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Yngo's 10th Birthday Celebration

Welcome to Page Two of my 10th Birthday Celebration!!!

I am so lucky to have friends that send me things!  The ladies at the post office are always waiting to "see what Yngo gets next!"

Thank you to all of my kids who sent me cards and photos also!
I hope that all of you celebrate your 10th birthdays and beyond!!!


All the way from California was a Green Screechy Cuz from Crystal & Cliff Wyatt and Siena and Piper!
I was glad to see this, as my other one no longer sqeeks.

I played with this outside for awhile.  Of course, there is no video, sorry...

And then I quickly snuck it in the house and put it in the toybox!  Since there is another like it, they'll never even notice (hee hee)
Then, when Mike is watching TV, or Ann is on the phone...  Or maybe even while they're sleeping
I will suprise them with SCREEEEEEECHHHHHH!!!!! 


Since I was in the house anyway, I snuck one of the puppy toys outside.
I am not supposed to play with puppy toys, but it IS my 10th birthday, 
and I'd already gotten away with stealing a toy off the counter AND breaking a camera,
so I felt that it was a safe risk to take.  Plus, those puppies ARE my grandpups after all!

I chose "My Pretty Pony" 
My feeling is that I am secure enough in my manhood to play with her.

As you see, I played very carefully, so that I didn't wreck a puppy toy.
I'd say that I did a pretty good job and think that no one will even notice that I'd had her. 

Before...                                 and After...           

Mike and Ann just shook their heads...


Because they felt I needed a more "Manly" toy, I got to open Ann's present next!!!

I've known this tug was around for some time now.  Ann bought it in DECEMBER, when she was in Ohio
and made me wait all this time for it.  I really think that was mean. 

I knew all along that it was on the fridge.  I may be getting older, but my nose still works just fine!


Next, I got another "Man Toy" from Frank and Cheryl Carruthers and Diesel & Friday!!!

This tug had a ball on the end of the rope, but I quickly took that off and killed it.
I then thrashed around for a while, hitting myself with the tug.  It was lots of fun!!!

I played with the rope and was very careful not to kill the tug itself though.
I am hoping that next time Frank visits, he'll play tug with me.  Frank is VERY good at playing tug!
I'll save this one for when he visits.  With only a slimy slippery rope to hang onto, he'll never stand a chance!!!


Last, after playing with ALL of those toys, there was a RED WUBBA!!!!!
The original, XL sized, Red Canvas Wubba!  My all time favorite!
This one was from Elizabeth Lewis and Uno.

Elizabeth is a smart lady.  She sent a note with me saying that she bought red so that it wouldn't show any blood!
I wonder who I can find to play Red Wubba with me???

Drats!  No takers after the blood comment (what's a few bleeding fingers between friends???)
No worries, Red Wubba and I can frolic just fine on our own!



I also got a WAY cool toy from Michelle Pare and Buca.
It's a Rabbit that is flat!  He has no stuffing!!!

This toy is AWESOME!!!
It feels like a real dead rabbit (not that I'm supposed to know what the feels like)
And... Because it is so soft, I'm allowed to play with it IN THE HOUSE!!!

I spent a lot of time shaking the Rabbit.  But eventually he went flying through the air and

One thing I am sure of is that even if it is my 10th birthday, I am NOT allowed to go in the puppy playpen.
And certainly not on the same day that I broke a camera!!

Those puppies do not look like they intend to give my Rabbit back either!

(I guess this is payback for the aforementioned "Pretty Pony")


BUT... Just when I thought I was out of luck for the rest of the day,
Diane Hetherington and James Smith came to visit!

I love love LOVE when Diane visits! (remember the Fleecy Wubba from last year?)
Diane brought several toys, new bones, a CAKE (yum!!!) AND...

Another Camoflage Wubba!!!!!

This was really the best day ever!!!


Thank you to all of my friends, and my kids and grandkids, who helped to make my 10th Birthday PERFECT!!!

Ann & Mike told me that from here on out, I can do whatever I want!!!
I don't have to listen, am allowed to jump on the counters, can bark at them, and can have ice cream any old time for no special reason!!!

All I have to do is keep celebrating Birthdays and these new (non)rules will stay in effect.
That sounds easy enough to me!!!


Hey, Guess What???
My Birthday was 10 weeks ago and I'm STILL receiving presents!  This is GREAT!!!
CLICK HERE to see photos of me with my "after-birthday" toys.