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    December 29, 2005

    Maya finishes her CKC Championship and Ely wins
    Best Puppy in Breed each day at the Elora Gorge Shows.


    December 26, 2005

    Meet Omen!


    December 18, 2005

    Gable finishes his AKC Rally Advanced (RA) title
    while his son, Rebel, wins two more points at the same shows!


    December 9, 2005

    Just nine week after puppies, Goldi earns her first AJP leg with a 1st place!
    Ness earns her second AKC CD leg in Arizona!

    And in California, Blitz earns her first two NAJ legs with placements!


    December 4, 2005

    Ness passes her Delta Society Therapy Dog Certification!

    Rebel wins the points both Saturday and Sunday in Kankakee, IL!!!

    Otto is VP1 in the 6-9 class at the SPARK Sieger Show!!!


    November 27, 2005

    The 2005 Canadian National Specialty was almost too good to be true...
    Bailey wins High in Trial, Best of Opposite Sex and Best Cdn. Bred!!!!!!!!!!
    Nevar and Dylan each receive a Select Award and Dylan is Best Veteran!
    Minty is Winners Bitch/Best of Winners and Best Puppy for five points!!
    Ely is Winners Dog for four points and is also Best of Opposite in Sweeps!!
    Envy, Rebel, Caygeon and Fiona all win their classes and Arlo was
    second to brother Ely in his classes!

    The rest of the Caledon Dog Show weekend was equally good to us...
    Fiona finished her Championship in four shows with a Group 2 on Friday!
    Gable earns his Cdn. OTCh title and Bailey earns her Cdn. CD!
    Ely is Best Puppy in Breed at all three of the all breed shows, plus is
    Winners Dog on Sunday for two more points!

    In other parts of the world...
    Blitz earns her AKC Rally Advanced title in California
    AND...please help us to welcome Yngo's first Australian Bred puppy...
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Allerhochst Ynka Goddess ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    November 20, 2005

    Charm earns her AKC UD with placements for every leg!!!!!

    Jerome passes his Herding Instinct Test!!!


    November 12, 2005

    Cassie's webpage is updated!

    Dorlee and Minty each earn their CKC TD title in Ft. Erie, Ontario!!!
    And Nevar, Rebel, Goose and Patton all pass the HIC in Wisconsin!


    November 11, 2005

    Happy 10th Birthday to my best friend, Gambol!

    Beckham earns her AKC RA title with placements!


    November 8, 2005

    Click Here for the most adorable video ever!  (Benelli & Jake)


    November 5, 2005

    Mia is winners bitch in Virginia Beach for her first point!!

    Jazz finishes his AKC Rally Advanced title with a 4th place!

    Bailey earns her first two AKC CDX legs with scores
    of 195.5 and 194 her first time in the Open ring!!!

    Joe earns his first MX leg and six MACH points!

    And congratulations to Xena on finishing her AKC CDX title!


    October 29, 2005

    Duck completes his U-AChX title and earns his first U-GRACh
    leg with a combined 595 points out of a possible 600!!!

    Ness earns her UKC Championship going Best Female in
    four straight shows in Arizona!!!

    Blitz earns her first AKC Novice Agility leg with a 2nd place!

    Harry wins his class at his very first show out in California!!
    and Jerome wins both his regular and sweeps class in New York!

    Plus, Moxee passes the Canine Good Citizen test!


    October 22, 2005

    Beckham earns two Rally Advanced legs with placements,
    plus two AKC CD legs with a 2nd place, High Scoring Rottweiler
    & High Scoring Dog in the Working Group for the second leg!!!

    Sister, Blitz, earns her first CPE Agility Standard and Jumpers legs!

    Ness earns her first AKC CD leg!!!!!

    And Buca earns his first CKC Pre-CD (PCD) leg!


    October 20, 2005

    New photos up of Rebel, Griffin, Elke, Charm, Mia, Moxee, Minty and Jazz!
    New pages up for Arlo, Thor, Thunder and Kuda!!!


    October 16, 2005

    Moxee earns her Schutzhund WH title!
    Aspen is WB/BOS at her very first show!
    Luka passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!

    Lexa & Titan both earn all three legs of their Rally Advanced titles!

    And Tonka wins his class at the USRC South Central Sieger Show!

    MRC News...

    Elke wins Best of Opposite Sex at the MRC Futurity
    and places in her regular class as well!!!
    Rebel places in his futurity class!

