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Yngo's 9th Birthday Celebration

Yngo's 10th Birthday Celebration

Welcome to Page THREE of my 10th Birthday Celebration!!!

My Birthday was ten weeks ago, but everyone who drops by
brings me gifts still!  Being Ten Years Old is AMAZING!!!

My first "After-Birthday" toy was the new Bull from Beth Jackson and Blitz.
Beth lives in California, so gave the Bull to Ann at ARC.

Of course, Ann only had one small carry on bag, which the Bull would not fit into,
so had to carry it through all the airports and through customs.

I was told that lots of people looked at her funny, and that one man even offered to buy the Bull for his kids.
I would have been really angry if Ann had said yes.  Because it was my Birthday, she said no, and he arrived safely in Ontario.

Where I proceeded to shake and kill him!!!!


I have a new Alligator too, from the same maker as the Bull!  Alligator came from Barb and Cassie Young
and was supposed to be for the puppies, but as you see, the puppies all went home.

I'm certain they wouldn't have wanted him to go to waste, so I adopted him. 


 Next, I got a chicken in the mail from Judy Fahy, Harry, Eddy and the Cattle Dogs.
I checked it over well to make sure that no Cattle Dogs had their lips on MY CHICKEN!

Once that was determined, Cassie and I played and played and played with him.       


 In with the Chicken was a Sheep, also from Judy.
This Sheep makes a very loud SCREECHING noise which I LOVE!

Ann makes the Sheep live on top of the fridge, something about him giving her "migraines"?
I don't know what migraines are, but I know I love to SCREECH my Sheep!


After that, Lisa Byrd arrived with a Monster for me!
I love my Monster and spend a lot of time carrying him around.
Cassie also plays fetch with me and my Monster.  See her face in the picture?
That's because she knew I was thinking about clobbering her!!!


I also got my new Rope!!!
Thank you to Steve Paschkewitz for donating this rope in the auction and to
Sprite and Aspen for winning it for me!

This is a super big rope and I love playing with it because it really makes people jump out of the way.
That's okay, just more opportunity for me to have the rope all to  myself!

Here I am trying to look cute, in order to lure Ann closer to my rope.
I wonder what she'd do if I broke another camera???


And just in time for Summer, I got a Green Water Wubba from Mike and Nancy Gannon!!!
Here I am doing what I do best...


I also have a new Hedgehog from Perri Yinger and Darci Proctor.
You'll notice that half of his face and both of his feet are missing.

This is because of Stoopid Jill!

I also got another Pirate chicken from Trish Barrett, a good lime green tug from Cathy & Diana
and a squirty water toy from Perri and Darci.  Unfortunately, all were killed before Ann could photograph me with them.

You know what they say about payback though...
Here I am with Jill's favorite new Dragon...Prepare to be beheaded Dragon!!!

Cruncha Cruncha...Take that Jill!



Thank you Frank and Cheryl Carruthers for the cool - awesome - incredible Hockey Glove!!!

First, I had fun opening it.  I sent the box flying at Tammy's head and made her scream.
That was Great!

Next, Mike played with me.  I showed him that I still had a full hard grip, just like he taught me in Schutzhund.
That made him say some words that can't be repeated here.  I guess the gloves were not nearly as padded as they appeared?

Just between you and me, I'm pretty sure he was having fun too.
But I did get the gloves all to myself for awhile...

Thank you to everyone for making my entire 10th YEAR so wonderful!!