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    December 29, 2004

    Yngo/Missy kids Rio and Jade pass the OFA for both Hips & Elbows
    and brother, Benelli, passes hips with a Good!!

    Plus, new photos of Jazz!


    December 24, 2004

    Happy Holidays!!!!!!!


    December 22, 2004

    Things are finally happening on the "puppy front"...
    Both Envy and Flirt have been bred, and Goldi should be
    bred shortly...we'll keep you all up to date in the new year.


    December 12, 2004

    What a great weekend!  
    Gable finishes his AKC UD title with a 2nd place!
    Goldi earns her AKC OJP title with three 1st placements!!
    and Duck begins working toward his MJP with his first leg!!!

    And, both Tia and DD pass their OFA Cardiac clearance.
    Plus... Izzie is confirmed pregnant with her Yngo pups!
    Contact breeder, Pauline Karalia, if you are hoping for an
    obedience or agility prospect from this litter.

    December 5, 2004

    DD is still undefeated in the classes!  She earns six more points
    in Brantford, Ontario.  Brother Ripley also does well,
    winning the breed each day and a big Group 2 on Sat!!!


    November 28, 2004

    Envy earns her NJP title with Tammy Ausloos!
    Duck earns 1 NADAC NJC leg, 2 NAC legs and a Touch and Go leg!!
    And Jazz passes his CKC Canine Good Neighbor test!

    Plus, a new photo of Sheeba is on her page.


    November 21, 2004

    Emma qualifies for her second AAC Starters Agility leg
    and her first AAC Gamblers leg with placements for both!

    And, new photos of Buzz are up on his page!


    November 14, 2004

    Beca finishes her CDX title in Sutton, Ontario!
    Gable earns his second AKC UD leg with a 1st place!
    Envy earns her first AKC NAP and NJP legs!
    Kaos passes his AHBA HCT!!!
    And DD wins Best of Breed all weekend for her first points!


    November 12, 2004

    Yngo's Pedigree is updated with two more generations
    and loads of new photos!!!  Thank you to Becky Giddings
    for help with some of the missing photos.


    November 7, 2004

    Chance earns his AKC CD title in his first three trials!!!

    And...Cassie has updated her webpage...
    CLICK HERE to visit Cassie Jackman's Rottweiler Homepage.


    November 6, 2004

    Beckham and Colleen Ronan earn their AKC HT title...
    The exciting part is that Beckham just nine months and four days old!

    The other excitement is that this title also qualifies Daddy Yngo
    as an ARC Bronze Producer!!!!!  Thank you Coleen and Beckstir!!!


    November 2, 2004

    *NEW* Online Forms Webpage
    Find Entry Forms, Club Membership Forms,
    AKC/CKC Forms etc. all in one place!


    October 31, 2004

    Bailey earns her CKC TD title in Ft. Erie, Ontario!!!

    Yngo kids, Ripley, Hayden, Tia, DD, Flapper and Dodger
    all pass their CERF exams.


    October 23, 2004

    They did it!
    Yngo and Mike earned the SchHIII title!!
    Special thanks to Owen Tober and all of the members of the
    GSWDC of Western NY and the Buffalo Schutzhund Club!
    Thank you also to all who have supported us and given us help
    and advice during the past three years, especially Thomas Schaaf
    for getting us started and Larry Bzdon for getting us "On Track". 
    We couldn't have done it without each of you! 

    Congratulations also to Cassie Levy and Emma who earned
    their AD and BH at the same trial!

    And to Yngo and Gambol's son, Chance, for earning his first
    AKC CD leg with a 193 1/2!!!


October 18, 2004

New BARF Diet pages are up.  Some are still in progress,
please bear with us as we build this section of the site.


October 15, 2004

Yngo son Atlas wins both his sweeps and regular classes
at the ARC Region VI Specialty in California and second in
both classes at the Associated Rott Fanciers Specialty!!!
Brother Diego also places in both classes at both Specialties!

And, new photos of their brother, Tonka, are up on his page.


October 11, 2004

Iza earns her BST at the USRC Schutzhund Nat'l Championships
and also goes V-1 at the accompanying Sieger Show!

Rio is SG1 and Youth Sieger at the same show and Yngo is V-1 in the working dog class!  Thank you to judge, Anton Spindler.

Joe is High in Trial at the MRC Agility trial on Saturday, earning
his second AX leg and completing his OAJ title!

Duck finishes his AXP title with a first place!

And Lexa earns her AKC CD title in three straight shows!!!

Plus, Iza, Goldi, Flirt and Bailey are inducted into the
MRC Hall of Fame, and Charm makes the MRC Honor Roll!

Last but not least, baby Breve passes her HIC test!


October 3, 2004

Gable completes his CKC CDX title in Ancaster, ON,
with scores of 195 1/2 and 196!

