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Nova ~ CH Esmonds Supernova HIC, CGC (Back)
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Tie ~ Esmonds Timing is Everything HIC (Front)



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On Christmas Morning...I wish,

For every dog searching trash cans for breakfast,
a filled bowl with his name printed in bright letters.

For every dog who slept fitfully last night, chained in a frozen yard,
a soft, warm bed with a person snoring gently nearby.

For every shelter dog, spending Christmas morning in a soiled run,
a forever home, filled with sounds and smells of family.

For every "Christmas" puppy given today, a tolerant,
caring owner who won't abandon you as you grow into a real dog.

For every ailing pet, enough money for your owner
to pay the bills to make you well.

For every lost dog, a clear, safe road, and well marked path, to lead you home.

For every old and tired friend, a warm fire, and a soft bed, to ease your aches and pains.


For every Heart Dog at the Bridge, 
a moment when you know that you are remembered today,
missed again, and loved forever.

~ Author unknown


December 30, 2006

Griffin is AKC Tracking Certified!!!!!


December 23, 2006

Joe now has 8 MX legs and 4 MXJ legs!!!

New webpages up for Yngo/Hannah puppies...
Ayce, Bravo, Brutus, Flex, Mojo, Ruby, Hoss & Bailey


December 22, 2006

Gavin's OFA prelims are in... Hips Excellent/Elbows Clear!!!!!


December 20, 2006

Takoda earns her AKC Canine Good Citizen Certificate!


December 17, 2006

Patton wins a Four Point Major on Friday in Cleveland, Ohio!!!
Mia wins a Four Point Major on Sunday at the same show!!!!!!!!

Gable completes his UKC CDX title with a 195 1/2!!!

Rebel finishes his RN title with a perfect score and 4th place
and scores a 198 1/2 and is 3rd place in Novice B obedience!

Goldi earns RAE legs #6 & 7 and Flirt earns RAE leg #3!!!

Juna earns her NADAC Novice Agility Certificate and Tunnelers title!


December 10, 2006

Nova is WB/BOW/BOB both Saturday and Sunday at the
Credit Vally Dog Show to finish her Canadian Championship!!!
Oz is WD/BOS and Best Puppy both days as well for two points!

Charm earns her AKC TD title at the Pecatonica Tracking Trial!!!

Thor is WD/BOW in Biloxi, Mississippi all four days putting him
at ten points with both majors!!!
Mia is WB/BOS on Friday in Boston, Massachusetts!


December 1, 2006

Juna passes her AD and BH and Aspen passes her BH
at the 2006 USRC Schutzhund Nationals in Texas!

Tonka is V-2 Rated at the same show!!!

Richter completes his AKC Rally Novice title!

Joe now has 6 MX legs and 2 MXJ legs!!!


November 30, 2007

Iza is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!!!!!!!!!


November 27, 2006

Mia is Winners Bitch all four days in Springfield, Massachusetts!!!
Atlas now has 10 AKC points (one major) and two Rally Novice legs!!!


November 26, 2006

Nova is Winners Bitch for two more points!
Benelli is WD/BOW for three points to finish his Championship!!!!!

~ At the RCC Specialty ~
Nevar finishes his CKC CD title with a 194 1/2 and first place!
Friday is RWB and Best Puppy in Specialty at her very first show!!!
Oz is Best of Opposite Sex in Sweepstakes!
~ At the All Breed Show ~
Benelli is WD/BOW/Best of Breed and GROUP 1!!!!!!!
Oz is RWD and Best Puppy in Breed!
Bianka earns her first CKC CD leg with High Scoring Rottweiler!

Benelli is WD for two points at the Caledon Kennel Club show!
Nova was WB/BOW/Best of Breed for three points at the same show!!!

And back home in the US...
Roberta earns her AKC TD title at just eight months of age!!!
Goldi earns RAE leg #5 and Flirt earns RAE leg #2 in Wisconsin!


November 19, 2006

Jetta completes her RE title with two first placements!
Jada is RWB to a Major in Syracuse NY and earns her RN title!
Juna passes the ATTS Temperament Test!

Dorlee earns her AHBA HCT title!!!

Beckham passes her cardiac and CERF clearances!
Spencer & Ryngo both pass the CERF exam!


November 12, 2006

Elke finishes her AKC Championship with a third major
in Springfield, MO.  Congratulations to Paula and Roger Louvier
and breeder/co-owner/handler, Julia Foster!

Diesel completed his CKC CDX title with a first place
plus earnd a bonus leg on Sunday with another placement!
Nevar earned his first two CKC CD legs, both with second placements!

Jetta passes the CKC TD test in Ft. Erie, Ontario!!!

Moxee finishes her RE title!!!!!
Richter earned his second RN leg!!
Jerome earned his second NJP leg with another first place!

Tie passes her Herding Instinct Test!


November 11, 2006

Happy 11th birthday to the best dog I've ever known...Gambol!


