two more AKC points!!!


July 25, 2009

Kingston finishes his AKC Championship with a four point major in Waukesha, WI!!!
Coach is WD/BOW all three days in Bloomsburg, PA, for three more AKC points!!!
Dani is WB/BOW/BOS in California for another AKC point!!!

Tie finishes her Canadian Championship in Kingston, Ontario!!!
Gavin finishes his Canadian Championship in British Columbia!!!
Skye is WB/BOW/BOS for her first five CKC points!!!

Elke completes her AKC UD title with back to back 1st placements!!!


July 19, 2009

Spencer wins Best of Breed all three days in Rockton, plus a Group 1 and Group 4!!!

Havoc finishes his UKC Championship, going BOW at all four shows!!!

Elke earns her second AKC UD leg!!!
Usher earns his first two AKC CDX legs with two firsts and scores of 194 & 194.5!!!
Flare earns her first two AKC CDX legs with 2nd and 3rd placements!!!

Minty completes her Ag.N and Ag.NJ titles with 1st placements, plus earns an Ag.IJ leg!!!
Goldi earns her second Open Fast leg at 9 1/2 years of age!!!
Jetta earns another MXJ leg with MACH points!!!
Norris earns another MX and two MXJ legs!!!

Jada finishes her AKC Rally Excellent title!!!

Raith passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!


July 14, 2009

Spencer wins Best of Breed both days at the Woodstock Kennel Club show!!!

Blaze passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!


July 12, 2009

Spencer finishes his CKC Championship going WD/BOW for five points on Saturday
and then moved up and won the AOM at the Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!
Spencer then wins Best of Breed on Sunday at the Sovereign Rottweiler Club Booster!!!

Kaiser is Winners Dog on Wednesday and Friday for three more CKC points
and was Reserve Winners Dog at the Specialty.  He also earned his CKC RN title!!!

Toro is WD/BOS for another AKC point!!!

Jetta earns two CKC CDX legs, plus completes her CKC Ag.N and RN titles!!!
Kamo finishes his CKC CD with scores of 196 & 198, plus earns his RN, TT & CGN titles!!!
Risky passes her Canine Good Neighbor test as well!!!

And a special congratulations to Kathy Howse and Gabe (sire of our U Litter) for
earning his CD/CDX/OTCH & RN/RA/RE on the circuit, finishing it all with High in Trial!!!

Usher also has a great weekend with two more QQs and 24 MACH points!!!


July 6, 2009

Dani is WB/BOW/BOS in Oregon for another AKC point!!!

Tie is WB/BOW/BOB on Saturday and WB/BOS on Sunday three more CKC points!!!
Bond is WD/BOW/BOB on Sunday for two more CKC points as well!!!
Kaiser is Winners Dog both days shown in Sarnia for four CKC points!!!

Flare earns both her CKC CD & CDX titles with placements!!!

Beckham earns her ASCA ATDd and also earns her first STDc leg!!!
Breve finishes her STDd and STDs titles!!!

Griffin earns his 10th QQ plus 13 MACH points!!!

Savvy passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!


July 2, 2009

Tie is Best of Breed on Wednesday and Thursday for two more CKC points!!!


June 28, 2009

Dani is WB/BOW for another AKC point, plus earns her first RN leg!!!

Usher earns two more QQs and 39 MACH points!!!

Beckham earns another two points toward her AKC Herding Championship!!!
Jada earns her second HSAs leg!!!

Jerome and Takoda have 11/14 Q's at their USDAA trial, with Jerome earning
his PD1 title, and both dogs earning several placements, including a 1st in pairs!!!


June 19, 2009

Skye is WB/BOW for a four point major at the CRRC Specialty in Oregon!!!
Tie is WB/BOW and Best of Breed for her first three CKC points!!!

Juna earns UDX legs #6 and #7!!!

Flare earns her AKC NA and NAJ titles with placements!!!
Jada completes her AKC NAJ title!!!
Jetta earns more MX/MXJ legs, plus 28 MACH points!!!

Nova earns her first two CKC Rally Excellent legs!!!


June 14, 2008

Thor earns his first two AKC CD legs with first placements and his
first two AKC RN legs with placements also!!!

Devlin Q'd 5/9 at the CPE Agility Nationals and placed 6th in games!!!
Usher earns another QQ and 11 more MACH points!!!

