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Chili wins High in Trial at the Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!


Deacon wins Best Baby Puppy in Show his first time in the ring!!!


Blue wins Best in Specialty
at the 2016 Colonial Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!


Tryst wins Best in Specialty
at the 2016 Rottweiler Club of Canada Region (BC) Specialty!!!


Kay Willmarth and Bo complete
their UDX title in Novi, MI
and also earn 17 OTCH points!!!


Tammy Ausloos and Tie finish
the UKC GRACH title just a few
weeks after earning their MACH!



Latest News


The Surfer/Rumor pups (4 Males & 2 Females) were born December 19, 2016!!!
Click on the photo above to watch these pups grow up.


December 30, 2016

Bling completes her AXJ and Novice Fast titles with placements for both!!!

Nox earns his Farm Dog (FDC) title!!!


December 18, 2016

Wizard takes the honor of top Rottweiler at the 2016 National Agility Championships!!!
Bling earns her first MACH points!!!


December 11, 2016

Jag is Select Dog all three days in California for 7 GRCH points including a major!!!

SOLA! earns all three legs of her CKC CD in one day with three first placements!!!
Jude completes his AKC CD title!!!

Flint earns his first two AXJ legs!!!
Sunny earns two NADAC TN-I legs!!!
Nox earns his first NADAC TN-I leg!!!


December 4, 2016

Nox earns all three legs of his Coursing Ability title!!!

Dante earns two more RATCH legs!!!
Reese earns her RATN title!!!


November 27, 2016

Khaleesi earns her HSAd and HSBs titles as well as Reserve High in Trial!!!


November 20, 2016

Chip is Winners Dog all three days in Columbus, Ohio!!!

Bling earns her first AXJ leg with a first placement!!!


November 13, 2016

Bo earns 22 OTCH points, wins High Combined and earns his UDX2 title!!!
Rhett completes his AKC CDX and RN titles!!!

Oonagh finishes her AKC OA and OAJ titles!!!


November 4, 2016

Kong wins Select at the Alaska Working Group Specialty for a GRCH Major
and wins an Award of Merit at the Alaska Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!

Tara (Gable/Clover) finishes her AKC CDX!!!

Bling completes her AX & OAJ titles and earns her 2nd NF leg!!!
Beejus earns two AKC NA legs, on NAJ leg and two NF legs - all with first placements!!!


October 23, 2016

Beejus wins Best of Opposite Sex at both Cincinnati Specialties!!!
Chip is WD at the Saturday Specialty!!!

Ellie earns 50 UKC points and also a Group 3!!!

Dante earns more masters legs toward his RATCH!!!

Strider finishes his AKC Master Fast title!!!
Oonagh earns an AKC OA leg with a first placement!!!

Della completes her AKC Rally Excellent title!!!


October 16, 2016

Tryst wins a Group 4 and Group 2, and wins Best Brace in Show with Pan!!!

Beejus finishes her AKC Coursing Ability title!!!
Valor earns his RATS (Senior Barnhunt) title!!!


News from the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty

Nox wins an Award of Merit at the 2016 Medallion Rottweiler Club specialty!!!
He also earns his Carting Started and Rally Advanced titles!

Grant wins the veteran obedience class at MRC with a score of 198.5!!!
Rhett earns both his CS and CI titles!!!
Dante earns RAE2 leg #2 at MRC!!!


October 11, 2016

Wizard completes his MACH5 title and earns his first QQ toward MACH6!!!
Strider earns QQ #12 toward his MACH!!!
Pixie completes her AKC MXB title!!!

Chili earns the AKC HT and PT titles!!!

Ellie earns two AKC Rally Excellent legs!!!
Jude finishes his UKC RO2 title with High in Trial!!!


October 2, 2016

Nox wins BOB and Group 2 (owner-handled), then wins back to back owner-handler
Best in Show wins, along with earning a Rally Advanced leg!!!

Bling earns an AX leg and an OAJ leg, both with first placements!!!


September 25, 2016

Ellie finishes her AKC Grand Champion, owner-handled, with a 5 point major!!!

Beejus earns her NADAC NAC and TN-N titles!!!