    Lynette and nearly 11 year old Blitz are High in Trial!!!!!
    Bailey finishes her RA with 1st place and earns her first RE leg!
    Tammy and Envy finish their Rally Advanced title!!!
    Charm and Gable also earned Rally Advanced legs!!!

    Joe finishes his OAJ title with a first place!
    He also took High in Trial (Jumpers) BOTH DAYS and
    won the Sandra Woolbright Award on Saturday!

    Charm finishes her OAJ title with a first the next day!

    Tammy and Envy complete the AX title with a 2nd place!!!
    And, Flirt earns her second AXJ leg!!!


    October 10, 2005

    Goose passes her AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!


    October 9, 2005

    Rebel earns his AKC TDX at the MRC Tracking Test!!!

    Moxee passes her BH in Colorado!!!

    Jerome is VSP2 at the USRC NE Regional Sieger Show
    and Otto is VSP rated as well.

    And Yngo/Trya baby, Etta, is Group 1 at her first Match!


    October 5, 2005

    Ely, Patton and Otto now have their own webpages!


    October 1, 2005

    Bailey earns her second RA leg with a 2nd place!
    Joe earns his second OAJ leg with a 2nd place as well!

    And all the way across the country, Jazz gets a V-2 Rating
    at the West Coast Landesgruppe Sieger Show!!!


    September 25, 2005

    Charm passes her BST and is V-1 rated in the
    Working Class at the 2005 USRC Kentucky Bluegrass show!
    She also goes on to win USRC Select Female!!!

    Elke is WB/BOS for a three point major in St. Louis, Missouri.
    These are Elke's very first AKC points!!!

    Mel earns his AKC CD title and two Rally Novice legs!
    Iza earns two Rally Novice legs at the same show!!

    Gable earns his AKC Rally Novice title and
    Jazz earns his RN as well, plus earns his first RA leg!!!


    September 18, 2005

    Charm is WB/BOW/BOB on Friday, and Winners Bitch
    both Saturday and Sunday, in Manitowoc, Wisconsin!

    Ripley is WD/BOW on Saturday as well!

    *A special Thank You to Mike and Nancy Gannon for opening
    their home to us.  We had a fantastic time visiting and the dogs
    LOVED the lake!  See each dog's page for "beach" photos...
    Ripley, Rajah, Charm, Iza, Nevar, Flirt, Envy, Patton, Duck & Goose

    Plus, in New York, Dorlee earns her first NA leg with a 2nd place!!!
    And both Blitz and Jetta pass the CGC!!!


    September 13, 2005

    New photos of Charm, Lexa, Caygeon & Minty!


    September 10, 2005

    What a great time we had at the RCC Event Day!!!
    Congratulations to the following dogs and their owners...

    New TT titles - Ripley, Lexi, Bleu, Mel, Mason,
    Hannah, Dodger, Caygeon, Tasha, Slider, Nevar, & Slick

    New HIC titles - Arlo  (Click Here to see video of baby Arlo herding!!!)
    Jaena, Caygeon, Hannah, Lexi, Slider, Minty, Tasha, & Slick
    New CGN titles - Bleu, Minty, Jaena, Caygeon, Nevar, & Slick

    (Other dogs did very well also...we've just listed ours here.
    See the Rottweiler Club of Canada's website for full results).

    In Wisconsin, Rebel is WD/BOS for two more points!!!
    And in Colorado, Moxee earns her first AKC Rally Novice leg!


    September 9, 2005

    Dodger is WD/BOW/BOB in Oakville, ON to
    finish his Canadian Championship!!!!!


    September 6, 2005

    Mason passes his Herding Instinct Certification!
    Plus, new photos of Mason and his sister, Elke.


    September 4, 2005

    Our Canadian National Sieger Show Results:

    Ely is VV2 in the 4-6 puppy class!
    Chopper wins SG1 in the 12-18 class and Mason is SG2!!!
    Mel wins SG1 in the 18-24 class and Dodger is SG4!
    Jada is VV3 in the 6-9 bitch class and Jetta is VSP rated!
    This just in... Mel is the 2005 Cdn. National Youth Sieger!!!!!

    Ripley is V-1 in a very competitive Sieger Class!!!!!!!
    Dylan is 2nd place in the Veteran Dog Class!
    And Hannah, Iza, and Emma are all V Rated!!!