Beckham completes her AHBA RLFII-s (Ranch Large Flock) title
with a 1st place and Reserve High in Trial!!!


June 6, 2009

Diego finishes his AKC Rally Novice title, making his dam
Rose, eligible as an ARC Bronze Dam!!!

Beckham earns her Carting Intermediate title!!!
Breve and her dam, Roca, earn the Carting Started Team title!!!

Kamo earns his first CKC CD and RN legs, both with placements!!!


May 31, 2009

Coach finishes his CKC Championship!!!

Diego is V-1 in the Working Class at the USRC show in California!!!
Richter and Tie are both V Rated at the Toronto Sieger Show!!!

Takoda finishes her AKC OAP title with a first place, making her dam,
Emma eligible as an ARC Bronze Dam!!!

Emma qualifies for the AAC Agility Nationals!!!
Griffin double Q's again and earns 12 more MACH points!!!
Jerome earns his second AKC AXJ leg!!!

Oz earns his first CKC Rally Novice leg!!!

Simone, Aspen, Jill & Deke all pass the Herding Instinct Test!!!


May 24, 2009

Tie is WB/BOS for another AKC point in Illinois!!!
Goldi earns her first Open Fast leg!!!

Usher has another QQ and earns 17 MACH points!!!


May 17, 2009

Spencer wins both days in New York to finish his AKC Championship!!!
This also makes his dam, Goldi, eligible for her ARC Silver Dam award!!!

Jewel finishes her UKC Grand Championship with a Group 1 & Group 2!!!
Havoc earned most of the points toward his UKC Championship as well!!!

Juna earns her fifth AKC UDX leg!!!

Toro passes the AD!!!

Griffin earns his 8th QQ and 12 MACH points!!!
Usher earns his 6th QQ and 65 MACH points!!!
Jada earns her first two NA & NAJ leg with first placements!!!
Jerome earns his first AXJ leg and second MF leg!!!
Flapper finishes her CKC Ag.N title with placements!!!

Kaiser earns his AKC PT title!!!


May 10, 2008

Jazz made the DOGS IN CANADA Top 10 list for all working breeds in 2008!!!

Jemme finishes her AKC Championship by winning both days in Perry, GA!!!

Braun is WD/BOW Friday & Sunday in Pennsylvania for his first two AKC points!!!
Spencer is WD/BOW Saturday in Pennsylvania for another AKC point!!!

Ely finishes his AAC Masters Jumpers title!!!
Joe wins his Excellent Fast Class and places in his Jumpers class for 12 MACH points!!!
Devlin completes her CPE CL4-R title!!!

Jada finished her AKC PT & HTAdI titles and earned her first HSAs leg!!!
Jack earned his first AKC RN leg with a placement!!!

Glory passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!!!


May 3, 2009

Jemme is WB/BOS in Georgia for another AKC point!!!

Griffin earns his 7th agility Double Q and 35 MACH points!!!
Jetta completes her AKC AX title and earns two MXF legs with placements!!!

Gavin passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!


April 30, 2009

Brags from the ARC National...

Yngo receives the ARC "Prico" Award for the third consecutive year!!!
Iza receives her ARC Bronze Dam Award!!!
Charm and Jetta receive their ARC Versatility Excellent Award!!!
Elke and Juna receive their ARC Versatility Dog Award!!!

The following dogs received their ARC Top Ten Awards:
Obedience ~ Aspen, Lucy, Elke, Jazz, Jetta
Herding ~ Beckham
Agility ~ Nevar, Emma, Rio, Griffin, Norris, Usher, Juna, Jerome
Rally ~ Moxee, Jetta

Dani places 3rd in her Ambred class!!!
Suz places 2nd in her 9-12 class!!!

Atlas earns his Rally Advanced and Carting Started titles!!!
Diego earns all three legs of his Rally Novice title!!!
Kaiser finishes his Rally Novice title and passes the TT & CGC!!!
Moxee passes the TT test!!!

Brags from CRC...

Coach wins the Open Dog Class and earns his first Rally Advanced leg!!!
Braun wins the 9-12 Dog Class!!!
V places in both her sweepstakes and regular classes!!!

Flare earns her first NA leg, second NAJ leg and two more CD legs, all with placements!!!
Cisco earns two CD legs, one with a placement!!!