November 6, 2006

Richter has hips and elbows prelim'd and both look great!
Lucy also has hips prelim'd and they look good too!


November 4, 2006

Charm earns her Schutzhund III title on her first attempt!
She was also High Scoring Schutzhund 3 and pronounced!
Big congratulations to owner/handler Lynette Nehmer!!!!

Patton is WD/BOW in Ft. Wayne, Indiana for a 3 point major!

Rio completes his AKC CD title!

Toro earns his AKC TD title!!

Breve earns her first RN leg and her dam, Roca earns her RA!

Tudie and Boo both pass their CGC certification!


October 31, 2006

Beckham's OFA comes back... OFA Good Hips/Clear Elbows!!!


October 28, 2006

Mia is Winners Bitch at Greater New York Rottweiler Club Specialty!

Dorlee passes her TR1 at the Empire Working Schutzhund Club!

Roberta is AKC tracking certified at exactly 7 months of age!


October 27, 2006

Jetta and her mother, Izzie, both earn their AD and BH titles!!!!!

Sparky went for his OFA Hip and Elbow prelims and both look great!

New webpage up for Beckham!


October 24, 2006

Benelli makes the cover of his local newspaper!!!


October 23, 2006

Great news from the Pecatonica Tracking Test in Illinois...
Duck earns his AKC TD title (and VCD1) at 8.5 years of age!!!!!
12 month old Sparky and 6.5 month old Aiden also earned thier TD titles!!!

Every dog we took to the Herding Instinct Test Passed...
Ely, Oz, Bianka, Nova, Bourbon, Hazel, Clare and Montana
Thank you to Sue Jewell of Have Ewe Herd? in Barrie, Ontario!
There are photos up on each dog's page...

Buca finishes his CKC CD title!!!!!

Joe completes his AXJ title and has four MX legs!
Goldi earns her second MJP leg!!!
Jerome completes his NAP title and earns his first NJP leg
both with first placements!!!!

Elke is Winners Bitch in Springfield, IL on Friday
and WB/BOW/Best of Breed on Monday for four more points!!!
Mia is Winners Bitch in West Springfield, MA for one more point!

Harry completes his Rally Novice title!


October 15, 2006

We had a fantastic time at the MRC Specialty!!!
Congratulations to all of the winners...

The week started off wonderfully at the MRC Tracking Test where
Goose earned her AKC TDX and Juna earned her AKC TD!!!!!

Patton was Winners Dog/Best of Winners from the 12-18 class!!!
He also was first in his Futurity class and won Best Jr. Male in Futurity!

Sparky won his 9-12 class and was Reserve Winners Dog at
his very first AKC show!!!  He also placed in the Futurity!

Aiden won his 6-9 Futurity class and placed in the regular class!
Nova, Roberta and Elke all placed in their regular classes!

Charm made all of the cuts in the Best of Breed ring and also
earned her 3rd RAE leg with first and second placements!!
Charm was also inducted into the MRC Hall of Fame!
Housemate, Blitz, also earned an RAE leg with placements!

Rebel finished his AKC CD title with a 197.5!!!!
He also earned his second RN with a placement!

Goldi earned RAE leg #4 and Nevar earned RE leg #1 with a first place!

Elsewhere this week...
Dorlee earns her AKC Tracking Dog title!!!!!
Luka earns his AHBA Started Title!
Griffin passes the ATTS Temperament Test!
Clare passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!
Toro was AKC Tracking Certified!
Juna earns RAE leg #5!
Richter earned his first RN leg!
Harry earned his second RN leg!
Devlin passed her OFA Hip and Elbow Prelim!
Aspen and Lucas passed the CERF!


October 3, 2006

Aiden is tracking certified at just six months of age!!!


October 1, 2006

Bianka passes her BH at the Ganaraska Schutzhund Club!
This was a "scored" BH and she was High Scoring BH in trial!!!

This was a good weekend for the Yngo/Roca kids...
Jazz is V-2 Rated at the West Coast Landesgruppe show!
Blitz earns two AXJ legs with first placements for both!!!
Breve earns her AHBA JHD!!!

And for the Yngo/Izzie kids...
Jerome earns his first two NAP legs with first placements for both!
Jetta earns her RA title and also her first RE leg!!!

Gavin is also VP rated at the WCL Seiger Show!

Mia and Jada both pass their OFA Cardiac and CERF exams
and Jetta passes her OFA Cardiac exam!


September 24, 2006

Thor is Winners Dog for a Major at the 2006 Dogwood Specialty
and wins another major on Sunday for his first six AKC points!!!

Nova is WB/BOW/Best Puppy at her first CKC show!
Dodger is Best of Breed at the same show!!

Charm earns another USRC Regional V rating, putting her
one step closer to the USRC Gold Merit Award!

Envy completes her RAE title with placements in both classes!
Goldi  earns her 3rd RAE leg!
Flirt earns her 1st RAE leg!