Rose completes her HIAd title!!!


September 18, 2016

Chip wins Best of Breed in Ohio!!!

Great weekend for Bo in Michigan, earning two more UDX legs with
two High in Trial wins and 5 more OTCH points!!!


September 11, 2016

Tie earns for Master Barnhunt legs!!!


September 5, 2016

Della finishes her AKC Championship with a third major!!!
Jude finishes his AKC Championship - owner handled!!!

Wizard earns QQs #18 and 19 toward his MACH5!!!
Strider earns two more MF legs!!!

Ike completes his Started Duck title!!!
Rose earns two legs toward her Intermediate Herding title!!!

August 28, 2016

Chili wins High in Trial at the Northstar Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!

Flint completes his AKC OAJ title, making him eligible for the VCD2!!!


August 21, 2016

Tryst wins two Group 3s and a Group 4, owner-handled, in British Columbia!!!
Blue wins Group 4 in New York!!!
Kong is BOSS at the Alaska Specialty and helps win Best Jr. Handler!!!
Della wins BOS for two more AKC Points!!!
Deacon wins Best Baby Puppy in Show in New Brunswick!!!

Ellie earns two legs of her ASCA CD with first placements!!!

Strider earns QQs #10 and 11 toward his MACH!!!
Rumor earns her first OA leg!!!

Kaiser wins High in Trial in Advance A course ducks!!!


August 14, 2016

Sulley (Surfer/Pebbles) finishes his CKC Championship in one weekend with a Group 2!!!
Della earns another AKC point in Ohio!!!

Strider finishes his AKC CDX title!!!

Ellie finishes her AKC Rally Advanced title!!!

Dante completes his RATM (Barn Hunt Master) title!!!
Tryst earns two more CAX2 legs!!!


August 6, 2016

Kellen wins three back to back four point majors to finish her AKC Championship in Ohio!!!

Rumor now qualifies as an ARC Bronze Producing Dam!!!


July 31, 2016

Kong wins back to back 5 point majors to finish his AKC Championship!!!
Della wins every day in Ohio for three more AKC points!!!
Chip is WD on Saturday in Ohio for an AKC point!!!

Strider earns his first AKC CDX leg with a 197!!!

Kellen completes her AKC Rally Excellent title!!!

Reese earns her RATI title and her first RATN leg!!!


July 24, 2016

Nox wins BOS in Texas for a GRCH major and earns his RATI title!!!


July 16, 2016

Tryst is the first dog of all breeds to earn the CAX title in Canada!!!

Khaleesi wins the Chet Backus Memorial Trophy at the Seista Herding Trial!!!
Ike earns the ASCA Started Ducks title!!!

Jude finishes his AKC RE title!!!
Grinch completes his CKC Pre-Novice and RA titles!!!

Dante earns four legs toward his RATM title!!!


July 10, 2016

Sunny is Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at the Texas Specialty!!!
Kong wins 5 point and 3 point majors in Alaska!!!

Rayne completes his CKC CDX title!!!

Jag earns both legs of his AKC HT title!!!

Wizard earns two more QQs toward his MACH5!!!
Strider earns QQs #7 & 8 toward his MACH!!!
Daisy finishes her CKC NJS title!!!


July 4, 2016

Beejus finishes her CKC Championship with multiple group placements from the classes!!!

Tryst earns two more CAX legs!!!
Lyric earns her first CA leg!!!


June 26, 2016

Pan wins seven AKC points on the Montana circuit!!!
Ellie finishes her IABCA International Championship!!!

Sarge earns a 197 on Saturday and 198 on Friday for the "non-OTCH" High in Trial!!!
Tryst earns his AKC CD with three first placements and his RN title with all perfect scores!!!
Kellen earns her AKC Rally Advanced title and her first RE leg!!!


June 19, 2016

Surfer completes his AKC RAE title!!!
Della (Surfer/Pebbles) earns her AKC Rally Advanced title!!!


June 12, 2016

Jag wins Best in Sweepstakes and an Award of Merit at the California specialty!!!

Loki wins Group 3 at the Ontario County Kennel Club Show!!!
Pan completes his CKC Grand Championship!!!