    Dorlee earns her first AKC Rally Novice leg!

    Magnum, the sire of our "Q" Litter, earns his PT title!

    Joe completes his AKC Agility Excellent title with a
    2nd place and earns his first OAJ leg with a 1st!

    And, we are pleased to say that Joe's new title makes Yngo
    eligible as an ARC Silver Sire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    August 31, 2005

    It's official!!!  Yngo is the top producing sire in Canada
    for the second year in a row!  Thanks kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    August 30, 2005

    LOTS of new Iza Photos are up on her page!
    Plus, new photos of Benelli, Aspen, Rio, Jerome, Buca & Mason


    August 28, 2005

    Kaos earns his AKC PT title!!!

    Charm earns her second UD leg with a first place
    plus wins her class at the NRC Specialty!!!
    She also earned her second OAJ leg on Sunday!

    Envy earns her second AX leg at the same show and
    two more AXJ legs for lots of top ten points!

    Flirt earns her first AX leg as well!
    Bailey earns her first Rally Advanced leg!!!

    Dodger is WD/BOW/BOB in Markham, Ontario, on Thur & Sun!
    Mel is WD/BOW/BOB at the same show on Friday to finish!!!
    And Hannah is WB/BOS all three days (we skipped Saturday)!


    August 22, 2005

    New Photos of the Yngo/Tyra Pups at six weeks!


    August 21, 2005

    Bailey is Best of Breed all four days in Muncie, IN!
    Blitz Jr. finished her Rally Novice title!
    Xena passed her BH!
    And Yngo/Etti pup, Elke, passed her OFA Cardio and CERF!


    August 20, 2005

    Envy earns her AXJ title with a first place!!!


    August 18, 2005

    New webpage up for Buzz-B!!!


    August 15, 2005

    Juna passes her Canine Good Citizen Test!


    August 13, 2005

    Rio is Winners Dog for two points in Racine, WI!!!

    And Dorlee is Tracking Certified!


    August 7, 2005

    Bradford, Ontario

    Sunday:     Rebel is Winners Dog at the RCC Specialty!
                      Iza is Best of Opposite Sex at the Specialty!!!
                      Gable is first in Utility again!!!
                      Mel completes his CD title!
                      And Bailey is Best of Breed at the regular show!

    Saturday:   Bailey finishes her Canadian Championship!!!
                      Ripley wins Best of Breed!
                      Gable is 1st in the Utility class and HS Rottweiler!!
                      Mel earns his first two CD legs!
                      And Luka passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!

    Friday:       Rebel is Winners Dog for two points!

    And, in Washington State, Jazz and Blitz earned the AHBA JHD titles!

    Plus, all the way in Australia, Kansas finishes her Championship!!!!!!!!


    August 3, 2005

    New Schutzhund photos of Charm are on her page!


    July 29, 2005

    Nevar wins Best of Breed at the 2005 ARC Regional Specialty
    in Waukesha, Wisconsin!!!  This is Nevar's second specialty win
    since finishing his Championship only one month ago!!!

    Envy completes her AKC Rally Novice title and also earns
    her first Rally Advanced leg with Tammy!

    Back home, Ripley goes BOB all three days at the Muskoka
    Kennel Club shows and wins a Group 3 both Thursday and Friday!

    And Jada passes her AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!


    July 25, 2005

    New webpages up for Ely and Karma.

    Lots of new agility photos of Envy and Flirt are also on their pages!


    July 24, 2005

    Kaos is WD/BOB & Group 3 at a UKC show in California!!!

    Benelli goes RWD at his first all breed show in York, PA!!!


    July 23, 2005

    Envy earns her first AX leg and second AXJ leg
    both with placements!!!

    Charm also earns her first OAJ leg with a first place!


    July 22, 2005

    We are excited to announce that Yngo's first Australian
    born pups will be arriving this winter!  See Yngo's
    Upcoming Litters Page for further Details!


    July 21, 2005

    Photos are up of Chance and Kurt, from their visit to
    Bobcaygeon this week!


    July 17, 2005

    Ripley is WD/BOW all three days in Vermont for three
    points, plus earns all three AKC CD legs!!!
    Brother, Diesel, finishes his AKC CD at the same show,
    with a first in his class!!!
    And Iza also joins in the fun, going WB all three days
    for three more points! (Iza wasn't entered in obedience)

    Back home in Wisconsin, 
    Goldi completes her UKC Agility Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Flirt qualifies in her runs also and is close to the U-ACh!
    And Duck earns two UKC AGIII legs at the same show!!!

