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2019 Year of The Pan

Congratulations Pan and Lori-Ann
on your TEN Best in Show wins
so far in 2019!!! 

Pan is currently the #1 Rottweiler
and is Top Ten All Breeds!

Owned by Dawn Phillips


Welcome JJ

JKC CH, Korea CH, 2019 Asia Winner, 2019 World Jr. Winner Queen Bless JP Winning Ticket

JJ was bred by Chie Ejima 
(Queen Bless Papillons)

He will be shown in 2019 and 2020 by Chie before being imported into Canada to live with Mike & Ann.

Click here for JJ's Website



Latest News


November 2, 2019

Jagger finishes his AKC CD title!!!

Rhett passes the BCAT!!!

Nox and Riggs pass the ATTS Temperament Test!!!


October 28, 2019

Pan wins his 10th Best in Show, tying a 25 year record for most Rottweiler BIS wins
in one year!!!  He also gets another gorup 2 & 3 to put him at #9 All Breeds in Canada!!!

Strider achieved leg #50 for both premier standard and jumpers, plus T2B leg # 70!!!

Jagger earns his BH title!!!

Vici earns all three legs of his CKC Rally Novice title!!!
Ryker earns two AKC Rally Advanced legs!!!

Siblings Ransom and Monkey pass the ATTS Temperament Test!!!

Jazzy earns two new scentwork titles - SIA and SBA, finishing the advanced title - SWA!!!


October 21, 2019

Surfer wins Best Veteran both days at the Cincinnati Specialty, as well as Select at Specialty #1 and Best of Opposite Sex at Specialty #2!!!

JoJo wins Select at both specialties and then twice more over the weekend!!!

Nora is WB/BOW/BOB for another CKC point!!!

Strider continues to close in on the AKC Agility Grand Champion title!!!
Disney earns two Master Jumpers and a Masters Fast leg!!!


October 14, 2019

Pan wins 2 Group 1s, 1 Group 4, RBIS and his NINTH ALL BREED BEST IN SHOW!!!

Jazzy completes her AKC BN and RA titles with placements!!!
Sheldon finishes his AKC Beginner Novice title!!!


News from the 2019 Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty...

Nox wins BEST IN SPECIALTY at the Thursday Specialty and wins an AOM on Friday!!!

In Obedience and Rally...
Jagger earns two CD legs, winning HIGH IN TRIAL with a 198.5 at the Friday Specialty!!!
Gabby earns her 2nd AKC CD leg with a placement!!!
Calder earns two BN legs and two RN legs with placements!!!
Ransom earns two Rallly Intermediate legs!!!
Nyx finishes her AKC RN title!!!
Monkey completes her AKC RN title!!!

In Carting...
Nox earns his CI, CS(t) and CI(t) titles!!!
Riggs earns his CS, CI, CS(t) and CI(t) titles!!!
Gabby earns her CI(t) title!!!


September 29, 2019

Pan wins two Group 1s, a Group 2 and his EIGHTH BEST IN SHOW!!!

Disney completes her final agility excellent title, putting her in Masters in all classes!!!
Beejus earns her MJP title!!!
Monkey earns her AKC NAJ title!!!

Jagger passes the Junior Herding Dog (JHD) requirements!!!


September 22, 2019

Ransom finishes his AKC Championship!!!
JoJo finishes her AKC Championship!!!

Rose earns her CPE WIldcard Class Championship (SpChWC)!!!


September 15, 2019

Pan wins a Group 1 and Group 2 in Calgary!!!
Rayna (Ace/Beejus) wins two more CKC points with a Group 4 and puppy group win!!!
Sully finished his Can GRCH!!!
Vida finishes her UKC Championship with Group 3 and Group 4!!!

Strider finishes his MACH5 title!!!!!
Disney earns her AKC XF title an MX leg and an MF leg!!!
Georgia earns her AAC Agility Games Dog of Canada title (AGDC)!!!