Jada earns her first AKC PT leg!!!


April 26, 2009

Results from the Lindsay, Ontario show...

Coach wins WD/BOW/BOB and a Group 2 on Friday and WD/BOW/BOB
and Group 3 on Saturday for his first 9 CKC points!!!

Bond wins WD/BOW/BOB and a Group 4 on Sunday for his first 5 CKC points!!!

Rebel earns his CKC CDX with three 1st placments plus HIGH IN TRIAL Friday & Sunday!!!
Nova earns her second CKC CDX leg and all three CKC Rally Advanced legs!!!

Meanwhile, in St. Catherines, Ontario...
Montana earns her first two CKC CD legs with 1st and 3rd placements!!!

Also, Jerome earns a Masters Fast agility leg!!!


April 19, 2009

Kamo is Best of Breed in Alberta!!!
Scarlet is WB/BOS for her first AKC point from the 9-12 class!!!

Blitz passes her Schutzhund II and qualifies for her ARC VX!!!!!

Flapper finishes her AKC Open Agility title with a 1st place, giving her the
AKC VCD2 designation!!!  She also completes her Novice Fast title!!!

Jerome earns his first MX leg with 14 MACH points!!!
Devlin completes her CPE CL4-S title!!!

Flare earns all three legs of her ASCA CD with a High in Trial!!!

Bo passes the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


April 12, 2009

Jemme is WB/BOW for a FIVE POINT MAJOR in Atlanta, GA!!!
She also passes the Herding Instinct Test at the same show!

Gavin is WD/BOW on Saturday and Sunday in British Columbia!!!
Hoss is WD/BOW for four points at the same show plus passes the TDI test!!!

Harry finishes his AKC NA title with a perfect score and 1st place!!!
Jerome completes his AKC Excellent Fast title!!!
Kaiser earns his first two AKC Rally Novice legs!!!


April 5, 2009

V is WB/BOS in Wisconsin for her first two AKC points!!!

Toro passes the AKC TDX test!!!

Jerome completes his AKC AX title!!!
Takoda finishes her AKC OJP title!!!

Bond earns all three legs of his CKC Pre-CD title!!!
Bristol earns his first two AKC RE legs with placements!!!
Joy completes her AKC RA title!!!

Jewel and Havoc both past the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


March 29, 2009

Skye is WB/BOW/BOS at the CRRC Supported Entry in Oregon!!!
Gavin is Best of Breed in British Columbia and finishes his CKC Rally Advanced title!!!

Emma completes her AAC Agility Championship and also earns
her Master Games Dog title (MGDC) and AAC Bronze Achievement Award!!!

Bradaigh finishes her AKC OAP and NJP titles and earns a second OFP leg!!!
Minty earns her second NAJ leg with a placement!!!
Flare earns her first AKC NAJ leg!!!
Flapper earns her second NF leg with a first place!!!

Elke earns her first AKC UD leg with a first placement!!!

Tesla earns her first AKC RE leg with a first placement!!!


March 27, 2009

Simone's Litter has arrived!!! 


March 22, 2009

Jemme is WB her first day at the Raleigh, NC, shows!!!

Usher double Q's again and earns 35 MACH points!!!
Jerome earns his second AKC AX leg with a first place!!!
Takoda earns her second OAP and OJP legs, both with placements!!!

Tie earns her first AKC Rally Advanced leg with a placement!!!
Lorenz finishes his AKC Rally Novice title!!!

Tesla passes her Therapy Dog International certification!!!


March 15, 2009

Coach is WD/BOW for a five point major at the Connecticut Working Dog Specialty!!!
Dice is WD/BOW the first day of the Louisville cluster to finish his Championship!!!

Lucy passes the AKC TDX test in California!!!

Devlin Q's 7 of her 8 CPE runs and earns her CL4-H title!!!
Jerome Q's  of his 5 USDAA runs!!!
Griffin earns more MACH points!!!


March 10, 2009

Titus passes his Canine Good Cititzen test!!!


March 8, 2009

Aspen is WB in Missouri for another AKC point!!!

Griffin triple Q's, earning his first MF leg and 13 more MACH points!!!
Jerome earns an AKC AX leg with a placment!!!
Takoda earns her first OJP leg with a placement as well!!!

