Multi V-1, Sieger, Multi BISS Am/Can CH Yngo van het Dornedal

ARC Gold Sire
Top Producing Dog in Breed History (Canada)
2008 “Kennel Review” Top Producer
2006/2007/2008/2009/2010/2011/2012/2013 "Prico Award"
MRC/RCC Hall of Fame
ARC Versatilty Excellent
CRC Gold Achievement Award
USRC Silver Merit Award
Group Placer in both the US and Canada
2003 #1 Rottweiler Overall ~ Canada
2003 Top Ten Schutzhund I Dog
2004 ARC Region V Specialty WD/BOW & BISS
2003 MRC Specialty Winners Dog & AOM
2003 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty BISS
2002 Rottweiler Club of Canada Spring Sieger
2002 Rottweiler Club of Canada Regional Specialty BISS
2000 Canadian National Youth Sieger
2000 USRC North Central Regional Youth Sieger
April 21, 1999 - August 17, 2011 

OFA Hips: RO-61302G24M-PI
OFA Elbows: Grade I - Bilateral @ 66 mos.
OFA Cardiac: RO-CA823/118M/C-VPI-ECHO
OFA Patella:  RO-PA99/66M/S-PI
OFA Thyroid: RO-TH349/86M-PI
CERF RO-4138/2005-72, vWD-
Long Coat DNA Clear, JLPP DNA Clear
CHIC # 19041

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"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination."
                                                                                                               ~ Tommy Lasorda

YNGO was imported from Belgium as a young dog and was acquired by Mike on the day of his first birthday.  He is a joy to live with and great fun to train.

I admired Yngo since I first saw him and most likely would have made the trip up to Canada to breed to him even if I hadn't married his owner.   Yngo embodied all the traits that I love in a Rottweiler... a sound mind in a robust body, both of which are constantly ready for anything.  In my years of owning and training dogs, I've not found one that I enjoyed living with more.

Yngo's accomplishments and offspring speak for themselves.  From his relentless desire to work and his unnerving ability to find humor in that work, right through to his unparalleled love for children, we found Yngo to be truly special dog.  The ride he took us on over the past decade was more than we'd ever expected!

We found that Yngo made a unique contribution to the breed in a way we never thought that one dog could.  He brought some truly fabulous dog people together.  The support and camaraderie that the Yngo puppy owners have shown each other, as well as the close personal friendships that have subsequently developed, are Yngo's legacy.  

On this page, we would like to introduce you to the Yngo we love.  Not just our show and working dog, but our very best  friend and companion.  For that is where Yngo was most valued.   Both Mike and I have been in dogs long enough to know that we will never have another like Yngo.  To that end, we were determined to make the most of every day we had with him!


Yngo was the 2003 MRC Specialty Winners Dog and received an Award of Merit there as well.
Click here to see our 2003 MRC show report!

Shortly thereafter, Yngo finished his AKC Championship with four majors in just 11 showings.
He was also WD/BOW/BISS at an ARC Regional, and won a Group Placement en route to his AKC Championship!!!

Here in Canada, Yngo is a multiple Best of Breed winner, Group Placer and Multi BISS winner, finishing #1 overall in 2003.

We are proud to say that Yngo has been completely owner-handled to every one of his wins & titles.

We did not show Yngo for rankings...instead, we brought him out when we knew his puppy owners would be there,
and periodically to Specialties and Sieger Shows, just to show him off and to let him socialize with his "fans". 
The winning he did surprised even us.  Although we're certainly not complaining!

This WAS Yngo's Best of Breed Rosette

Peek-a-boo...Yngo waits his turn in the group.

Thank you to Frank and Cheryl Carruthers
for taking these candids in Brockville, ON.

Click here for more candid shots of Yngo


Yngo's favorite "game"...

Thank you to Paul Wright for all of the photos of Yngo on the Schutzhund field!

Yngo & Mike earned the SchI title on their very first try, going High Scoring SchI with scores of 90-80-94 "a".
(This score also qualified them as a Top Ten Schutzhund I team in 2003!!!)

They earned their SchII on their first try as well!!!

Yngo didn't manage the SchIII on the first try, but we are proud to say that he earned it
completely owner-handled, using all positive methods of training!

Click here to view more photos of Yngo working


Click the links below to see Yngo doing what he does best...having fun!

Yngo and Gambol at the Lake
Yngo and Karma Meet
The Yngo Roll

If they ever open up water rescue events to all breeds, Yngo & Cassie will be the first in line!

Click Here to see more Yngo Candids


As you'll notice, we have more photos of Yngo playing than anything else.
Yngo is truly a family member and he believes that his most important job in life is to make us laugh.

And he does that job well!
Just take a look at what really happened as we attempted to get these photos...

Yngo is the water dog supreme and the king of all sticks.
He can be found at the lake more frequently than at shows or trials.

Yngo's zest for life is contageous...He even knows how to make the Canadian winters fun!

The photos above are courtesy (and copyright) of Mark Raycroft and Browntrout Calendars.
Click here to see more of Yngo's Calendar shots!


You'll also see Yngo featured in stickers sold by Mrs. Grossmans in Petaluma, California...

Order them online at:

Gambol & Buzz------>


Yngo son, Joe-------->



Yngo's Sire is

Click on Ragnar's photo to view Yngo's pictoral pedigree

WS'96'97 Bel/Lux/Ned/VDH/Int'l Ch Ragnar v.h. Falconsnest SchHIII, IPOIII HD-

LUX.JS 1995, BRK KJS 1995 Beaute World Champion 1996 & 1997,
Belgium Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Leientrofee 1996, 
West falen sieger 1996, BRK KS 1996, France KS 1996,
International Champion Wisseltrofee Dusseldorf 1996,
Dutch Champion, German (V.D.H.) Champion
35 x V-1


Yngo is an ARC Gold Sire with 23 Litters with 105 pups on the ground. 