September 8, 2019

Bear is BOW both days at Purina Farms!!!
Ransom is V2 Rated at the MRC Sieger Show!!!

Strider wins the Master Standard class!!!
Disney wins the Excellent Standard class and earns a Masters Jumpers leg!!!

Django earns his AKC Graduate Open title and also his MXJ title!!!


September 1, 2019

Pan wins three more Group 1s, a Group two and his seventh BEST IN SHOW!!!
Bear begins his show career, going BOW three of our days in Lexington, KY!!!

Jazzy earns her SCA and SEA (Scentwork Container and Exterior), winning High in Trial!!!


August 26, 2019

Pan wins four more Group 1s and his sixth BEST IN SHOW!!!
Nyx earns four AKC GRCH Majors including two at the Northstar Specialities!!!

Nox earns all three legs of his AKC CDX title!!!

Sir finishes his AKC Novice Fast title!!!


August 18, 2019

Pan wins two more Group 2s a Gropu 3 and his fifth BEST IN SHOW!!!

Strider is 4/4 to get closer to his AKC Grand Champion Agility title!!!


August 10, 2019

Pan wins three Group 2s in Edmonton, Alberta!!!
Sheldon finishes his UKC Championship!!!
Ransom wins two more AKC points!!!

Vida, Gunner and Patti all pass the Temperament Test!!!


August 5, 2019

Chip completes his CKC Championship with Group 2 and Gropu 3, earns all three legs of his CKC CD with placements and finishes his CKC RN title with a perfect score!!!

Pan is Group 3 at the Alberta Kennel Club show!!!
Tryst is Best Veteran in Show at the same show!!!

Nora is Best of Breed for one more CKC point and also earns her CGN title!!!

Sir finishes his AKC OA title with a placement!!!

Jag is BOB in California and earns his Carting Started title!!!


July 28, 2019

Pan wins 6 Group 1s, 3 RBIS and two more BEST IN SHOW wins!!!


July 22, 2019

Pan wins two more Group 1s, a Group 4 and another BEST IN SHOW!!!

Khaleesi earns two Advanced A Qs on sheep, and 2 Intermediate A Qs on ducks.
Kvothe earns 2 Qs in Started A sheep and 2 Qs inStarted A ducks.


July 14, 2019

Pan wins Group 2 & 3 in Alberta!!!
Tryst is Best Veteran in Show at the same show!!!

Jagger is WD/BOW two days in Illinois for his first AKC points!!!

Rose earns her CPE SpChSN and SpChCL titles!!!


July 7, 2019

Pan wins Group 3 in Vernon, BC!!!


July 1, 2019

Pan wins six Group 1s, a RBIS and his first BEST IN SHOW!!!
This also finishes his CKC GRCHX title!!!

Disney finishes her AKC AXJ title and earns her first XF leg!!!

Happy 13th Birthday to Simone!!!


June 23, 2019

Ransom finishes his AKC NJP title and earns his first OAP leg!!!
Ike earns two MX Qs and one MXF Q with placements!!!


June 16, 2019

Pan wins Group 1, two Group 2 and one Group 3 to retain his #1 Rottweiler status!!!

Max finishes his CKC Championship with four Best of Breed wins!!!
Nora earns her first six CKC points at the same show!!!

Kvothe earns his AKC CD and RA titles with placements!!!
JoJo earns her AKC RN title!!!

Beejus completes her AKC XFP title!!!


June 9, 2019

Vida earns two UKC Group Placements!!!
Loki completes his UKC RO-3 title!!!

Ransom earns his CAA title!!!


June 2, 2019

Big news from the RCC National Specialty...
Tryst is Best in Specialty Show at 8.5 years of age and finishes his GRCHX title!!!
Pan wins BOB all four days at the all breed shows with Gr1, Gr2 and two Gr4
plus earns the first leg of his CKC CD title!!!


