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Latest News

Due to Covid-19, we will have a break in our latest news...
Congratulations to our dogs and owners who have still found ways to compete during this time and thank you to those who have found ways to use this time for training toward the future- we will continue to update new titles and awards on their individual pages.  Enjoy the break and we hope to see everyone at the shows again someday!


March 15, 2020

Pan wins three Group 1s, Group 2, Group 3, Group 4, RBIS and Best in Show #15!!!

In the US...
Max wins five majors in just six shows to start and finish his AKC Championship!!!
Buzzy (Bumble/Beejus) also earns two majors to finish her AKC Championship!!!

Jazzy earns her first agility title - AXCA RS-N!!!


March 1, 2020

Jazzy earns her Scentwork Container Masters title, the Buried Masters title and the Exterior Masters title and was also High in Trials in Masters on February 29th!!!

Rayne earns his first Utility leg at 13 years of age!!!


February 23, 2020

Great weekend for our Ice Cream litter...

Django earns his AKC UD title in two weekends!!!
Bamm Bamm completes his MACH2!!!


February 17, 2020

Pan wins five Group 1s, a Group 3, a Reserve BIS and Best in Show #14!!!
He is now ranked #1 All Breeds in Canada!!!


February 9, 2020

Nox/Bindi son Khonshu wins three majors in Indianapolis, including BOW at the first specialty.  He also wins Best Owner-Handled in Show on Friday.  Khonshu then moves up to earn a Select Award at the Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty on Saturday!!!

Khaleesi earns her HIAd and HXAs titles!!!
Kvothe earns his HSAs and HSAD titles and goes on to High in Trial in a large entry!!!


February 2, 2020

Pan wins a Group 2, Group 4, Group 1 and BIS #13 to start off his 2020 show season!!!

Disney earns her MXJ and MF titles!!!

Jazzy completes her AKC TT title as well as earns her BCAT!!!


January 19, 2020

Jazzy earns her SBE, SCE and SWE scent Work titles, plus a placement in Masters Interior!


January 12, 2020

Ransom earns two AKC GRCH points!!!

Sarge has his first Utility B win and earns 6 OTCH points!!!

Della earns her Rally Masters title!!!
JoJo finishes her AKC RI title and earns two RA legs!!!
Surfer earns 9 more points towarnd his Rally Chaampionship!!!


December 31, 2019

Strider becomes the first Rottweiler in History to earn the
AKC Agility Grand Champion title!  Congratulations to Elaine Swancer!!!

2019 Recap

As we look back to 2019 and reflect on the goals we set many years ago when getting into breeding, we have to admit that this year surpassed even our most ambitious dreams.  Never did we dream that, from one litter, one sibling would break the CKC BIS record (Pan), while another would win the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty (Nox), while a third brother would become the first Rottweiler to earn the Agility Grand Champion title (Strider).   Or that one owner would see her dog make it into the top ten all breeds (Pan), while her other dog won the Canadian National Specialty from the Veteran class (Tryst). 

As the wins and awards just kept coming, all we knew is that it couldn't all be happening to nicer people.  After all, our breeding goals first and foremost were to place every pup into a loving home in which the owner might keep them happy and busy.  And busy they were...


2019 Year of The Pan

Pan finished 2019 as the #1 Rottweiler #10 All Breeds!

Congratulations Pan and Lori-Ann on your TWELVE Best in Show wins in 2019, breaking the record for the most BIS wins by a Rottweiler in one year!!! 

Pan also finished his AKC Championship, CKC GRCHX, CKC CD, won the Manitoba Working/Herding Specialty and produced his first litter in 2019!

Congratulations Dawn Phillips and Kat C, as well as breeder Tammy Ausloos!


Specialty Wins

Rottweiler Club of Canada National:

        Tryst Best in Specialty Show and finishes his GRCHX title

American Rottweiler Club National:

        Tryst Veteran Dog class and Stud Dog Class winner
        Surfer ARC Prico award for top producer of working titled offspring
        Spencer Mirko Medallion, Anvil T.R.U.E. Award and the Einstein Award

Medallion Rottweiler Club:

      Nox Best in Specialty Show at Show #1 and an Award of Merit at Show #2
      Jagger High in Trial in Obedience

Northstar Rottweiler Club:

      Nyx Select Bitch at both Northstar Specialtiies

Hoosier Rottweiler Club:

      Jojo Winners Bitch

Rottweiler Club of Cincinnati:

      Surfer Best of Opposite Sex and Best Veteran
      Jojo Select Bitch at both Ohio Specialties

ARC Regional Specialty in Arizona:

      Kvothe Best in Sweepstakes and Best of Winners

Southwestern Rottweiler club Specialty:

RCC Regional Specialty in Ontario:


High in Trial Wins

There were also quite a few High in Trial winners, with Jagger winning both specialty and all-breed HITs in 2019, Georgia and Loki earning Rally HIT, Jazzy earning HIT in Scentwork and Ike winning High Combined in Herding!


2019 Litters

We had one Esmond Litter in 2019, sired by Chip and out of SOLA!  All six pups went to repeat homes so we do not have any new owners to welcome into our Esmond family this year.  However, Sully, Nox and Pan sired litters for other breeders, so we will be eager to stay involved with these pups and owners.