We also had our "O" litter puppy party!  What fun it was...
Thank you to all our owners for traveling so far and to
Chris and Bev Vanstone for allowing us to come "play".

Congratulations also to Diego for going VP1 at the
Wine Country Rottweiler Club's Sieger show!

Plus, Dylan finishes his Masters Agility Dog of Canada
title at 9 1/2 years of age!  Congrats to owner, Cassie Levy!


September 30, 2004

Congratulations to Yngo/Danka kids Ripley, Tia and DD...
all three came back OFA Good with Clear Elbows!


September 26, 2004

Envy earns her first AKC OA leg, Joe earns an OAJ leg.

Duck earns his AJP title which also makes him eligible
for the ARC Versatility award!

Plus, more working photos of Yngo and...
some new photos of Rosie.


September 20, 2004

Congratulations to Yngo's Lakina babies...
Dodger, Jazz, Breve, Bradaigh, Moxee & Blitz...
all passed their OFA hip prelims!


September 19, 2004

Duck earns his second AXP leg with a 1st place!


September 14, 2004

New photos of Flapper, Tia and DD are up!


September 12, 2004

What a fabulous weekend it was...

Iza earns her SchI with a score
of 270"a" and High in Trial!!!
Thank you to Larry Bzdon!

Emma completes her CDX title with a second placement!!!

Both Goldi and Emma earn their CKC Novice Agility (Ag.N)
titles with placements for every leg!!!

Rio finishes his CKC Championship!!

Rio, Lexi and Dodger all earn their Canine Good Neighbor
certificates and Lexi, Dodger and Tia pass the Herding Instinct test!

And Ness goes WB and BOS over a special for her first AKC
points in Arizona...owner handled!!!

Plus, wait unti you see Caygeon now!  She came out to see us
this weekend and we couldn't be more pleased!!!


September 8, 2004

New photos up of Bleu and Mia.

Plus, we've finalized our breeding plans for the end of
2004 through 2005...CLICK HERE for futher details.


September 5, 2004

Yngo's sons do him proud...
Diesel earns his CD title with both a 1st & 2nd placement
and Rio earns both legs of his AHBA HCT title!!!
While back in Indiana, Joe earns his first AKC AX leg!

New herding photos of Rio and Kaos are up as well as
boating pictures of Benelli and Emma!


August 30, 2004

Rio wins a Group 3 and Group 4, from the classes,
for three more points in Markham, Ontario!

New photos up of Elke & Chance.


August 22, 2004

Kaos earns his AKC HT title!
And Duck earns his first AXP leg!!


August 19, 2004

to finish her AKC Championship at the 2004 NRC Specialty!!!!!
Congratulations to owner, Donna Wielert and
handler, Esther Putirskis!

And new webpages are up for Tonka, Atlas & Sheeba.


August 15, 2004

Iza passes her FH!
Bailey wins a 3 point major in Indiana!!
Duck earns his second AJP leg!!!

And Yngo/Roca pups Bradaigh, Breve and Jazz place in
their classes at the ARC Regional Specialty in Washington!
Plus... Jazz, Moxee, Blitz & Bradaigh pass the HIC!
Click here to see our "show" report.


August 9, 2004

New photos of Yngo, Envy Rio and Dodger!


August 7, 2004

Rio goes WD/BOW and Best of Breed, over specials,
for three more points in Bradford, Ontario!!!

And Beca earns her first two CDX legs at the same show!


August 1, 2004

Iza, Bailey and Charm all earn "V" Ratings at the
2004 Landesgruppe Chicago Sieger Show!


July 31, 2004

What a great weekend for the "K" litter...
Kaos earns his ATTS TT title!
Charm earns her UKC CD title with a 195.5 & 2nd place!!
& Rajah is BOB over a large entry in Barrie, Ontario!!!


July 30, 2004

New webpages up for Rebel, Dorlee, Griffin & Caygeon.
Also for Mason, Sambuca, Jack & Elke.
& Deigo, Segen, Mia and Bianka!


July 29, 2004

Rio goes WD/BOW and Best of Breed both Wednesday
and Thursday at the Muskoka Kennel Club shows for 3 points!


July 25, 2004

Ripley, Bailey and Iza all place in their classes at the ARC
Regional Specialty in Wisconsin.  

And Yngo earns his second AKC CDX leg with a placement!


July 18, 2004

Charm earns her AKC Novice Agility Preferred title!


July 17, 2004

Bailey is Reserve Winners Bitch at the specialty in
Medina, Ohio.  This is her third major reserve in two
weekends and we hope to say that she'll be Yngo's
first AKC Champion very soon!


July 15, 2004

New Photos of Yngo, Gable & Emma!