Gable earns his first two U-CDX legs with placements!!
Son, Rebel, earns his first AKC Rally Novice leg!

Sparky gets AKC Tracking Certified!

And Goose passes her CERF exam!


September 17, 2006

This was a truly great weekend all across the country...

In New York, Iza earned her IPOIII title - 96-86-91'a'!!!
At the same trial, Dorlee passed her BH!
Up the road, Minty and Flapper earned their AKC TD titles!!
And still elsewhere in NY, Jetta earns her NAJ with a first place!

In California, Atlas was Best of Breed over three specials
for a 3 Point Major!!!

In Illinois, Bailey completed her AKC CDX title!!!
Elsewhere in Illinois, Norris earned his CGC Certificate!

In Wisconsin, Flirt finished her Rally Excellent title
while Envy earned RAE legs #'s 7 & 8!!!

In Alaska, Kaleb is Best Male Puppy at the Sieger Show!
And both Kaleb and Karisma earned their CGC Certificates!!!

And, in health news, Goose passed her OFA Cardiac screening!


September 14, 2006

Please visit Callie's remembrance page


September 8, 2006

Congratulations to Kathy Howse and Gabe for
earning their AKC UD at the Colorado Mile High Specialty!

Moxee earns her first Rally Excellent leg at the same show!

Etta passes the CERF!


September 7, 2006

Yngo finally gets the watermelon.....
  Click Here to find out more!


September 4, 2006

Luka earns his AKC PT title!!!

Envy earns her 5th & 6th RAE legs
and Goldi earns her 1st and 2nd RAE legs!!!

Juna earns her UKC CD title!
Sister, Jetta, earns her first AKC CD leg and first RA leg!

Dorlee passes the ATTS TT test!

Isis passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!


September 1, 2006

New webpage up for the Yngo/Hannah Puppies!!!


August 29, 2006

Meet Simone!!!

And...New photos of Sparky!


August 27, 2006

Rio is WD/BOW at the 2006 Northstar Rottweiler Club Thursday
Specialty for a four point major, plus earns his RN title in three trials,
and earns two CD legs, one with a 196.5/2nd place and HS Rottweiler!!

At the same show...
Goldi completes her RE title with placements and earns her first MJP leg!
Nevar completes his Rally Advanced title with two first placements!
and Envy earns her first four RAE legs also with several placements!

Plus, Rebel earns his second CD leg with a 3rd place at the Specialty
and Flirt earns her second RE leg as well!

In Wisconsin, Nevar and Iza both finish their UKC Championships
and Goose earns her first 35 UKC points!!!

In California, Kaos earns his AKC HSAs (Herding Started) title!!!

In Kansas, Juna finishes her Rally Excellent title and also earns
3 RAE legs...with seven out of eight runs earning placements!


August 20, 2006

Jetta earns her first two NAJ legs with 1st placements
and her first OA leg with a third place!!!

Lucy and Toro both pass the CERF!


August 18, 2006

The Yngo/Hannah pups have arrived...
6 Males and 2 Females via frozen semen!!!


August 13, 2006

Jetta earns her CKC Agility Novice (Ag.N) title with placements!!!
Moxee completes her Rally Advanced title with a placement!

Luka comes back OFA Good!
Atlas passes the CERF!


August 9, 2006

Bailey, Minty, Bianka, Ely & Hazel all pass the TT test!
Ely, Arlo and Hazel also pass the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!

And...New pictures up of the Yngo/Maya Litter!


August 7, 2006

Bianka is WB/BOW at the RCC Barrie Booster on Saturday
and WB/BOW/Best of Breed on Sunday and Monday
to finish her Canadian Championship!!!

Jetta earns her first U-CD leg with a placement!!!
Sister, Juna, earns her first two U-CD legs with placements also!
Aspen also earns her first U-CD leg!

Both Atlas and Blitz Jr. passes the ATTS Temperament Test!
Atlas also passes his Cardiac exam and Kaleb passes his CERF exam!


July 30, 2006

We attended the SWRK Independant Sieger Show with good results...

Sparky was VP-1 and Best Male Puppy!
Nova was VP-1 and Best Female Puppy!
Patton was SG-1 and Youth Sieger!!!
Nevar and Charm were both V-1 Rated!

In Rally, Nevar earns his first RA leg with a first place!
Goldi earns two RE legs with placements also!
Charm earns her first two RAE legs with placements!
And across the country, Jazz completes his RE with two firsts!!!

Plus, Rebel is entered in obedience for the first time and
earns CD leg #1 with a score of 195!!!!!

And, Kaleb is BOB and Group 1 at his puppy match!


July 26, 2006

Diego's OFA's are in... Excellent Hips, Clear Elbows, Normal Heart!

WOW!!!  Buca's come back also... Excellent Hips, Clear Elbows!!!!!!