2019 New Titles

      Elaine Swancer & Strider ~ MACH 4, MACH5, AGCH
      Elaine Swancer & Disney ~ NA, NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, OF, AX, AXJ, XF
      Dawn Phillips & Pan ~ BIS (x12), Am CH, Can GRCHX, CD
      Dawn Phillips & Tryst ~ BISS, GRCHX
      Dawn Mulcahey & Rose ~ CS-ATCH3, SpChCL, SpChJU, SpChWC, SpChJP, SpChFH
      Dawn Mulcahey & Ike ~ HSAs, HIAd, XFP, CT-ATCH, CT-ATCH2, TchFH, TchJP
      Mona Boord & Khaleesi ~ NA, NAJ, FD, RATN, VCD1
      Mona Boord & Kvothe ~ Cm CH, BN, CD, RN, RA, TD, TDX, FD
      Kathy Lovan & Della ~ NAP
      Kathy Lovan & JoJo ~ Am CH, RN
      Tracey Bradley & Georgia ~ AGDC, U-RO1
      Tracey Bradley & Vici ~ U-CH, RN
      Patti Wicks & Blue ~ CD, RI
      Patti Wicks & Sheldon ~ U-CH, RN, RI, RL1, RL2
      Diane McKinney & Nox ~ BISS, CDX, CI, CS(t), CI(t)
      Diane McKinney & Riggs ~ Am CH, BN, CS, CI, CS(t), CI(t)
      Barbara Doering & Pixie ~ MACH
      Kay Willmarth & Belle ~ CD
      Rich Spetka & Rhett ~ BCAT
      Lisa Wingerter & Beejus ~ OAP, OFP, AJP, XFP, MJP, AXP, NCC, OJC, TG-O
      Sue Ann Wolf & Jag ~ CS
      Katie Maess & Desi ~ CZ8G, CZ8P, RATOX, RATCHX2, THDA
      Mark Elvington & Sarge ~ UD
      Jeanine McDowell & Chip ~ Can CH, Am CDX, Can CD, Can RN
      Angie Parsons & Sully ~ Can GRCH
      Joy Keller & Django ~ CDX, GO, MX, MXJ, XF
      Lois Eid & Bamm Bamm ~ UD, MACH
      Marianne Noble & Gabby ~ CD, CI(t), CX(t)
      Joan Mazat & Windy ~ CDX, RA
      Ana Cilursu & Axel ~ ACT1, SWN, SCA, SBA, SIA, SINE, SBNE, SDN, NW2, L1V, L1E
      Caren Vicich & Ryker ~ RI, BN
      Kellie Moylan & Ace ~ BH, Fpr1
      Sue Waite & Sir ~ OA, NF
      Tammy Ausloos & Monkey ~ Na, NAJ, NF, U-AGI
      Tracy McMahon & Jagger ~ CD, BH, JHD
      Teresa Schneider & Ransom ~ Am CH, U-AGI, NAP, NJP, OAP, CAA, RI
      Sue Bowman & Calder ~ BN, RN
      Moe Mullen, Kathy Bach & Declan ~ CD
      Sue Raux & Max ~ Can CH
      Alicia Baier Everton & Nyx ~ Am CH, RN
      Joan Kossaras & Jazzy ~ CA, BN, RA, PT, SCN, SEN, SIN, SBN, SWN, SCA, SEA, SIA, SBA, SWA, SEE, SIE
      Kat Commerford & Prime ~ NS
      Michelle Pare & Gunner ~ Can CH, RN
      Neil & Cheryl Bosecker & Rumble ~ Am CH, RN
      Dan & Pam Westphal & Pinky Lee ~ DJ
      Patricia Terrio & Jaxx ~ RN

There were also plenty of pups earning the TT, HIC, CGN or CGC titles as well as various trick dog titles. 

Our own dogs also had a few accomplishments this year with Loki earning his U-RO3 title and Vida earning her U-CH and RO1.  We also enjoyed watching our new addition, JJ the Papillon, winning across the world in 2019 to finish his Japan CH, Korean, CH, China Jr. CH, and winning World Jr. Winner & Asia Winner as well as BOB at the Shanghai Winner Show and WD at the Japan International Dog Show.  JJ now has three CACIBs toward his FCI International Championship and we're excited to see what his future holds!

Unfortunately, 2019 also dealt us some terrible losses - too many to count here without adding to the heartache for their owners and ourselves.  Most were old dogs.  Some were not.  Those that were not serve as a good reminder to all of us as breeders to refocus on longevity in our breed.  While 2019 welcomed two new 14 year olds (Aspen & Ruckus) and three new 13 year olds (Simone, Takoda and Skye), not enough dogs in our breed are reaching these milestones any longer.  We hope that in 2020 and beyond, we'll see breeders begin working together to restore longevity to the breed.  Until then, we'll say Godspeed to our own dogs who passed this year... Albert, Simone and Hope.  The house seems very empty these days with just the three Rottweilers we have left.  We also mourn the loss of our friend, Steve Paschkewitz, owner of Patton, Truman and Stella.  Thank you to Tammy Ausloos for taking Truman and Stella into her home and to all of our extended friends and family for participating in their care.

As always, we will focus on the positive and will be cheering our friends and puppy owners on to success in 2020.

                                                                            Ann & Mike