July 8, 2004

New (stacked) photos of the pups are up...
O Litter
Rochill Litter


July 3, 2004

Bleu goes WB both Friday and Saturday for four
more points and Nate goes BOB both days as well!

Goldi earns 29 UKC ATCh points and Flirt earns 13!!!


June 30, 2004

Bleu goes WB for two points her first time out!
and Ripley goes BOB and Group 2 the next day!!!


June 27, 2004

Gable earns his Junior Herding Dog (JHD) title!
Both Goldi and Duck earn their NADAC NAC titles!!!

And Kaos earns his Flyball Championship!!!

Plus, new photos of Rio are up on his page!


June 25, 2004

Charm goes Winners Bitch in Champaign, Illinois!


June 24, 2004

New photos of the Gable/Beca pups are up!

And we have a kid brag...
Cassie Jackman not only turned 14 this week, but
graduated from grade 8 as Valedictorian of her class!
She also earned the Academic Achievement award!!!
We are so proud of you Cassie!!!


June 21, 2004

Chance and his new owner, Andrea Bauer, do their
first educational demo at a local day camp and it's a
huge success!   See Chance's page for Photos.


June 17, 2004

Lots of new photos of the Yngo/Etti pups!!!
And, new pictures of Emma, Charm and Bailey are here!


June 12, 2004

Charm earns her CKC CD title with placements for
each leg!  This qualifies her for the MRC Honor Roll!

And Gable earns his first AKC UD leg!!!!  Go Gable!!!!!
Plus, new pictures of Gable and Beca's pups are up!!!


June 5, 2004

Charm completes her AKC CD title with a 198 which
qualifies her for a Front and Finish Excellence award!


May 30, 2004

Bailey goes WB/BOS in Illinois!!!
Ripley is SG-3 at the Canadian National Sieger Show!
Nate goes V-2 at the Canadian National Sieger Show!
Joe earns his OA and NAJ titles with three 1st placements!
And Diesel passes his TT!!!


May 25, 2004

Etti whelps 3M/1F out of Yngo on May 20th and
Beca whelps 2M/2F out of Gable on May 25th!!!

We are elated!!!  All pups are spoken for.
Click on dams' names above to see the pups.


May 23, 2004

Gable earns his PT title in Illinois
and this title makes his dam, Gambol,
eligible as an ARC Silver Dam!!!


May 18, 2004

New webpage up for Luka!


May 16, 2004

Bailey goes WB and BOS (over a special)
for two points in Kokomo, Indiana!!!

Flirt finishes her AKC Open Agility title (OA)
and Goldi earns her first OAJ leg!!!

And Duck completes his AKC CD title!!!


May 14, 2004

Duck earns his first AXJ leg with a class first!!!


May 9, 2004

Charm passes her BH and earns her NJP!!!!!
Bailey wins both days in Illinois for two more AKC points!
Joe wins the Open Standard class for his first OA leg!
And a new webpage is up for Moxee!


May 6, 2004

Envy earns her AKC CDX title with a first place in the Open A
class at the 2004 CRC Specialty!!!  And Ann handles Elvis to
an Award of Merit there as well!

Ann also enjoyed visiting with Kelly, Skip and Benelli while
at CRC.  See new Benelli photos on his page!


May 2, 2004

Goldi earns her NADAC Novice Tunnelers Outstanding title
(O-TN.N) and Flirt earns her Novice Agility Certificate Outstanding
(O-NAC) and Novice Jumpers titles (NJC), and Duck earned 20 points toward his NADAC Novice Agility Certificate as well!


May 1, 2004

Nate goes WD/BOW/BOB on Friday and
WD/BOW/BOB and GROUP 1 on Saturday to
finish his Canadian Championship in style!

And Bailey is WB/BOW in Madison, Wisconsin!


April 28, 2004

New photos of Dodger & Jazz
And new videos of Rose's pups...
[video1] [video2] [video3] [video4] [video5]


April 25, 2004

Emma earns her first two CDX legs with placements, and
Dylan wins the Utility A class his first time out!!!!!!!!!
Huge congratulations to owner Cassie Levy!

Flirt earns her UKC AGII title & Goldi earns 20 more
UKC ATCh points!  Plus, Charm earns her second NJP leg
and Blitz earns her NAP! 

And last but not least, Duck earns his second AKC CD leg
and Kaos earns his Flyball Dog Excellent title!!!


April 21, 2004
Happy Birthday Yngo!

And thank you to Reilly Ronan for this very special birthday
hat, sent all the way from Virginia for Yngo's big day!!!

Yngo actually got lots of fun stuff for his birthday...
Click here to see the video that Rose's puppies sent Yngo !


April 18, 2004

Welcome Nate!  (Am Ch Tubac's Six Feet Under)
Nate goes WD on Friday & WD/BOW & BOB on Saturday
for his first four Canadian points!