July 22, 2006

Jetta earns her AKC NA title with a 2nd place!!!
Sister, Juna, completes her AKC Rally Advanced title!


July 21, 2006

New webpages up for the Elvis/Emma pups...
Tie, Friday, Takoda, Skye, Tzara
Oz, Flash & Gryffin


July 20, 2006

Lucy passes her CERF
Yngo passes his OFA Thyroid re-check


July 18, 2006

Hannah is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!!!


July 16, 2006

Rebel is Best of Breed both days in Kishwaukee, Illinois!


July 15, 2006

New webpages for the Oso/Bailey pups...
Aiden, Baron, Bond, Bristol, Clare, Lucas,
Mario, Montana, Otis, Roberta & Titus

And for the Yngo/Xena pups...
Karisma, Daigo & Glory


July 9, 2006

We had a great time at the Woodstock Specialties...

Cooper was WD/BOW/BOB for 3 points!!!
Elke was WB/BOS for one point!

Saturday Specialty:
Cooper was WD/BOW for 5 points!!!
Elke was WB for 3 points!!
Iza was Best of Opposite Sex!

Saturday All Breed Show:
Elke was WB/BOW for 4 pts!!!
Tudie was RWB!

Sunday Specialty:
Minty was Best in Sweepstakes!!!
Tudie was RWB!!!
Iza won the Award of Merit!

Sunday All Breed Show:
Elke was WB/BOW for 3 points to finish in four straight shows!!!!!!!
Tudie won Best Puppy and RWB!!!

We are proud to say that elsewhere,
Devlin earns her AKC Rally Novice Title!
Gable earns his AKC Rally Excellent Title!!
Bailey earns her AKC Rally Excellent Title!!
Jerome earns his APDT Rally Level 2 Title!
Breve passes her Temperament Test and CGC!!
Harry earns his HCT!

In California, Kaos has a fabulous herding weekend...
He won first place in large all breed classes
AND Reserve High in Trial BOTH days!!!!!
He now has two AKC HSAs legs!


July 5, 2006

Great health news...

OFA Reports are back for our four Gable/Beca pups...
Rebel, Caygeon & Griffin are all OFA Good/Elbows Clear!!!!!
Sister, Dorlee, is OFA Excellent/Elbows Clear, Thyroid Normal!
(Rebel, Caygeon and Griffin are Cardiac/CERF clear as well)

Yngo's two year old litters had OFA Results come back as follows...

Yngo/Roca...8 puppies...two awaiting results...
Breve comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear!!!
Blitz comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear!!!
Dodger comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear!!!
Bradaigh comes back OFA Excellent/Elbows DJDI unilateral!
Jazz comes back OFA Good/Elbows DJDI unilateral!
Moxee comes back OFA Good/Elbows DJDI unilateral!
(all of these pups are Cardiac/CERF clear as well)

Yngo/Etti...4 puppies...two awaiting results...
Elke comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear, Thyroid/Patella Normal!!!
(Elke is Cardiac/CERF clear as well)
Mason comes back OFA Fair/Elbows Clear!!

Yngo/Dezi...1 puppy in this litter...
Bianka comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear, Thyroid/Patella Normal!!!
(Bianka is Cardiac/CERF clear as well)

Yngo/Rose...6 puppies...two awaiting results...
Mia comes back OFA Good/Elbows DJDI unilateral, Thyroid/Patella Normal!
Atlas comes back OFA Excellent/Elbows Clear!!!
Segen comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear, Thyroid/Patella Normal!!!
Tonka is OFA Fair/DJDI bilateral, Patella Normal!
(Segen and Tonka are Cardiac/CERF clear as well)


Gable, Rebel, Nevar, Goldi and Flirt also pass their Patella screening
in Illinois and Gambol, Iza & Envy pass Patellas here in Canada!

Bradaigh passes her CERF and Nevar passes his re-CERF!


July 4, 2006

We also spent one day showing in Blythe, Ontario...
Patton was WD/BOW to finish his Championship!!!!!
Minty was Best of Breed and made the cut in the group!


July 3, 2006

Results from Peterborough Ontario...
Friday, Patton is WD/BOW/BOB for 2 more points!
Saturday, Mia is WB/BOW/BOB for 2 more points!
Sunday, Patton is WD for another point while
Mia is WB/BOW/BOB and GROUP 4 for five points!!!
Monday, Mia is WB for two points to finish her Championship!!!
Patton is WD/BOW/BOB for 2 points, putting him at eight total!

Luka earns his first AHBA JHD leg!
Breve earns her first AHBA STDd leg!!


July 1, 2006

Maya whelps her Yngo puppies...
4 Males and 1 Female via frozen semen!!!


June 29, 2006

Our Bobcaygeon Kennel Club Results...
Patton is WD Tues/Wed and BOW Thursday for 3 pts!
Mia is WB Thursday for her first point, owner handled!!!