May 27, 2019

Ransom wins both AKC Majors with BOB and BOS, plus one more AKC point!!!

Ike earns his AKC HSAs and HIAd titles with placements and a High Combined!!!


May 20, 2019

Pan wins two Gr2s and one Gr4 to maintain his #1 Rottweiler ranking!!!

Beejus earns her AKC OAP title!!!


May 12, 2019

Pan wins Gr1, Gr2 and Reserve Best in Show!!!
Tryst wins two Best Veteran in Shows!!!

Vici finishes his UKC Championship with Gr2, Gr3 and Gr4!!!
Vida is twice WB and once BOW/BOB for all of her UKC Competition wins,
Receives a UKC RBIS and earns her U-RO1 title with a Total Dog Award!!!
Loki finishes his UKC RO-2 title with a High in Trial!!!
Georgia finishes her UKC RO1 title with a High in Trial!!!


May 9, 2019

Blue earns his AKC CD title and RI title, both with placements!!!


May 5, 2019

Sarge completes his AKC UD!!!
Declen earns his AKC CD!!!

Disney earns her NA, NAJ and NF with 9/9 first placements!!!
Ike earns his CPE "Fullhouse" Championship TChFH
Rose earns her CPE Agility Jumpers Championship - SpChJU


ARC National Specialty

Surfer wins the ARC Prico award for top producer of working titled offspring!!!
Spencer wins the Mirko Medallion, Anvil T.R.U.E. Award and the Einstein Award!!!

Tryst wins the Veteran Dog class, the Stud Dog Clas and earns his TKN!!!
Prime places in the Open Dog class and earns his TKN!!!

Nyx earns two AKC RN legs!!!
Beejus wins the Excellent FAST class and sets the Time 2 Beat!!!
Pan earns his TKI title!!!


April 28, 2019

Gunner finishes his CKC Championship in Lindsay, ON!!!

Georgia is Best Veteran in Show at the UKC show in Rocton, ON!!!
Vici wins two group 3s at the UKC show in Rocton, ON!!!

Great weekend for the "Ice Cream" pups...
Chip completes his AKC CDX title!!!
Bamm Bamm finishes his AKC MACH title!!!
Django earns his AKC MX and XF titles!!!


April 21, 2019

Pan wins three Group 3s in Winnipeg!!!
Ransom is WD for another AKC point in WI!!!

Ike finishes his CPE Agility Championship CT-ATCH
Beejus earns her NADAC Touch N Go Open title, Novice Chances Certificate, Novice Versatility award and Open Jumpers Certificate!!!


April 14, 2019

Sully wins Group 2 in Newfoundland!!!
Rayna (Ace/Beejus) wins back to back Best Baby Puppy in Group!!!

Bamm Bamm completes his AKC UD title!!!

Ransom earns his AKC NA title and second NAJ leg!!!
Monkey earns her first AKC NA, NAJ and NF legs!!!


April 8, 2019

Pan wins Group 4 and Group 3 in Red Deer, Alberta!!!

Pixie earns her MACH title at 8 years of age!!!
Ike finishes his AKC XFP title!!!

Blue earns his first AKC CD leg with a placement!!!
Ryker completes his AKC BN title!!!

Khaleesi earns Reserve High in Trial on D course sheep!!!


March 31, 2019

Belle earns her AKC CD with placements for every leg!!!


March 24, 2019

Pan wins back to back Group 1s and RBIS in Camrose!  He is currently the
#1 Rottweiler, #5 working and #11 all breeds!!!

Cedar earns two more AKC points in Texas!!!

Riggs earns his AKC BN title with excellent scores!!!

Tarzan helps Camryn Hayes win Best Jr. Handler in Alaska!!!


March 17, 2019

JoJo (Yngo/Rumor) is WB Thursday and Sunday in Louisville, KY!!!
Bumble/Beejus pups win WD and WB on Friday in Louisville!!!

