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Yngo vs. the Watermelon


Yngo's newest obsession is watermelon!
No, he doesn't want to eat it...he wants to destroy it!!!

It's all Mike's fault really...

I normally buy 1/4 of a watermelon, neatly wrapped in cellophane, but a few days ago Mike came grocery shopping with me. Grocery shopping with Mike is always an experience, as he is determined to double my time at the store while he price compares  His most recent discovery was that buying a whole watermelon saves about $4 (although since I'm the only one who eats it, Mike is ignoring the fact that 3/4 of it will go to waste anyway) I digress...Since it was easier to buy the watermelon than argue the point, for the first time ever, a whole watermelon was sitting on my counter.

Fast forward to last night. I was sitting upstairs and suddenly heard a terrible, wailing, pitiful voice that usually means Yngo wants a bitch in season. But no one is in season, I realize...

Mike went into the kitchen to find Yngo, paws up on the counter, resting his head on the watermelon and singing it some sort of "please roll off the counter" serenade. Yngo knows better than to actually pull things off the counter, so barked wildly at Mike, his way of "asking politely". Mike attempted to show him the watermelon, which went disasterously of course, and there we sat, listening to the sad, sad song.

The next day, Mike said "Just give him the @&%*! Watermelon!"

When I reminded him that it was $6 watermelon, we laughed, trying to count up the number of $6 toys Yngo has ruined throughout his lifetime.


Click the links below to see the video progression...
Watermelon 1   Watermelon 2   Watermelon 3   Watermelon 4


Yuck...this doesn't taste good at all!

It really comes apart nicely when shaken though!!!

Maybe I'm all done...



Thankfully, the girls were more than happy to do clean up!