Iza is BOB on Tuesday & Wednesday!
On Thursday, she and daughter, Nova, spent the day shooting
a Hyundai for it to air soon!


June 28, 2006

It's official...
Beca is the Top Producing Bitch in Breed History in Canada!!!!!


June 25, 2006

Elke earns her UCI Int'l Championship, going Best of Breed,
Group 1/Reserve Best in Show along the way!!!

Kaleb is RWD/Best Puppy and Puppy Group 3 at his first all breed show!

Blitz earns her AKC OA title!!!
Sister Breve earns her AKC PT title!!

Toro completes his AKC Rally Novice title!!!

Jetta earns her first two AKC Novice Agility legs with 1st placements!

Diesel earns his second CKC CDX leg with a 3rd place!!!
And Buca earns his second CKC CD leg as well!


June 18, 2006

Luka earns his AKC HT title!!!
Richter earns his HIC at the same test!

Rebel is Best of Breed in Grayslake, Illinois!!!
Benelli is WD in Pennsylvania for his first two AKC points!!

Harry earns his first RN leg!

And, at the UKC Premier...
Nevar was Best Male/Best of Winners on Friday and Sunday!
Iza was Best Female/BOW/BOB and Group four on Saturday!!!
Iza also earned two U-CD legs and was also the only Rottweiler
to pass the UKC Family Obedience title (similar to the BH), placing
4th in a VERY large class!  This qualified Iza as the only
Rottweiler at the Premier to earn the UKC Total Dog award!!!


June 11, 2006

We had a great time in Orono, Ontario...

On Friday, Bianka won WB/Best of Breed!

On Saturday, Minty won WB/Best of Breed and Group 4
for four points to finish her Championship!!!  She also won
her age group in the all breed sweepstakes!
And, Iza completes her CKC CDX title!

On Sunday, Iza won Best of Breed/Group 4 and earned
an extra CDX leg!!!


In Arizona, Ness finishes her Rally Advanced title!!

In Missouri, Elke is WB/BOW/Best of Breed for another point
plus passes her Canine Good Citizen test!

In California, Atlas is Winners Dog for two more AKC points!


June 6, 2006

New photos of the Emma/Elvis puppies are up!!!
A few new photos of Ely also!


June 3, 2006

Caygeon is WB/BOW/Best of Breed for three points at
Erie Shores Kennel Club to finish her CKC Championship!!!

Brother Rebel, was Best of Breed in Stone City, Illinois!!!

Daddy Gable earned his UKC CD title with placements!!

And, up in Alaska, young Kaleb earns his Rally Novice title!

Plus, Flapper earns her CKC Agility Jumpers title and
Jada earned her first HCT leg!!!


May 31, 2006

New pictures of Emma's Puppies!
New Photos of Rio, Minty, Dodger, Jetta, Nova & Clare


May 28, 2006

In the USA...

Iza earns her Schutzhund III title on her first attempt!!!

Charm earns her Schutzhund II with 270 'a' and High Protection!!

Kaos finishes his AKC CD title with a 195.5/1st place and
earns his AKC RN title as well!

Blitz earns her AKC Open Jumpers (OAJ) title!!!

In Canada...

Bianka is Best of Breed in Richmond Hill, Ontario,
both Friday and Saturday for her first four Canadian points!!!
Minty is Reserve Winners bitch (to Bianka), each day!

Diesel earns his first CKC CDX leg with a first place!!!

Buca earns his first CKC CD leg with a fourth place!


May 23, 2006

Duck is AKC Tracking Certified!!!


May 21, 2006

A wonderful weekend for four generations...

Minty is Best of Breed in Kitchner, Ontario for two more points!
Mother Goldi completes her AJP title and earns one AXP leg!
Grandma Gambol finishes her Rally Advanced title...
Making her sire, Chance, eligible as an ARC Silver Sire!!!

Rio is V-3 Rated at the 2006 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show!

We're also proud of Kaos, who recently earned his JHD title,
as well as two CD legs and two RN legs!!!

Plus, Toro passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!

And...please help us to welcome Clare!
(Click Here to see new photos of the rest of Clare's litter)


May 15, 2006

Our ARC National Results...

Patton wins Best in Sweepstakes!!!!!!
He was also 3rd in his Futurity class!

Toro was 3rd in his Sweepstakes class as well!

Flapper earned her TD, RN, NAJ and is now an AKC VCD1!!!!!
Her housemate, Slider, earned her CDX and RN titles!!

Benelli earned his Carting Started title (CS)...our first pup to do so!!

Joe earned another MX leg!

Envy completed her NAP title and is Reserve High in Trial!

Iza earned her Rally Excellent title with a first place in Excellent B!

Goldi, Flirt and their housemate Callie earned their Rally Advanced titles!!
Flirt earned her first Rally Excellent leg as well!