    Plus, Blitz earns her second AKC RN leg with a first place!


    July 12, 2005

    Woodstock, Ontario:

    Monday/Tuesday: Nevar is Best of Breed each day!

    Sunday:                Nevar wins Best in Specialty Show
                                 at the 2005 Rottweiler Club of Canada
                                 Western Ontario Specialty!!!!!
                                 Bridget is BOS in Sweeps and Best of Opposite
                                 Sex at the Specialty as well!
                                 Brother, Mel, is Best in Sweepstakes at the
                                 Specialty and WD at the regular show.

    Saturday:              Ripley receives the Award of Merit at the
                                 2005 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!
                                  Bridget is WB/BOW at the RCC Booster and
                                  WB at the Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty!

    And, back in the U.S...
    Bailey is Best of Breed each day in DeKalb, IL
    and also finishes her AKC Rally Novice title!

    Gable also earns two AKC Rally Novice legs
    and son, Rebel, is WD/BOS for another AKC point!
    Flirt earns her first AXJ leg!
    And Benelli passes the CGC!!!


    July 6, 2005

    Blythe, Ontario:

    Tues/Wed:     Mel and Bridget go WD/WB and BOW both days
                          each earning six points their first two days out!!!


    July 3, 2005

    Peterborough, Ontario:
    Sunday:         Bailey is WB/BOS for two more points!

    Saturday:       Nevar is BOB and Group 3!!

    Friday:           We didn't win, but congratulations to Julia and Eli!

    Thursday:      Nevar is BOB and Group 3!!
                          Bailey is WB/BOW/BOS for two more points!

    Wednesday:  Nevar is BOB and Group 2!!!
                         Bailey is WB/BOS for two more points!

    Tuesday:       Nevar is WD/BOW/BOB and Group 4 for three pts.
                         to finish his CKC Championship!!!
                         Bailey is WB/BOS for two points to start hers!


    June 30, 2005

    Karma has arrived!!!!!!!!!             


    June 26, 2005

    Kaos is V-4 at the USRC Northwest Regional Sieger Show
    Diego is SG-3 in his large 12-18 class at the same show!!!

    Gable earns his first AHBA HRD1 leg!!!

    Bradaigh is RWB to a four point major in Montana!

    Jada wins BOB and Group 1 (in Match) owner-handled!
    and brother Jerome wins BOB and Group 3 at another match!


    June 25, 2005

    Iza and Larry thrill us again by passing their SchH2 in Illinois!!!

    Gable and Rich complete their AHBA HTD1s title!!!

    And, pending point confirmation, Nevar has earned his AKC
    Championship, going WD on Friday and WD/BOW on Saturday
    for a third major in Valparaiso, IN! 


    June 19, 2005

    Kingston, Ontario
    Nevar goes WD/BOW/BOB and and Group 4 on Saturday for 5 points
    and WD/BOW/BOB and Group 4 again on Sunday for 4 more points!!!


    June 16, 2005

    Rebel is WD/BOW in Illinois for his first point!!!


    June 14, 2005

    Our "P" pups now have their own webpages...
    Goose, Aspen, Minty and Harry!


    June 12, 2005

    Yngo earns his FH title in Buffalo, New York!!!
    Son, Ripley, finishes his CD title in Orono, Ontario
    with firsts in the Novice B class both Saturday and Sunday!
    Daughter, Charm, earns her first UD leg with a 4th
    place in a class of 20 dogs!!!

    Daughter, Blitz, earns her first RN leg with a score of 96!

    And Envy earns her first AKC AXJ leg!


    June 8, 2005

    New photos are up of our "Q" Litter!

    June 5, 2005

    Charm passes her Schutzhund I on her first attempt!!!
    & 10 year old, Blitz, earns her OB1 with a score of 96!

    Nevar is WD/BOW in Woodstock, Illinois!


    May 30, 2005

    Jazz passes both legs of his AKC HT title!!!
    Sister, Beckham, finishes her AKC RN title!

    Flapper earns her Companion Dog title!!!

    Rio is RWD to a Major under Annie Rogers Clark
    the first time out with his new handler, Marisa Ator!

