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Yngo's 10th Birthday Celebration


After waiting all year, I am FINALLY getting another Birthday Party!!!

I'm 10 Years Old Today!!!

Untouched photo of Yngo at age 10 ~ The sunlight from behind him really WAS odd, giving Yngo this "cardboard cutout" appearance.

It's My Birthday!!!!!

First, Ann made me do some silly stacking to show off how handsome I still am!
She then had the nerve to complain that the lighting was bad and want to do more and more and more!


I told Ann that she has enough handsome photos of me
 and that it was time for MY PRESENTS!!!!!

C'mon Mike!  What's in the boxes??? 

Yahoo!!!!  It's a Pirate Chicken from Jacqui Woodhall, Ryko and Montana!!!
I adore these chickens and have another named Henrietta who wears a bikini and who has withstood lots of shaking over the years. 

Here is some VIDEO of me with my new Pirate Chicken.  Listen to all the cool sounds he makes!!!

Ok, I'm not really sure how that happened!  Sorry Jacqui!

Next, I got the coolest Orange Orangutan from Kay & Bob Willmarth and Bo and Fire!
I spied him just sitting helplessly on a rock, so I figured he needed some CLOBBERING!!!

Here I am shaking him to death... VIDEO 1   VIDEO 2

After that, we wrestled for awhile!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Orangutan!!!


After that, I opened a seriously great tug from Moe Mullen, Kathy Bach, Devlin, Rogan and Jaden!

On a scale of 1-10, I would give this tug a twelve!!!!
This tug not only has THREE squeekers, but if you shake it REALLY HARD, it whaps you in the head!
And, when I was all done with it, it was not even ripped!!!  Yipee!  I'll get to play with it over and over and over again!

I frolicked with it a bit, click here to see... VIDEO 1    VIDEO 2

And then I pretended to bring it to Ann (with a mouthful of grass).  But right when I got near, I just HAD to Stop, Drop and ROLL!!!


Next, I got a really soft and fluffy blue puppy from Norma Dikeman and Timber!
I stole this puppy from the kitchen counter, which is something I'm not supposed to do,
but I know that Norma likes naughty dogs the best, so I did it anyway!!!   VIDEO

I spent a lot of time with this puppy.  Because he is so light and fluffy, he really flew when I tossed him!
Then I pounced him and smashed him and rolled with him!  I LOVE my puppy!!!    MORE VIDEO


And finally, after all that playing, shaking and killing...
Just when I thought I couldn't possibly play with even one more toy...
There it was!!!  WUBBA!!!!!!

Last year, the people at the Kong Co. saw my birthday webpage and sent me FOUR new Wubbas!!!
Most of them have met with untimely deaths during the past year however, so I was very happy to get a new BLUE Camo Wubba
from Jacqui Woodhall, Ryko and Montana.  As you can see, I DID have enough energy left for Wubba!!!  Here is a VIDEO!


We took a break for awhile, Ann & Mike kept saying something about me "killing myself" with new toys.
Then, I found out that there was another whole box of stuff!!!



The first in the new box was an EGGE from Hedy & Jim Rankin and Jazz, Ella and Dinah!!!
I've really wanted one of these and was VERY excited to see it!!!

I learned that if I scoot the EGGE under me,
I can shoot it out from between my hind legs!!!
I did that over and over and over again!

Then, something very bad happened.

Ann tried to get behind me for a photo of me shooting the EGGE through my back legs and...
I shot it so hard that it flew up and BROKE THE VIDEO CAMERA!!!

Uh Oh!  

I've learned the hard way over the years that I am supposed to be very careful around cameras and puppies.
Thankfully, I have never broken a puppy, but I have finally broken a camera!

I'm sure glad it's my birthday!

Ann can never stay mad at me for long, but she did tell me that I am not allowed to play with the other EGGE
(thank you Kay & Bob) until the cameras are all put away. 

So, we have no photos of me with my orange EGGE (but believe me when I say that I really enjoyed it!)
AND, all future videos will look like this:  VIDEO

Thank You Jim, Hedy, Kay and Bob for the EGGES!!!


The good news is that I still have a lot of toys to open! 
Use these links to see Page 2 and Page 3 of My Birthday Celebration!