And Tia goes Winners Bitch on Saturday!!!


April 16, 2004

New photos up of Chance and Flapper!
And new webpages for Yngo/Roca pups Dodger, Jazz & Blitz!


April 10, 2004

Bailey goes WB at the Steel City, IN show!


April 4, 2004

News from the ARC National Specialty...

Yngo earns his AKC TD Title!
Gable earns his AKC HT Title!
And they both receive their ARC Versatility Excellent awards.

Charm and Lexa place in their conformation classes and
Bailey wins her Futurity class!!!

Charm also earns her second CD leg with a 2nd place
and her first NAP and NJP legs with placements as well!

Plus... Bailey passed the CGC!

And back in California, Kaos earns his first UKC CD leg!

Last but not least, health clearance brags for the Yngo kids...
Emma came back OFA Good/Elbows/Cardiac/CERF
Joe passed his Cardiac/CERF tests and hips/elbows are pending
Hayden's OFA prelim came back Excellent/Elbows
Rio, Rajah, Kaos, Bailey, Lexa and Bleu all passed Cardiac/CERF
Plus Nevar (Bo/Flirt), passed his Cardiac & CERF as well.


March 21, 2004

Charm earns her first AKC CD leg with a 194.5!


March 19, 2004

New pictures up of Kaos.


March 7, 2004

New pictures up of Ness and Nevar.
New pictures up of Bleu and Chance.


March 4, 2004

Final stats are out...
Gambol, Goldi, Flirt, Duck and Joe all made the ARC Top Ten in Agility!  Congratulations to owners Tammy Ausloos, Nancy & Mike Gannon and Mike and Sondra Vickery.  Well Done!!!

And Gable makes the ARC Top Ten in Obedience!  Congrats to
owners Rich and Judy Spetka!!!

Plus, we have two new litters to announce...
Goldi will be bred to Multi V-1 Am/Can Ch Tailwnd's A Texas
Stat-O-Mnd v Helken UD, Can CD, CGC and...
Dezi, BISS Ch BAAR's Don't Ask Don't Tell, will be bred to Yngo!


February 29, 2004

Goldi earns her NADAC Novice Agility Certificate (NAC)
and Novice Gamblers Certificate (NGC) and Flirt earns her
NAC as well!  Congrats to owner, Tammy Ausloos!!!

And Rio shows what a good boy he is by attending the
2004 Pet Expo in Minneapolis on behalf of the Northstar
Rottweiler Club.  


February 26,  2004

Rose is confirmed pregnant!!!


February 22, 2004

Rumpel earns his AKC TD in Sacramento, California,
with owner Elisabeth Waldspurger!!!


February 17, 2004

Charm earns her CGC!  Go Lynette and Charmie!


February 14, 2004

Tia goes Winners Bitch for two points on Friday and
two more on Saturday in Markham, Ontario!


February 7, 2004

Charm finishes her Canadian Championship by going
WB/BOW and Best of Breed over a male special for
three points in Woodstock, Ontario!!!


February 6, 2004

Iza wins the BBX bitch class at the 2004 Hoosier Rottweiler
Club specialty!  Bailey wins her sweeps class and Charm was
2nd in her class as well!  Congratulations also to Iza's dad,
Elvis, for winning this specialty!!!


February 2, 2004

Roca whelps eight Yngo puppies!
Congratulations to breeder Becky Giddings!!!


February 1, 2004

Ness earns her AHBA HCT title at just 11 months of age!
Congratulations to Jen Herrington for earning this title
with both Ness and her other girl, Bika!


January 25, 2004

Duck completes his AKC OAP title!  During the weekend,  he ran three Qualifying runs with two firsts and one second placement!  Great job Nancy and Duck!!!


January 17, 2004

Bailey goes WB/BOW in Weaton, Illinois for her first AKC point!

Charm completes her UKC AGI & AGII titles in three straight shows
and Blitz also earns her AGII! 

And Goldi earns 14 points toward her UKC ATCh!!!


January 11, 2004

We had a super weekend at the ARC Region V Specialty in NY...

On Friday, Yngo went WD/BOW and Best of Breed at the Specialty,
plus went on to a Group 4th!  This was a 4 point major for him.
On Sunday, Yngo went WD/BOW for a fourth major to finish his
AKC Championship in just 11 shows!

Yngo's kids did as follows:

    Emma - earned her AKC CD title and placed 4th in a very
    competitive Open Bitch class!

    Ripley - Best in Sweepstakes at the Specialty and also Reserve Winners Dog to his dad! He also won his class on Saturday!
    Rajah -  2nd in his class each day and was a good boy!
    Bleu - First in both her regular and sweepstakes classes!

Our very own, Iza, also did well, winning the Bred by Exhibitor
Bitch class every day!!!