    Caygeon is SG4 at the Toronto Sieger Show on Saturday
    and Rajah and Ripley are V-Rated on Sunday!

    Plus, a bit of "non-Esmondrott" news...
    Naya finishes her AKC  Championship in Kalamazoo, MI!!!
    Xena is BOB over five other specials in Alaska!!
    and Logan won his second All Breed Best in Show in Wyoming!
    Congratulations to all!


    May 25, 2005

    New photos up of Rajah, Ripley & Lexi, Charm, Lexa,
    Mason, Griffin and also more on Jerome's Blog page!


    May 21, 2005

    Yngo completes his AKC CDX title!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bailey is Best of Breed and Group 3 in Kokomo, Indiana,
    on Thursday, BOS Friday, BOB Saturday and BOS Sunday!!

    Jazz wins his class at the RCC Specialty in British Columbia!!!

    And, Rose's singleton puppy has arrived...IT'S A GIRL!
    Please help us to welcome Spirit's Bynga von Ikon!!!!!!


    May 15, 2005

    Larry and Iza pass their AD in Grayslake, Illinois!!!
    Lexa and Titan earn their AKC RN titles!
    Rebel passes his CGC and TDI tests!
    Goldi earns 10 U-ACh points, Flirt earns 46, and Duck
    earns his first two U-AChX leg, all in Michicot, Wisconsin!
    And Benelli passes his ATTS Temperament Test!


    May 12, 2005

    Wondering about whether the Yngo pups who earned their TDI titles
    at the National will actually be doing therapy work?  You bet they are!
    Go to Charm's page or Chance's page to see photos of their first visits.

    Blitz passes her OFA Cardiac Certification!

    And please help us to introduce Rumpel's new owner, Tara Arndt!!!


    May 9, 2005

    Lots of new photos up of Pauline Karalia's "J Litter".
    Click on any pups' photo to get to his or her own page.
    Plus, Jerome has his own Blog!  Click Here to follow his antics.

    And photos of Benelli, Luka and Mia from CRC are up!
    As well as new pictures of Flapper!!!


    May 8, 2005

    Envy finishes her AKC OAJ title and Goldi completes her
    OAP title.  Congratulations to Tammy Ausloos who ran both!

    Iza wins two more AKC points in Madison, Wisconsin!!!
    And Yngo/Roca daughter, Blitz, passes her eye CERF!


    May 5, 2005

    And more photos of our Q Litter are up on their page!


    May 1, 2005

    Results of the Lindsay, Ontario Show...

    Friday:  Dodger is WD/BOW, Caygeon is WB/BOS/Best Puppy,
    and Ripley is Best of Breed!!!

    Saturday:  Dodger is WD/BOW for three more points, Ripley is
    BOS and also High Scoring Rottweiler for his first CD leg!!!

    Sunday:  Caygeon goes WB for her first CKC point!

    Also this weekend...

    Iza and Larry Bzdon pass their AKC TDX Test!!!  This makes Iza
    eligible for the ARC Versatility Excellent Title, and also makes
    her dam, Gambol eligible as an ARC Gold Dam!!!

    Charm earns her AKC NA and NAJ titles with 1st and 2nd placements!!!

    Goldi earns 16 U-ATCh points and Flirt earns six more as well!

    Plus, Caygeon passes the CERF exam, Yngo is re-CERF'd
    and Bradaigh clears her OFA Cardiac by Echocardiogram!!


    April 25, 2005

    The Emma/Magnum puppies (7M/1F) have arrived!!!
    Congratulations to Cassie Levy and Mommy Emma!!!
    Keep checking back to watch them grow up!

    And Nevar earns two more AKC Points in Indiana!!


    April 24, 2005

    Rebel earns his AKC TD title at just 11 months of age!!!


    April 22, 2005

    Goldi earns her second OAP leg just 8 weeks post puppies!!!


    Our ARC National Specialty Highlights:

    Saturday:      Envy earns her 2nd OA leg with a 1st place!
                         Charm qualifies for her first NA and NAJ legs
                         with a 1st place in Standard and a 2nd in Jumpers!!

    Sunday:        Charm earns her second NA leg with High in Trial!!!
                         Envy earns her first OAJ leg with a 3rd place!
                         And Blitz was 1st place in Novice Preferred Jumpers!