Gambol, Bianka, Jerome, Juna & Joy all earned their RN titles and RA legs!

Diesel earned his first CDX leg and also his RN title!!!

Nevar, Benelli, Dorlee, Aspen, Timber, Jetta, Minty & Tasha all
earned their Rally Novice titles, as did Elvis and Magnum!

Bob & Toro each earned two RN legs!
Devlin & Joy each earned one RN leg!

Bianka, Patton, Buzz-B, Timber, Devlin, Spencer, Bob, Nova & Dugan
all passed the Canine Good Citizen test!

Patton, Otto, Thor, Griffin & Flapper all passed their OFA Cardiac!

Yngo and Gambol received their ARC Gold Production Awards!
Quilla and Beca received their ARC Silver Production Awards!
Iza & Envy received their ARC Versatility Excellent Awards!!!


May 14, 2006

Good news from all over the country...

Out in California, Atlas earns his first AKC point!

In Washington, Blitz earns her second OAJ leg!

Up in Alaska, Kaleb earned his first Rally Novice leg!

Down in Tennessee, Lexa and Titan both earn their Rally Excellent
titles and Lexa earns her first CDX leg!!!!!


May 10, 2006

Emma and Elvis' puppies (3 Males & 5 Females) have arrived!!!


May 6, 2005

Rebel finishes his AKC Championship at the same show
that his sire, Gable, finised at several years ago!!!

Gable also earned two Rally Excellent legs!!

In Missouri, Elke is WB/BOS for another AKC point!

In New York, Etta earned two Rally Novice legs!

Patton passes his CERF!


May 2, 2006

Xena whelps 1 Male and 2 Female puppies!!!


April 30, 2006

Tressy turns 14 years old!!!!!!!

Blitz comes back OFA Good/Elbows Clear!

Luka passes his TC (similar to TT) and CGC!!!


April 24, 2006

LOTS of new Bailey Puppy Photos are up!!!


April 23, 2006

Yngo earns his AKC TDX title at the MRC tracking test!!!
CLICK HERE to see the video of Yngo immediately following his TDX...

Daughter, Goose, earns her AKC TD title at the same show!

Daughter, Flapper, earns her AKC NA and two NAJ legs
with first or second placements for every leg!!!

Daughter, Isis, earned her first AKC RN leg!

Congratulations also to Tammy Ausloos and Blaze for their
High in All Breed Agility Trial this weekend!!


April 17, 2006

New pictures of Bailey's Puppies!!!

And new pictures of Dodger, Otto and Nova!


April 13, 2006

Lexi passes her Therapy Dog Evaluation!


April 11, 2006

Emma is confimed pregnant via ultrasound!!!!

New pictures up of Ely, Bianka, Griffin and Etta


April 10, 2006

Richter passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!!!


April 9, 2006

Flirt finishes her AX and AXJ titles!!!
Goldi earns an AJP leg!
Tammy's corgis do fabulously as well!

Flirt's new titles also make Quilla an ARC Gold Dam!!!

Flirt's daughter, Ness, finished her AKC CD and also
earned the first leg of her Rally Advanced title!

Jerome earns his APDT Rally Novice (R1) title!!!

Iza earns her first CKC CDX leg with a 194/1st place!


April 7, 2006

ARC Top Ten invites are rolling in...
Bailey made the top ten for Breed, Obedience & Rally!!!
Goldi made the top ten in agility for her 4th year!
Joe made the top ten in agility for his 2nd year!
Charm and Blitz both made the top ten for Utility!!!
Charm also made the top ten for Rally Novice!


April 3, 2006

Xena is confirmed pregnant!!!!!


April 1, 2006

Flirt completes her UKC Agility Championship!!!!!

Charm and Blitz both finish their Rally Excellent titles!

Charm's new title also makes her dam, Beca, eligible as an
ARC GOLD DAM with only 10 puppies on the ground!!!!!

Blitz Jr. earned her first OA and OAJ legs with first placments!

And, ten month old Buzz-B earns her first AKC CD leg!


March 28, 2006

Bailey's Pups have arrived!!!!!
8 Males and 3 Females...all are strong and healthy!


March 24, 2006

Both Flirt and Goldi earn their AKC Rally Novice titles
and Duck earns his first two RN legs!!!  Flirt also moves
up and earns her first RA leg with a first place!

Lexa earns her first two Rally Excellent legs!!!
Juna earns her first RN leg also!

And, Aspen passes her OFA Cardiac screening!


March 23, 2006

Tonka passes his OFA Cardiac certification!


March 21, 2006

2006 breedings announced for Yngo!


March 19, 2006

Charm finishes her AKC Championship with back to back
four point majors in Louisville Kentucky!!!

Elke was RWB (to Charm) at the same show on Sunday, and
Rebel was RWD to four point majors both Friday & Saturday!

Iza finishes her AKC CDX title with placements for every leg!

Joy and Jaden both pass the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test!