Flapper finishes her both her CKC CDX and RA titles with placements!!!
Minty completes her CKC RE title, with three 1st placements!!!
Lorenz earns his first two AKC Rally Novice legs!!!
Gavin earns his first two CKC Rally Advanced legs!!!


March 1, 2009

Diego earns his SchHI title!!!
Lorenz passes the AKC TD test!!!
Takoda completes her AKC NJP title and earns her first OAP leg!!!
Ely finishes his AAC Advanced Agility and Advanced Games titles!!!


February 21, 2009

Jemme is WB/BOW at the Seminole Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!
Meanwhile, Jemme's brother, Kingston, is WD/BOW in Chicago both days shown!!

Emma Q's 5 of her AAC runs with 4 first placements and
Ely earns his 3rd Master Jumpers Q!!!

Devlin Q's 6 of her 8 CPE runs and earns her CL4-F title!!!

Braun earns his AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate!!!


February 15, 2009

Flex finishes his AKC Championship, going WD/BOW in Indianapolis on Saturday!!!
Tie wins a four point major on Sunday at the same show, going WB/BOW!!!
V wins Best in Sweeptakes at the Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!

Beckham earns her first AHBA HTDIs, HTDIIId, HTADIIIs and HTADIIId legs!!!
Juna finishes her AKC AXJ title and earns her second AX leg!!!
Griffin gets another MX leg with MACH points!!!


February 8, 2009

Elke finishes her ASCA CDX title with a placement!!!


February 1, 2009

Tie is WB/BOS in Missouri for another AKC point!!!

Flare qualifies in Novice B with a score of 197 and 1st place!!!
Titus completes his AKC CD title with qualifying scores both Saturday & Sunday!!!

Norris finishes his AKC AXJ title with a first placement!!!
Angel passes the CGC and TDI tests!!!


January 25, 2009

Tie wins a major in Missouri!!!!  Thank you to handler Julia Foster!!!


January 19, 2009

Tie is WB/BOS in Iowa on Saturday and WB on Sunday for another two AKC points!!!
Skye is WB/BOS in Oregon for two more AKC points!!!

Usher finishes his MX and MXJ with three more double Qs and 51 MACH points!!!
Ely Q's 3 for 3, with all first placements, in his first AAC trials of 2009!!!

Glory finishes her AKC CD title with placements!!!
Bond earns his CARO Rally Novice title!!!


January 11, 2009

Tie earns her first AKC point in Oshkosh, Wisconsin!!!
Skye is WB/BOW Saturday and WB Sunday for two more AKC points in Oregon!!!

Rogan earns his first AKC CD leg!!!
Harry earns his first OAJ leg with a first place!!!


January 4, 2009

Dice sweeps the St. Paul shows, earning six points and his first major!!!

Rebel finishes his UKC CD title with two more first placements!!!
Flare earns her second AKC RN leg!!!

Norris completes his AKC Open Fast title!!!

January 1, 2009

Another year has passed and Mike and I keep asking ourselves why the dogs and the kids keep growing up, while we feel like we haven't aged a day!  Of course, the kids would probably tell us differently haha.  Despite this, I'm going to start out our New Year letter with family updates because Cassie and Sarah have been making us very proud.  Sarah graduated from Nursing School, making the Dean's List, and has recently been offered an Emergency Room position which is what she'd been hoping for.  Sarah also puchased her first home in December!  Cassie is mid-way through her first year at Queen's University.  We are pleased that she chose this school and are amazed by her heavy class load.  She has adjusted very well.  As everyone can imagine, Mike is an extremely proud father these days and I couldn't be happier for everyone's successes. 

The dogs continued to bring us joy thoughout 2008.  A few are getting older... Beca is 11 1/2, Envy nearly 11 and, although it's impossible to believe, Yngo is close to 10 years old.  However, all three are as strong and energetic as ever, so we remain hopeful that they'll be with us for a long while.  Even Iza becomes a veteran this year, turning seven at the end of January.  Our young dogs are excelling, with Simone thrilling us with a Best in Specialty win at the 2008 Canadian National, as well as Best of Opposite Sex at specialty shows in both the USA and Canada in 2008, and Nova working toward her advanced obedience titles. 