Beejus earns her OFP & AJP title as well as an AX leg and 7 PACH points!!!
Della earns all three legs of her NAP and two NFP legs, all with placements!!!


March 10, 2019

Ransom wins his first AKC Major in Tennessee!!!

Ike completes his AKC AXP title with a first placement!!!
Ryker earns his AKC Rally Intermediate title!!!

Jazzy completes FIVE new AKC Scent Dog titles!!!


March 3, 2019

Yahto wins Best of Breed at the Connecticut Working Dog Specialty!!!
Kvothe wins Best in Sweepstakes at the San Diego Specialty!!!
Riggs wins BOW both days  in Texas for more AKC points!!!
Rayna (Ace/Beejus) wins 3x baby puppy group and baby puppy BIS in New Brunswick!!!

Strider completes his MACH 4 title!!!

Django earns his AKC CDX title!!!
Chip earns two AKC CDX legs!!!

Jazzy earns two BN legs and two RA legs!!!


February 17, 2019

Pan finishes his AKC Championship in Colorado!!!
Nyx finishes her AKC Championship in Iowa!!!

Declan earns his first AKC CD leg!!!


February 10, 2019

Jojo wins her first AKC Major, going WB at the Hoosier Rottweiler Club Friday Specialty!!!

Nox earns his BH title!!!

Jazzy earns her 2nd RATO leg with a placement!!!


February 3, 2019

Kvothe wins Best in Sweeps, Winners Dog and Best of Winners for 5 AKC points at the
Arizona specialty and then goes on to win 5, 4 and 3 point majors to start and finish
his AKC Championship in one weekend!!!

Wizard and Strider both earn QQs this weekend!!!

Windy earns her first AKC UD leg with a placement!!

Jazzy earns her AKC CA title!!!


January 27, 2019

Pan wins Group 3 and Group 1 in Alberta!!!

Django wins another QQ toward his MACH!!!


January 20, 2019

Kvothe earns his AKC TD title!!!

Ransom and sister, Monkey, both earn the UKC AG1 title!!!

Jazzy earns placements at her first AKC Scentwork trials!!!


January 13, 2019

Windy (Gable/Abbey) completes her AKC CDX title!!!

Sir earns his second AKC OA leg and second OAJ leg with a first placement!!!

Della earns two more AKC Rally Master legs!!!


January 6, 2019

Cedar wins back to back four point majors in Texas!!!
Riggs also earns a 4 point major and earns his Farm Dog title and first HIC leg!!!
Nyx wins two more points in Minnesota!!!

Sunny earns and AKC RAE leg!!!
Kvothe earns his BN and RN titles!!!


2018 Recap

Another year has passed and although we have wound down most of our own show schedule, our pups continue to impress with their many accomplishments.   

It was also another good year for the pups at the various Specialties.  Congratulations to the following winners:

    ARC National:

      Tryst:  Best in Veteran Sweepstakes, Select, Most Beautiful in Sieger Show

    RCC National:

      Blue:  Winners Dog/Best of Winners
      Faith:  Winners Bitch
      Ely:     Award of Merit

    RCC Regional (Alberta):

      Tryst:    Best in Veteran Sweepstakes
      Pan:     Award of Merit
      Prime:  Best in Sweepstakes, Winners Dog

    Medallion Rottweiler Club:

      V:  Best in Veteran Sweepstakes, Award of Merit
      Haley:  High in Trial (Carting)

    Northstar Rottweiler Club:

      Nyx:   Best in Sweepstakes, Winners Bitch, Award of Merit
      Chili:  High in Trial (Obedience)

    Colonial Rottweiler Club:

      Bling:  High in Trial (Agility)

    Rottweiler Club of Alaska:

      Tarzan:  Best in Sweepstakes, Winners Dog/Best of Winners



We'll list the rest of the Esmond and co-owned accomplishements below, as always, but are just as proud of the many who are carrying our lines forward through their own breeding programs.  On that note, we did not have any breedings of our own in 2018.   Thank you to Lisa Wingerger and Beejus.  And welcome to Shelly Harman and Patty Terrio to our extended "family".