    Monday:        Envy and Tammy complete the OA title with another 1st!
                         They also earn their second OAJ leg, again with a 1st!!!!
                         This also makes Envy eligible for the ARC Versatility award!

                         Charm qualifies for her second NAJ leg with a 1st place
                         and is High Scoring Dog with an Obedience title... Blitz
                         qualifies in jumpers with a 2nd and is High Scoring Dog
                         with a Tracking Title!!!          

    Tuesday:       Bailey passes her VST to become the 3rd, and youngest,
                         Champion, Tracking Champion in breed history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                         This also qualifies her for the ARC Versatility Excellent title!

                         Rebel is 4th in the 9-12 futurity class!

    Wednesday:  Charm is 1st in Open A and Reserve High in Trial!!!!
                          She also completes her Rally Novice (RN) title!!!
                          Blitz earns her RN title as well!
                          Bailey and Blitz qualify in obedience...
                          And Envy, Lexa & Titan each qualify for their first Rally leg!                   

    Thursday:      Charm completes her CDX title with another 1st in Open A!
                          She also passes her TT and TDI test!!!
                          Both Lexa and Chance pass their TT & CGC tests!
                          Chance & Gabby pass their Therapy Dog Certification as well!
                          Bailey, Lexa & Titan all qualified in Novice Rally!!!
                          And Griffin passes his eye CERF and Bailey is re-CERF'd!    

    Friday:           Awards...   
                          Yngo receives his ARC Bronze Sire Award!!!
                          Gambol receives the ARC Silver Dam Award!!!
                          Iza and Duck both are awarded the Versatility Award!  
                          Top Ten... 
                          Charm is #8 in Novice Std Preferred & #4 Novice JWW Preferred!
                          & is #6 in Novice Obedience!!!  Blitz is #5 in Novice JWW Preferred!
                          Goldi is #9 in Open Std Preferred & #4 in Open JWW Preferred!
                          Duck is #5 in Exc Std Preferred & #6 in Exc JWW Preferred!
                          Envy is #10 in Open Standard!!!
                          Gable is #4 in Utility!!!!!
    Saturday:       Charm wins 3rd in the Ambred Bitch Class with Julia Foster!   


    April 16, 2005

    Duck completes his UKC Agility Championship!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations Duck and Nancy!!!


    April 15, 2005

    Yngo/Missy son, Benelli, passes his OFA Cardiac & CERF Certifications!

    Visit Dodger's page to see his visit to Joanna's school!


    April 10, 2005

    Bailey goes Best of Breed both days in De Kalb, Illinois!
    She also earns a 196 and 4th place in Novice B!!!

    And Nevar goes WD in Charlotte, North Carolina!


    April 3, 2004

    Charm earns her first CDX leg with a 195 and 3rd place!
    She also earned her first two Novice Rally legs,
    both with perfect scores of 100!!
    Charm's housemate, Blitz, also earned her first Novice Rally leg!

    Kaos passes his AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!

    And Duck has four qualifing UKC Agility runs... two 200's and two 199's,
    putting him at 90 U-ATCh points!!


    April 1, 2004

    Diesel earns two AKC CD legs in Syracuse, NY!!!


    March 28, 2005

    Emma is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!!!

    Nevar wins another major, going BOW in North Carolina...
    Yes, that's two majors in four days of showing with Julia!!
    He was RWD to two more of the majors that cluster as well,
    plus came back OFA Good...what a week for Nevar!

    Great news for sister, Ness, as well...
    her OFA came back Excellent with Clear Elbows!!!!!!!!!!

    And Bleu's are in also... OFA Excellent too!   Yay!!!!!!!!!!


    March 27, 2005

    Yngo/Roca kids, Breve and Jazz, pass their OFA Cardiac
    and CERF Certifications.


    March 22, 2005

    Yet more pictures of the Yngo/Izzie pups!


    March 19, 2005

    Nevar takes a major his very first time out with Julia Foster!!!!!!!!


    March 15, 2005

    Reno (Yngo/Missy) passes the OFA...Good Hips & Clear Elbows!

    And, we've received official notification...
    Yngo will receive the ARC Bronze Sire award and Gambol the
    ARC Silver Dam award at this year's National!!!

    We've also been notified that Duck, Goldi, Charm and Blitz
    have all made the ARC Top Ten for agility for 2004!!!
    Plus, both Gable and Charm made the ARC Top Ten for obedience!