We welcomed Jill in November of 2008 and are very thankful to John and Jeanine Belbin of Allerhochst Rottweilers of Australia for offering this promising girl to us.  It did take us a few days to get accustomed to her tail, but Jill's demeanor is such that it's hard to resist smiling when we see it constantly wagging!  We are also currently sharing our home with Deke, an Ely/Caygeon son who we hope will make his way to the Belbins in the future. 

2008 was "The Year of the Puppy" here at Esmond Rottweilers.  In addition to Chris and Bev Vanstone's Hockey Litter, we enjoyed spending time with pups from Becky and Tony Dove's Axel/Mia Litter, and also produced our own W Litter and X Litter.  These litters brought us our newest pups, Hope and Smooch.   I have to admit that breeding dogs this year was really wonderful, with the large marjority of pups staying within our existing group of owners.  A special thank you to all who have come back to us for their second or third pup.  I can't tell you how much peace of mind it gives me to be able to place our pups in homes that we already have relationships with.  Every breeder should be this lucky.  These four litters also helped us to welcome the following new owners to the Esmondrott family:  Jen Perry, Kristen Manger, Linda Dillard, Kay & Bob Willmarth and Elaine Swancer.   We thank each of you for your patience and hope that your new pup is everything you've dreamed of. 

One of my favorite things to do every December 31st is to put together our year end list of accomplishments.  No matter how many years I complile this, the results never fail to amaze me.  Congratulations to each and every dog and owner on this list.  Your love and dedication to your pups does not go unnoticed.

Newly titled Esmond Pups...

Tammy Ausloos & Goldi ~ MJP, NFP, U-GRACh, Ag.IJ 
Tammy Ausloos & Flirt ~ NAP, NJP, Ag.IJ 
Tammy Ausloos & Nevar ~ NAP, NJP, U-AGI
Tammy Ausloos & Tie ~ RN
Cassie Levy & Emma ~ RE, Ag.X, RNMCL, SMSDC, SMSCDC
Cassie Levy & Ely ~ U-CH, Ag.N, RNMCL, SADC
Dawn Neff & Griffin ~ AX, AXJ, MX, MXJ, NF, OF, XF
Dawn Neff & Clare ~ CD, RN, RA
Mike Vickery & Joe ~ XF
Lynette Nehmer & Charm ~ AJP, FH, CS, CI
Sue Trout & Flapper ~ Ag.IJ, Can RN
Andrea Bauer & Chance ~ RA, RE
Donna Wielert and Bailey ~ UD
Jen Herrington & Ness ~ CI(t)
Alex Monroe & Dorlee ~ CD, TDX, RA, PT, AD
Mike and Nancy Gannon & Goose ~ CDX, Can TD, Can TDX, Can UTD
Katherine Hoffman & Minty ~ TDX, NJP, Can CD, Can RN, Can RA
Cathy Krell & Aspen ~ CD, RE
Judy Fahy & Harry ~ RE, NAJ, JHD
Sue Bowman & Norris ~ NA, NAJ, NAP, NF, OA, OAJ, OJP
Steve Paschkewitz & Patton ~ RN
Lisa Byrd & Richter ~ Am/Can CH, Am/Can CD, RE, BH
Donna Wielert & Aiden ~ CD, CDX, RE
Maria Germano & Bristol ~ Am CH, Am/Can TD
Michelle Amtower & Titus ~ RE, U-CD
Jacqui Woodhall & Montana ~ Am/Can RN, Can RA
Frank and Cheryl Carruthers & Friday ~ Can CH
Karen Carroll & Takoda ~ CD, PT, NAP, JHD
Darci Proctor & Skye ~ RA
Dawn Phillips & Kamo ~ Can CH
Lisa Boucher & Lucas ~ Can CH, Can RN, Can PCD
Sue Ann Wolf & Jewel ~ PT, U-CH
Tammy Snyder & Flare ~ CD
Ema Tanigaki and John Healey & Tesla ~ RN, RA
Jennifer Woodley & Kaiser ~ HT
Collette Phillips-McCrea & Rayne ~ PCD
Ron and Pat Carkoski & Coach ~ RN, RL1

Yngo continues to break his own records.  His pups earned a whopping 138 titles in 2008! 
Yngo pups from our litters are listed above.  Below are his kids from other breeders...

