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Sully (Surfer/Pebbles) wins
Best in Show his first weekend
out as a special - owner handled!!!



Latest News


April 23, 2017

Della is Best of Breed to finish her AKC Grand Championship!!!
Sheldon (Blue/Itchy) wins his first two AKC points!!!

Nox earns his first two AKC CD legs!!!
Coach finishes his AKC RE title with first and second placements!!!

Beejus completes her NADAC NJC title!!!
Sunny completes her NADAD Novice Hoopers (HP-N) title!!!

V earns her RATO title!!!

Brothers Jude and Sarge both pass the ATTS Temperament Test!!!


April 8, 2017

Sully earns two RN legs, plus is owner-handled to Group 3, Group 1 and BEST IN SHOW!!!
Deacon wins his first CKC points!!!

Bo finishes his UDX3 title and earns 12 OTCH points and two High Combined wins!!!

Bling earns a QQ and 26 MACH points!!!
Ike completes his AKC OAP and NFP titles, plus earns an OJP leg!!!
Beejus finishes her AKC NA title!!!

Surfer passes the AKC Tracking Dog test!!!

Aspen earns two open Barn Hunt legs!!!


April 2, 2017

Ryker is BOW for another AKC point!!!

Bo earns three more UDX3 legs and three OTCH points!!!

Nox earns his AKC PT title!!!

Dante is our first dog to complete the RATCH title!!!
V earns her RATN title!!!


March 26, 2017

Bo places 3rd in the Working Group at the AKC National Obedience Championship!!!
Strider places 16th overall at the AKC National Agility Championship!!!

Pan wins a Group 2, owner-handled putting him into the spot as #1 Rottweiler in Canada
and also earns all three legs of his CKC Rally Novice title!!!

Tryst earns all three legs of his CKC RN title and also wins High Aggregate in trial!!!


March 20, 2017

Beejus finishes her AKC Grand Championship major in Louisville, plus
earns all three legs of her NF title, 2 legs of her NA title and 1 leg of her OF title!!!

Chip wins his first major in York, PA!!!

Bo earns two more UDX3 legs with scores of 196, 196, 198 and 199!!!

Sunny earns her NADAC TG-N and O-NAC titles!!!
Tryst and Pan both complete all three legs of their UKC RO-1 title!!!


March 13, 2017

Beejus wins a five point Grand Championship major in Tennessee!!!

Sheldon (Blue/Itchy) passes the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


March 5, 2017

Nox wins Best of Breed for his last AKC GRCH major on Sunday, Select on Saturday
and places in the Owner-Handler group each day!!!

Ryker is BOW both Saturday and Sunday for his first two AKC points!!!

Aspen completes her RATN title with a judges' choice award!!!


February 26, 2017

Ellie finishes her AKC Rally Excellent title!!!
Chip earns his first two AKC CD legs with placements!!!

Wizard earns two more QQs toward his MACH6!!!
Strider earns a QQ toward his MACH2!!!
Ike earns his first AKC OAP and NP legs!!!

Ryker passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!!!


February 19, 2017

Epic (Gable/Clover) finishes her CKC Grand Championship - owner handled!!!

Georgia complets her CKC Intermediate Standard title (Ag.I)!!!
Nox earns two legs toward his NADAC IJC and two TN-N legs!!!
Sunny finishes her TN-O and earns 3 NAC Qs and 1 TG-N Q, all with first placements!!!


February 12, 2017

Della wins Best of Opposite Sex at the 2017 Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty and
also wins five majors toward her AKC Grand Championship!!!

Beejus wins another AKC GRCH Major in Indianapolis!!!

Nox takes home THREE all breed Best in Show wins at the International Canine Events (ICE)
show in Texas!!!  Nox is also the Grand Prix Gold Cup Winner & Grand Prix Seiger Winner and earns the Grand Prix international Champion Title and Honors Champion Bronze Title.

Bo earns two legs toward his UDX3!!!


January 29, 2017

Strider completes his AKC MACH title in just 12 months!!!
Beejus finishes her AKC NAP, NJP and NFP titles with placements!!!
These new titles make Rumor and ARC Silver Dam!!!

Daisy finishes her CKC Rally Advance title with placements for every leg!!!

Sunny earns to Coursing Ability legs!!!
Aspen earns her first Barn Hunt leg!!!


January 22, 2017

Ellie earns her first two AKC CD legs with placements for both!!!

Sunny completes her NADAC ICC title!!!


January 8, 2017

Bo earns two legs toward his UDX3!!!


2016 Recap

As I sit down to write our 2016 recap, I realize that I have been providing these updates for 15 years on the website and, before that, in holiday letter format to our puppy owners.  Each year goes by so quickly that I think that there is no way that we'll have as many updates.  However, our pups and their owners continue to exceed our expectations.  2016 Boasts ten new AKC Champions, two Best in Specialty Show winners and a multi BOSS winner, and many High in Trial wins across all venues. 

In our own household, our focus continues to be the gift of friendship that our dogs bring us.  Despite Ann's new role at work, our personal dogs achieved a few titles in 2016 with Itchy earning her AKC CD and RATI titles; SOLA! earning her Canadian CD and TDX titles and Loki earning his AKC Championship, RN and BH titles.

2016 also brought one litter of our own and one co-bred litter to our Esmond Family:

The Blue/Itchy Jokers and Jesters Litter, brought us seven pups and helped us to welcome three new owners to our Esmond family: Caren Vicich of Ohio, Debbie Moses of New York & Kellie Moylan of North Carolina

The Gable/Abbey litter, co-bred with Carol Jones was born in Maryland and had six pups arrive.  We are excited to watch these pups grow up and welcome their owners to our extended family.