    March 14, 2005

    Even more photos up of the Yngo/Izzie pups! 


    March 13, 2005

    Duck has another UKC Agility trial and Q's seven of eight runs!
    He now has 58 ATCh points!

    Congratulations also to Becky Giddings and Roca on earning
    their AKC Novice Rally Title.  Congratulations also to Roca's dam,
    Elsa, on becoming eligible as an ARC Bronze Dam also!


    March 9, 2005

    Front and Finish year end stats are out and
    Charm is listed as the #4 Rottweiler in Novice Obedience!

    And ARC Stats are out, Bailey was in the Top Ten in
    Conformation for the month of October!

    Mommy Beca is now eligible as an ARC Bronze Dam!!!


    March 8, 2005

    New Upcoming Breeding listed for Yngo and Hannah!
    And, new photos of the P Litter are on their page!

    Plus, the health news keeps getting better and better...
    Lexa comes back OFA Good with Clear Elbows!!!


    March 6, 2005

    Elke wins Best Puppy in Breed in Missouri!


    March 5, 2005

    More good health news for the Yngo pups:
    Dodger passes his OFA Cardiac Certification!
    Jade passes both her OFA Cardiac and CERF Certifications!!
    Atlas is prelim'd:  Clear Hips and Elbows!
    and Bleu's hips and elbows were done officially today...
    fingers are crossed for good results!  Bleu also passes her re-CERF.

    Plus, new P Litter Puppy Pictures!

    New photos also of Nevar, Moxee, Bradaigh & Atlas!


    March 2, 2005

    Griffin passes his CGC!!


    February 27, 2005

    Rumpel earns his AKC TDX title on his first attempt!!!

    Envy earns her UKC AGII title with Tammy Ausloos!
    And her brother, Duck, earns 20 UKC ATCh points!!!


    February 26, 2005

    Goldi whelps her litter!!!
    1M/3F were born today and all are thriving!
    Click here to see them.


    February 25, 2005

    Good Health News for Yngo's Daughters!
    Bailey comes back OFA Good, Elbows Clear, Thyroid Normal!
    Moxee passes her OFA Cardiac (ECHO) and CERF!!!
    And OFA prelim's are in for Mia... Good hips and Clear Elbows!


    February 21, 2005

    Ness is our first puppy to earn the AKC Novice Rally title!

    Elke earns her AKC TD title on her very first try at just
    nine months of age!

    Flapper earns her first two CKC CD legs!

    And, here in Markham, Ontario...
    Both DD and Tia finish their CKC Championships!
    And Ripley wins BOB all four days at the same show!!!


    February 13, 2005

    Great results from the Hoosier Specialty Weekend...
    Friday:  Iza is WB for a four point major!!!
                 Ripley is Reserve Winners Dog
                 Nevar is 1st in BBX and Griffin 3rd in the 6-9 class
                 Charm wins the Novice B class and
                 Bailey and Chance qualify in Novice B as well!

    Saturday:  Ripley is RWD, Nevar and Griffin place the same
                     as Friday their respective classes.  Charm wins Ambred.
                     Bailey wins BEST OF BREED!!!  Plus earns her
                     second CD leg with a 3rd place at the all breed trial.

    Sunday: Bailey wins BOS and completes her AKC CD title!!!

    Plus, way out West, Jen Harrington has a great weekend, showing
    two dogs in Oedience and three in Rally and coming home with
    10 Qualifying scores!!!  Congratulations Jen (and Ness who now has
    two AKC Novice Rally legs!)


    February 7, 2005

    New photos of Ripley, Kaos, Rebel, Buca and Elke are up.
    Three week photos of the Yngo/Izzie pups are up.
    And CLICK HERE to see Yngo daughter Blitz skateboarding!


    February 5, 2005

    Emma earns her AAC (Agility Association of Canada)
    Starters Agility Dog title and also earns a Gamblers leg.

    And Dylan earns his AAC Masters Team title.


    February 1, 2005

    Please visit Gretchen's Memorial Page


    January 30, 2005

    Elke wins her puppy classes at her very first shows!

    And new photos of Bleu and Rebel are up.


    January 24,  2005

    Yngo/Gambol kids, Chance and Flapper, both come back
    OFA Excellent!!!  Flapper also passes the OFA for Elbows,
    the OVC for Hips & Elbows and the CERF!!!