Becky Giddings & Beckham ~ HSBd, HIAs, HXAd, HXAs, OTDd, OTDs, ATDs, CS
Becky Giddings & Breve ~ CD, RE, OA, OAJ, AXJ, OF
Beth Jackson & Blitz ~ SchHI, TR1
Bob, Sue and Joanna Collis & Dodger ~ Am CH
Hedy Rankin & Jazz ~ Am/Can CDX, Can RN, Can RA
MJ Kushwara & Luka ~ HSAs, JHD, STDd
Jennifer Woodley & Moxee ~ RAE, CS, CI
Ellen Calnan & Bradaigh ~ PT, RN, NAP, NFP
Julie Nelson, Don and Pearl Thompson & Rio ~ NAP
Paula and Roger Louvier & Elke ~ CD, CDX, ASCA CD
Preston and Mylene Hardy & Mason ~ Can RN
Carol Beasley & Diego ~ BST
Mickey and Donna Whalen and Tonka ~ BST
Pauline Karalia & Jetta ~ CDX, AXJ, XF, U-CDX, TR1, VCD2
Lisa Kramer & Juna ~ CDX, UD, OA, OAJ, NF, OF, VCD2
Karen Carroll & Jerome ~ RE, NA, NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, OF
Michelle Hermann & Jada ~ RA, HT, JHD
Gina DeAlmeida & Toro ~ RE
Emmy Verkozen & Lucy ~ CD
Norma Dikeman & Timber ~ Am/Can CH, AOM, CD, HT, JHD
Moe Mullen and Kathy Bach & Devlin ~ CD, CL2-S, CL2-S, CL3-R, CL3-F, CL3-S, CL3-H, NJ-N
Kathy Lovan & Tudie ~ Am CH, CD, RN
Melissa Hare-Jones & Bravo ~ RN, RA, RE
Janel Bush & Gavin ~ Can RN
Melinda and Irv Mueller & Hoss ~ RN
Jane Cooper & Glory ~ RAE
Mike and Ann Jackman & Simone ~ BISS, Multi BOSS, Am CH, RN, U-CH
Elizabeth & Jeff Lewis and Uno ~ Am CH, RN
Lois Eid & Usher ~ CD, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ
Moe Mullen and Kathy Bach & Rogan ~ RE
Preston and Mylene Hardy & Risky ~ Can TD, Can RN

2008 also saw 13 pups pass the Temperament Test, 3 pass the Herding Instinct Test and 11 earn their CGC (or CGN) certificate.  Nine were certified as Registered Therapy Dogs.  Congratulations to all...we hope your future endeavors go as smoothly!

We are pleased to announce that both Iza and Bailey have become eligible for the ARC Bronze Dam award, each from their first, and in Bailey's case, only litter.   Yngo again won the ARC Prico award, and was named the RCC Top Producing sire for the fifth consecutive year.  We are also happy that Yngo helped four of the girls who were bred to him acheive their production awards.  Thank you to all of the dedicated breeders and owners who made this happen. 

As always, we are particularly proud of the most versatile pups and would like to congratulate Pauline Karalia and Lisa Kramer on accomplishing the VCD2 designation with Jetta and Juna.  In 2008, Bailey and Rebel received the ARC Versatility Excellent Award, with Griffin, Blitz, Moxee and Jetta receiving their Versatility Award.  Several pups have qualified for these awards in the remainder of 2008, but we'll let those be a surprise when they're announced.  We are also very proud of Bailey, Richter, Beckham, Blitz, Jetta & Jazz  for earning High in Trial awards in 2008!

Our plans for 2009 are varied.  Mike will continue to pursue his judging licenses and is currently working through the Toy Breeds.  I have decided to bite the bullet and complete my requirements for judging Rottweilers.  For this reason, we will be showing a bit less in 2009, but we promise to try to make it out to some of the larger events to socialize.  We are currently planning our first linebreeding on Yngo, and are eagerly anticipating this.  Simone will also have her first breeding in 2009, a linebreeding on Valerie McGraw's beloved Magnum.  Lastly, we have approved a few outside breedings for our boys in 2009 and will update the website with these soon.  Mostly, we will be letting our youngsters grow up while giving our senior dogs loads of love and attention.  We also hope to spend more time with family and friends in 2009.  A small repayment for all that so many have given their time so generously to us over the past years.

We wish you all the best in 2009 and hope that this year sees all of your dreams come true!

                                                                  Ann & Mike