    2018 titles earned...

      Elaine Swancer & Wizard ~ MACH7
      Elaine Swancer & Strider ~ MACH 3, PAD, PJD
      Dawn Phillips & Tryst ~ ND, CS, CI, RA
      Dawn Phillips & Pan ~ SD, RN, TKN
      Dawn Mulcahey & Rose ~ AXP, AJP, OFP, AXP, CS-ATCH, CS-ATCH2, HXad, VX
      Dawn Mulcahey & Ike ~ OFP
      Mona Boord & Khaleesi ~ VST, CT
      Mona Boord & Kvothe ~ HT, PT, JHD
      Kathy Lovan & Surfer ~ RM
      Kathy Lovan & Della ~ Am CD, NAJ
      Tracey Bradley & Georgia ~ CKC CD, AG.NJ
      Tracey Bradley & Vici ~ Can CH
      Patti Wicks & Blue ~ Can CH
      Patti Wicks & Sheldon ~ RN, RL1, U-RO1
      Diane McKinney & Nox ~ Am GRCHB, IABCA Int'l CH, RE, CAA, UJJ, UJJ-CH, DS, DJ USJ, JD-B, SRD
      Diane McKinney & Riggs ~ CA, UJJ, JD
      Moe Mullen, Kathy Bach & Kellen ~ Am CD
      Moe Mullen, Kathy Bach & Declan ~ RN
      Katie Maess & Desi ~ Am CD, RN, RI, RATCHX, U-RO1, U-RO2
      Geri Pelok & M ~ RN
      Kay Willmarth & Bo ~ OM6
      Chrystal Freeman & Talon ~ IPO2, IPO3
      Michelle Amtower & Jude ~ HSAs, CS, CI
      Mark Elvington & Sarge ~ CDX
      Debbie Sherman & Bling ~ MX, MXJ, OF
      Tom Arns & Ellie ~ ASCA CD
      Rachel Meehan & Chili ~ RAE, CS(t), CI
      Julia Foster & Stevie ~ CS
      Rich and Judy Spetka & Rhett ~ UD
      Perri Yinger & Libby ~ UD
      Lisa Wingerter & Beejus ~ WV-N
      Marianne Noble & Gabby ~ CS, CS(t), BCAT
      Ana Cilursu & Axel ~ SCN, SIN, SBN, SD-NB, SD-NC, NACSW-L1C
      Jeanine McDowell & Chip ~ FD
      Angie Parsons & Sully ~ Can RA
      Joy Keller & Django ~ Am CD, RA, RE, OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ
      Lois Eid & Bamm Bamm ~ Am CD, CDX, MX
      Caren Vicich & Ryker ~ AKC GRCH, UKC GRCH, RN
      Jeannine Ciszak & Deqs ~ DS, AS
      LIsa Boucher & Deacon ~ Can GRCH
      Debbie Moses & Yahto ~ Am CH, RN
      Sue Waite & Sir ~ Am CH, NA, NAJ
      Tracy McMahon & Jagger ~ RN, RI
      Teresa Schneider & Ranson ~ UKC CH, RN, CS, CS(t), CA
      Jacqui Woodhall & Faith ~ Can CH
      Kat Commerford & Prime ~ Can CH
      Joan Kossaras & Jazzy ~ HT, RN, RATN

2018 also saw lots of pups earning the TT, HIC, CGN or CGC titles as well as various trick dog titles. 

Our own dogs also had some accomplishments this year with SOLA! earning the IPO1; Loki earning his CD, RN and TDX titles and baby Vida earning her Canadian Championship.

A hearty congratulations to all!!!  As always, we will be cheering our friends and puppy owners on to success in 2019.

                                                                            Ann & Mike