As always, my favorite thing to do at year end is to put together our yearly list of accomplishments.  Congratulations to each and every dog and owner on this list.  We are so proud of every one of them!

2016 titles earned by Esmond pups...

    Tammy Ausloos & Tie ~ UKC GRACH, RATN, RATO, RATS
    Tammy Ausloos & Rumor ~ ARC Bronze Dam
    Tammy Ausloos & Dante ~ RATS, RATM
    Tammy Ausloos & V ~ CAX
    Elaine Swancer & Wizard ~ MACH5
    Elaine Swancer & Strider ~ CD, CDX, NA, NAJ, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, MX, MXJ, NF, OF, XF, MF
    Cathy Krell & Aspen ~ RATI
    Cathy Krell & Sunny ~ GN, NAC, NJC, TN-N, TG-I
    Dawn Phillips & Tryst ~ BISS, CD, RN, CA, CAX
    Dawn Phillips & Pan ~ Can GRCH
    Dawn Mulcahey & Rose ~ HSAd, HIAd, ARC Versatility Award
    Dawn Mulcahey & Ike ~ CD, RA, NAP, NJP, STDd, HSAd
    Sydney Small & Violet ~ NTD, ITD, ATD
    Sydney Small & Kaylee ~ RATN
    Kelly Skiptunas & Spencer ~ THDD, Seger Award, Mirko Medallion, Anvil T.R.U.E Award
    Tammy Snyder & Flint ~ OAJ, VCD2
    Jeff McCrea & Rayne ~ CDX
    Kay Willmarth & Bo ~ UDX, UDX2, OM2
    Bill Costilla & Valor ~ RATS
    Cyndi Kepner & Reese ~ RATI, RATN
    Katherine Hoffman & Daisy ~ SD-A(Sp), RN, NJS
    Barb Doering & Pixie ~ MXB
    Gwen Kelly & Bantu ~ Am CH
    Cee Fender & Sumo ~ RN
    Tracey Bradley & Georgia ~ Ag.N
    Julia Foster & Stevie ~ Am CH
    Rachel Meehan & Chili ~ HT, PT
    Renae Kelly & Oonagh ~ OA, OAJ
    Al Slagall & Keno ~ RA
    Mona Boord & Khaleesi ~ HSAsd, HSBs
    Michelle Amtower & Jude ~ Am CH, CD, RA, RE, PT, U-RO2
    Tom Arns & Ellie ~ Am CH, Am GRCH, BN, ASCA CD
    Mark Elvington & Sarge ~ CD
    Debbie Sherman & Bling ~ NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, RATS
    Diane McKinney & Nox ~ HT, BN, RN, CA, CS, CI, RATI, HIC
    Moe Mullen, Kathryn Bach & Kellen ~ Am CH, RE
    Lisa Wingerter & Beejus ~ Am CH, Can CH, CA, NAC, TN-N
    Teresa McNeil & Grinch ~ RN, RI, PCD
    Sue Ann Wolf & Jag ~ Am CH, HT
    Kathy Lovan & Della ~ Am CH, RN, RA, RE
    The Hayes Family & Kong ~ Am CH
    Angie Parsons & Sully ~ Can CH


2016 also saw strong showings for our own puppies and also the co-bred or co-owned pups at the Specialties.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Blue ~      Colonial Rottweiler Club Specialty Best in Specialty Show
Tryst ~      Rottweiler Club of Canada Best in Specialy Show
Beejus ~   Greater Cincinnati Rottweiler Club back to back Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty
                 Hoosier Rottweiler Club Winners Bitch and Best in Sweepstakes
Nox ~        Medallion Rottweiler Club Award of Merit
Jag ~        Associated Rottweiler Fanciers Award of Merit
M ~            Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty Award of Merit
Kong ~      Rottweiler Club of Alaska Best of Opposite Sex and Award Of Merit
Della ~      Colonial Rottweiler Club Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes

It was also a great year for High in Trial wins, with pups winning High in Trial across all venues again in 2016.  Congratulations to Kay Willmarth and Bo, Elaine Swancer and Wizard, Kathy Howse/Jennifer Woodley & Kaiser, Michelle Amtower & Jude, Mona Boord & Khaleesi, Mark Elvington & Sarge, Debbie Sherman & Bling, Katherine Hoffman and Daisy & Rachel Meehan and ChiliYou are truly the best of the best!

We are also proud of our co-bred litters.  So many of the pups have had accomplishments that it's nearly impossible to keep track.  For this reason, I'll let their breeders brag for them.  Two of note however, are the Jungersohn Clover litters, which produced a BISS winner, Blue, as well as three CDXs in 2016 and the Halo Surfer/Maggie litter, which produced three AKC Champions in 2016.  And Surfer, himself, completed the AKC RAE title.

Some of the Yngo kids are still going strong, with Wizard making the Agility finals at the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club show and again receiving top honors as the Top Rottweiler at the 2016 National Agility Championship in Orlando.  Brother, Bo, pulled out several High in Trial and High Combined wins to get over 70% of the way to his OTCH.  Bo was also one of only three Rottweilers to qualify for the National Obedience Championship.  Yngo daughter, Breve earned her HSAd title, and Yngo son, Toro, earned the RATI title.  Sure love seeing these kids work into old age!


We both furthered our judging careers in 2016, with Mike completing his permit assignments for Non-Sporting, making him licensed to judge four groups (Working, Toy, Hound & Non-Sporting).  He also started his Terrier permit.  Ann completed her Working permit assignments, and is now licensed for this group and on permit for half of the Sporting breeds.  We thank those of you who have brought exhibits to us in 2016. 

As always, we will be cheering all of our friends and puppy owners on to success in the coming year.  We can't wait to see where 2017 takes everyone!

                                                                            Ann & Mike