March 14, 2006

Rebel passes the CERF, his sire Gable passes his re-CERF!


March 13, 2006

Benelli passes his Therapy Dog Certification!!! pictures of Nova!


March 10, 2006

New webpages up for the Yngo/Trya kids...
Etta, Tai, Hazel, Hogan & Romeo


March 4, 2006

Ely wins Best of Breed and also wins the Puppy Group
in Orangeville, Ontario!

Charm and Blitz both earn their first two RE legs!!!

Caygeon and Bianka pass their OFA Cardiac screening!!
Jaena and Minty pass their OFA Cardiac and CERF screenings!


February 25, 2006

Duck earns his UKC GRACh title, triple qualifying and
earning 1195 points out of his possible 1200 points for the day!!!


February 21, 2006

Bailey is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!!!


February 20,  2006

Both Ripley and Iza finish their AKC Championships in Buffalo, NY!

In Markham, Ontario...
Ely is WD/BOW/BOB/Best Puppy both Saturday and Sunday
to finish his CKC Championship at 9 months!!!
Caygeon is WB/BOS Fri/Sat/Sun for six points!!
Minty is WB/BOW/BOB/Best Puppy on Monday for two points!

Elke earns her AKC TDX title in Lexington, Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moxee earns her AKC CD and RN titles plus two RA legs in Colorado!

Flapper and Slider are AKC Tracking Certified!

Patton is Best of Breed/Group 2 at his first match!

Diego passes his CERF screening!



February 15, 2005

New webpages up for Tudie, Gavin and Boo!

Juna has Hips & Elbows prelim'd and both look Excellent!
She also passes her OFA Cardiac screening!!!


February 12, 2005

Rebel thrills us by going WD/BOW at the Indianapolis Hoosier
Rottweiler Club Specialty for a five point major!!!!!

Rebel's sire, Gable, wins the Open B class at the same show!

Charm is WB in Indy on Sunday, for a four point major
and was AKC Tracking Certified on Saturday!!!

And Iza earns two CDX legs with placements there as well!

Plus, all the way in California, Lucy was AKC Tracking
Certified at only four and a half months of age!!!!!!!!!


February 5, 2005

Juna is AKC Tracking Certified!!!
And her housemate, Zeus, earns his mixed-breed TD!

Buca passes his Canine Good Neighbor test!

Ness, Mia and Segen pass their OFA Cardiac exam!!!


January 29, 2005

Elke wins her second major in Wentzville, Missouri!
Charm is RWB to Elke at the same show!!!
Charm and Blitz both complete their RA titles!!!

Rebel is BOW in Illinois for another point!!!

And in health news...
Emma, Ely, Ness and Bianka all pass their CERF!
Luka passes his OFA Cardiac exam!
Jerome receives his OFA prelims...Good Hips/Clear Elbows!

Plus, we finally have SUPERDOG VIDEO!!!  See Flapper in Action!


January 22, 2005

Duck earns his fourth U-GRACH Leg!
Goldi earns her first U-ACHX Leg!
And Tammy's corgi, Slick, earns his U-AGI! 

Plus, Beckham finishes her AKC CD title!!! 


January 20, 2005

New webpages are finally up for...
"R" Litter - Ruckus, Ryngo, Spencer, Norris & Axl
"S" Litter - Nova, Bob, Sparky, Kaleb, Richter, Dugan, Bourbon & Karbon
Nordike/Ault Litter - Timber, Lucy, Devlin, Isis, Zora & Toro

And, click here to see Ynka's own webpage...


January 19, 2005

Aspen passes her Canine Good Citizen test!


January 15, 2006

Our first show of the year is Hamburg, NY, and the results were fabulous...
Our pups earned One major and SEVEN working titles!!!!!!

Iza is WB/BOW/BOS for her second major plus earns her RN and RA titles!
Emma earns her AKC CDX & RN titles in three shows, plus her first RA leg!!
Flapper earns her AKC CD and is HIGH IN TRIAL at the ARC Regional!!!
Envy completes her AKC Rally Excellent title in three shows!
Ripley earns his AKC RN title in his first three attempts as well!
Ely wins his class every day plus Best Puppy the day there was a competition.
Mia also wins her class two of the three days she was shown!

In other parts of the country...
Blitz earns her NA and NAJ titles, both with first placements!
Jazz earns his first RE leg with a first place as well!
Goose is AKC Tracking Certified!!!


January 8, 2006

Ness earns her BH!!!
Goldi and Flirt both earn their first two AKC RN legs!

And Tonka is WD/BOW for his first two AKC pts., owner handled!!!!!