    January 23, 2005

    Duck earns his UKC AGI and AGII titles!!!

    And congratulations to Connor, for earning his AKC CDX!


    January 19, 2005

    New photos of Mia and Elke are on their pages.


    January 17, 2005

    Izzie whelps her Yngo puppies!!!
    1 male & 6 females were born this morning!
    And...Both Flirt and Goldi have been confirmed pregnant!


    January 16, 2005

    Ripley does wonderfully at the ARC Region V Specialty!
    He was Winners Dog/Best of Winners at the Specialty and also
    the next day for eight AKC points his first time out as an adult!

    And Elke is AKC tracking certified at just 8 months of age!!!


    January 9, 2005

    Congratulations to Steve & Betsy Milligan and Rose...
    Rose goes WB/BOW for a three point major in CA!
    And, down in TX, Rose/Yngo son, Tonka, is RWD at his first show!
    We'd also like to congratulate Chris and Chalase Peddicord
    and Teresa Bradley.  Iza's soon to be mate, Connor, earned
    his AKC Rally Novice (RN) title and 2 AKC CDX legs this weekend!

    Plus, new photos of Dodger are up on his page.


    January 2, 2005

    Rebel is tracking certified at just 7 months of age!

    January 1, 2005

2004 kept all of us hopping here at Esmond Rottweilers.   Mike and I spent the better part of the year working with Yngo toward his "big" titles.  All the effort did pay off though...we finished his AKC Championship title with a Best in Specialty from the classes, earned his AKC TD at the ARC National, and finally earned that Schutzhund III that we'd been dreaming of.  Yngo is now semi-retired and is enjoying cheering on his young kids to their own successes.

And successful they have been.  Thank you to Becky Giddings, Betsy Milligan, Dave Makar, Julia Foster and Pauline Karalia for bringing their lovely girls to Yngo in 2004.  Thank you also to all of the outstanding people who chose to share their lives (and more than a few laughs) with the resultant pups.  The 2002-2003 Yngo kids have been exceeding all expectations, and we hope to say the same about those born in 2004.  In fact, Yngo's kids have done so well this year that they've made him eligible as an ARC Bronze Sire and more than likely the top Producing Sire in Canada for the year.  Congratulations (and Thank You!) to:

Most importantly, we've made some of the greatest friends though Yngo and his pups.  I truly feel blessed by the people we are surrounded by and hope that the relationships that we've built will last us well into the future.

We're also pleased to say that our very own Beca earned her Canadian CDX this year and also presented us with our "O" litter.  Iza thrilled us all by earning her SchHI, FH and BST titles in fine form (under the expert guidance of Larry Bzdon) and Envy completed her AKC CDX title.  Tressy, Rosie and Gambol are now retired, but we're happy to report they are still going strong and continuing to rule the house.

Back home in the midwest, Rich and Gable gave some outstanding performances, earning the AKC UD, HT and PT titles, as well as his CKC CDX and AHBA JDH (he also helped to create the aforementioned "O" litter ;-).  Tammy and her girls did wonderfully in agility again this year, with both Goldi and Flirt earning lots of new AKC and NADAC titles (as usual...they earned too many to list!...see their pages) and Nancy and Duck also burned up the agility rings, earning their AKC AXP and AJP, plus the NADAC NAC.  Even baby Ness out West got into the act, earning her first AKC points and her HCT title!

I was also lucky enough to travel a bit in 2004, managing to make it to the ARC National, two ARC Regional Specialties, CRC, MRC and the USRC Schutzhund Championships, as well as all three Ontario Specialties.  Our dogs held their own at everything we entered them in and we couldn't be more proud.  I even had the opportunity to see two Yngo litters across the continent... Rose's litter in California and most of Roca's litter in Washington State.  Thank you Betsy Milligan, Becky and Ivan Giddings, and all the Lakina kids for making these trips possible!

2005 will bring some excitement to Esmond Rottweilers as we are finally breeding the girls.  We hope that Iza and Emma will give us all puppies to go forward with.   After Spring, we hope to be back out in the rings, trying to finish a few AKC Championships and hoping to complete a few advanced working titles with Yngo, Iza, Envy & Beca.

Again, Happy New Year to all.  We wish you much happiness and success in everything you choose to do!

                                                                   ~ Ann & Mike