Yngo's pups have proven themselves to be versatile and willing working dogs as well
as winners in the show rings.  So far, his grandkids are doing equally well across all venues! 

Click this document to see all of Yngo's paperwork.

Yngo recently took position as the top producing Rottweiler in breed history for both ARC and RCC Production Points
and was awarded RCC Top Producing Sire in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008.

Yngo also won the ARC "Prico Award" in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013 for producing the most working titleholders. 

He is also the first stud dog to have pups in the ARC Top Ten for EVERY VENUE in a given year!  He did so in 2011.

To date, Yngo's kids have earned the following...

18 American Champions, 26 Canadian Champions, 3 UKC Champions, 1 National Specialty BISS, 2 Regional BISS, 6 BOSS, 4 Select/AOM
5 V-1 Rated pups, 9 Other V Rated pups, 1 USRC Select Female, 1 USRC Youth Sieger, 1 USRC Best Puppy
40 Am CD, 15 Can CD, 17 Am CDX, 4 Can CDX, 4 Can OTCH, 8 Am UD, 3 UDX, 1 UDX2, 1 UDX3, 1 Am OTCH, 3 U-CD, 2 U-CDX, 1 UKC UD
44 RN, 30 RA, 31 RE, 6 RAE, 2 RAE2, 1 ARCH, 7 Can RN, 6 Can RA, 4 Can RE
12 Am TD, 9 Can TD, 8 Am TDX, 4 Can TDX, 4 VST/Champion Tracker, 2 CKC UTD
15 NA, 13 NAJ, 10 OA, 10 OAJ, 10 AX, 9 AXJ, 5 MX, 8 MXJ, 9 NF, 9 OF, 5 XF, 1 MX, 2, MXF, 4 MACH, 2 MACH2, 1 MACH6
7 NAP, 7 NJP, 4 OAP, 5 OJP, 2 AXP, 2 AJP, 3 NFP, 1 UKC AgI & II, 1 NAC, 1 TN-N
1 AAC ATCH, 1 CPE-ATCH, 4 Can Ag.N, 3 Can Ag.NJ, 2 Can Ag.I, 3 Can Ag.IJ, 1 Ag.X, 1 Ag.XJ 
1 HC, 1 HTCh, 9 Am HT, 9 Am PT, 6 HSA, 1 HIAsd, 1 HXAds, 1 HXBd, 1 RLFII-s, 2 STDs, 1 STDd, 1 OTDs, 1OTDd, 1 ATDs, 8 JHD, 5 HCT, 24 HIC
1 Flyball Champion, 9 Carting Started, 8 Carting Intermediate
3 SchHI, 3 SchHII, 2 SchHIII, 1 IPOIII, 4 FH, 2 FH2, 4 BST, 12 BH, 2 WH, 4 TR1, 3 OB1, 5 AD
40 TT/TC, 56 CGC/CGN, 9 Registered Therapy Dogs, 3 AKC VCD1, 4 AKC VCD2
1 Patrol/Narcotics Police K9

6 week old Yngo/Roca pups "herding" ducks
Click on this photo to see the rest of Yngo's pups.

We believe that we will not make progress as a breed without keeping track of, and being honest about, all that our dogs produce. For that reason,
We encourage all of Yngo's puppy owners to submit and release both passing and failing health clearance results.


Yngo is now retired to a life of leisure.  He spends his days swimming, playing and doing just about whatever he wants.


Video of Yngo as a veteran...

Yngo at the Lake at age 7
Yngo after earning his TDX title...age 7
Why Yngo doesn't do agility.... Video 1    Video 2    Video3    Video4
Yngo vs. Watermelon
Yngo's After Bath Party...  Video 1   Video 2   Video 3

Words cannot express the joy that Yngo has brought to our family.
He has also managed to bring joy to many others and for that we are immensely proud. 
He's doing very well in his "Old Age" and we hope that we will be blessed with many more years. 

Yngo has been shown four times as a Veteran...

Click Here to view all of Yngo's Sieger Show Critiques

Yngo at age 8 while attending the 2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show.
He was still certain he could run with the young boys...and he did!

Yngo didn't win that day (he was V-3 in the Working Class), but he sure was happy to be back in the ring!!!


Yngo and Mike, on their way to winning Best Senior in Veteran Sweepstakes at the 2008 ARC National Specialty.


Yngo at the 2008 Canadian National Specialty.
Yngo didn't win, but his daughter, Simone, won Best in Specialty Show!!!


Yngo at the 2009 Toronto Sieger show, at 10+ years of age!


Yngo's Birthday Pages

Click Here to see Yngo's 9th Birthday Celebration Page!


Click Here to see Yngo's 10th Birthday Celebration Pages... Page 1   Page 2   Page 3


Yngo's 11th Birthday was as fun as ever!
We don't have nearly as many photos to share, but want to thank everyone who sent gifts.
Yngo is particularly fond of the HUGE dinosaur from Kay & Bob Willmarth!!!

Yngo (almost) stacked at 11 years.


It's Yngo's 12th Birthday and we celebrated by buying a new house!!!
Yngo thinks that a yard full of un-marked trees is the best Birthday present yet!!!


"If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard."
                                                                                           ~  From The Wizard of Oz