In Memory of Sam

January 1, 2006  

2006 is here already.  While we normally cannot believe how quickly a new year arrives, in this case, we are thankful that it has.  2005 was a difficult year here at Esmond Rottweilers, with three devastating losses, two canine...our beloved Karma and little Zora.   The other, our dear friend Wayne Buck, whose recent loss we are all still trying to come to terms with.   In showing dogs, often the biggest worry we have is whether or not we'll win on any given day.  It's too easy to lose sight of how truly blessed we are to share our lives with special individuals, whether they be our human companions or canine ones.  Our New Year's resolution is to take a step back and remember what is really important in life...   To enjoy the moments we have with those we love...  To realize that success in dogs is measured by the friendships we forge, not the number of shows that we win.  

We are pleased to have built new relationships, through Yngo, with several breeders in 2005.  Namely John & Jeanine Belbin (Allerhochst Rottweilers - Australia), Pauline Karalia (Deerwood Rottweilers - New York), Cheri Hagen (Stoneridge Rottweilers - Alaska), Donna Anderson (Hemlock Rottweilers - New York) and Kathy Lovan (Halo Rottweilers - Indiana).  We wish each of these breeders the very best in the future with their Yngo litters and look forward to building friendships with each puppy owner.  We are also pleased to have worked with stud dog owners Valerie McGraw and Chris & Chalase Peddicord to produce our 2005 litters.  We couldn't have asked for better stud dog owners!

We also welcomed aboard the following first time Esmond Rottweiler owners in 2005:  Tara Arndt, Cathy Krell, Katherine Hoffman, Judy Fahy, Steve Paschkewitz, Davis & Suzette Hahn, Caroline Kinghorn, Bill & Cassie Costilla, Mike & Nora Koski, Stan & Sue Bowman, Denise & Joe Null, Craig & Kristin Watson, Cassi Rochin, Carol Hayes, Lisa & Don Byrd, Lucy Newton, Ralph & Jeane Klietsch, and the Neuciler and Henderson families.  Although we've known most of you for many years, we are thrilled to have you finally join our own "family". 

As always, we are very proud of all of our owners, whether their pups are directly from us, or produced by Yngo for other breeders.  Each continues to exceed our expectations, both in and out of the rings.  We would like to thank the following owners and their dogs for their accomplishments in 2005:

Nancy Gannon & Duck ~ U-AGI, U-AGII, U-ACh, U-AChX
Tammy Ausloos & Envy ~ OA, OAJ, AX, AXJ, U-AGII, RN, RA
Tammy Ausloos & Goldi ~ U-ACh, OAP, OJP
Rich Spetka & Gable ~ Am UD, Can OTCh, PT, HTD1, RN, RA
Larry Bzdon & Iza ~ Am TDX, SchHII, AD
Mike Vickery & Joe ~ AX, NAJ, OAJ
Cassie Levy & Emma ~ SADC
Lynette Nehmer and Charm ~ CDX, UD, SchHI, BST, NA, NAJ, OAJ, RN, TT, TDI
Sue Ann Wolf and Kaos ~ Am PT, CGC
Sue Trout and Flapper ~ Can CD
Donna Wielert and Bailey ~ Can Ch, VST, Am/Can CD, RN, RA
Crystal Freeman and Lexa ~ Am CD, RN, RA, TT, CGC
Tammy Ausloos and Nevar ~ Am/Can Ch, TT, HIC, CGN
Jen Herrington and Ness ~ U-Ch, RN
Rich Spetka and Rebel ~ Am TDX, HIC, CGC, TDI
Alex Monroe and Dorlee ~ Can TD
Katherine Hoffman and Minty ~ Can TD, HIC, CGN
Elisabeth Waldspurger & Rumpel ~ Am TDX
Paula Louvier & Elke ~ Am TD
Theresa Buck & Ripley ~ Am/Can CD, TT
Cheryl Carruthers & Diesel ~ Am CD
Chantal Ross-King & Tia ~ Can Ch
Tod/Connie Willerton & DD ~ Can Ch
Hedy Rankin & Jazz ~ Am HT, Am PT, JHD, RN, RA
Bob Collis & Dodger ~ Can Ch, TT
Jennifer Woodley & Moxee ~ BH, WH, CGC
Colleen Ronan & Beckham ~ RN, RA
Beth Jackson & Blitz ~ RN, RA, JHD

Plus, Yngo pased his FH,  Ripley, Charm and Iza were all V-1 Rated,
Ripley, Iza and Elke had AKC Major wins, Nevar, Iza & Bailey won BISS/BOSS,
Benelli, Chance, Bleu, Caygeon, Mason and Lexi also passed their TT,
Mason, Caygeon, Patton, Arlo, Goose, Luka, Jaena & Jerome passed the HIC,
Benelli, Caygeon, Griffin, Goose, Jetta, Juna and Jada also earned their CGC!!

Wow! Even I am overwhelmed typing this...These titles have made Yngo, Beca and Quilla eligible as ARC Silver sire/dams and Gambol eligible as an ARC Gold Dam!!! Thank you to each and every owner!

We wish you all the happiness and success possible in the New Year!

                                                                                 ~ Ann & Mike