Georgia finishes her CKC Ag.N (Agility Novice) title with a placement!!!
V completes her CAX (Coursing Excellent) title!!!

Jude earns an AKC Rally Excellent leg with a first place!!!

Tryst earns his CKC CA title and first advanced leg!!!


June 5, 2016

Loki finishes his AKC Championship with back to back majors at Purina Farms!!!
Jude is WD for a five point major in Condord, NC!!!

Strider earns MX leg #5, MXJ leg #9 and QQ #4 toward his MACH!!!


May 29, 2016

Jag finishes his AKC Championship - Breeder/Owner Handled!!!
Bantu finishes his AKC Championship - Owner Handled!!!
Loki is WD/BOW for a major in Bloomington, Illinois!!!

Bo earns two more UDX legs and additional OTCH points in Michigan!!!

SOLA! earns her Tracking Dog Excellent title!!!

Rose completes her HSAd title with a first place!!!
Breve earns her HSAd title with a placement!!!

Strider earns MQQ #3 toward his MACH!!!
Sunny earned her TG-I plus Qs in tunnerls and chances in NADAC agility!!!
Oonagh earns an OAJ leg with a first place!!!

Grinch earns his CKC Rally Novice title!!!


May 22, 2016

Loki is WD/BOW on Thursday and Friday and WD/BOW/BOS on Sunday
in Marietta, Ohio for his first six AKC points!!!

Strider earns another QQ toward his MACH and finishes his XF title!!!
Wizard earns another QQQ toward his MACH5!!!

Grinch earns his first two CKC Pre-CD legs!!!


May 15, 2016

Blue (Gable/Clover) wins Best in Specialty Show at CRC!!!
Della wins Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes at CRC!!!

Jill earns her Tracking Dog title!!!

Wizard wins High in Trial in Agility!!!
Bling completes her AKC OA title!!!

Bo earns two more UDX legs and 4 OTCH points!!!
Strider earns his second AKC CD leg with a placement!!!

Blue and Beejus pass the TT test, Blue and Sully also pass the CGC!!!

Spencer wins the CRC Seger Award and the ARC Mirko Medallion and Anvil T.R.U.E award!!!


May 8, 2016

Loki passes the BH!!!
Sarge finishes his AKC CD with a score orf 195!!!

Wizard is High Rottweiler in Trial at the CRC/ARC companion trial!!!
Strider earns his first QQQ toward his MACH!!!
Bling earns her AKC OA title with High Rottweiler in Open at the CRC trial!!!

Tie completes her RATS title!!!

Daisy earns her CKC Rally Novice title!!!


April 30, 2016

Loki wins Group 2 and Group 3 on Friday and Group 1 on Saturday
at the Victoria County Kennel Club show!!!

Nox is owner-handled to Best of Breed in Texas, plus finishes his
AKC BN and RN titles with placements!!!

Jude earns the AKC PT title!!!

Wizard earns another QQQ toward his MACH5!!!


April 24, 2016

Georgia wins BOB and Group 3 in Petewawa, owner-handled!!!

Jude completes his AKC Rally Advanced title!!!

Bling earns her RATS title and earns two Masters Qs!!!
Dante earns his RATS title!!!
Tie earns her RATO title!!!


April 17, 2016

Jag is WD/BOW in California for his second major!!!

Ike completes his AKC CD title!!!

Strider finishes his AXJ and OF titles!!!
Bling completes her NAJ title and earns her 2nd OA leg!!!

Toro earns his RATN title and his first RATO leg!!!


April 10, 2016

Tryst wins BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at the Rottweiler Club of Canada Specialty!!!
Group 2 and Group 3 at the Renaissance Dog Show in B.C.!!!

Pan is Select Dog on Saturday at the same show!!!
Lyric earns her first CKC CD and RE legs!!!

Jude earns his first AKC PT leg!!!

Strider earns his first AKC CD leg with a 196 and a placement!!!
Ike completes his RA, NAP and NJP titles!!!

Tie earns her RATN title and earns two RATO legs with High in Class!!!


April 3, 2016

Bo is High in Trial and High Combined in Michigan for five more OTCH points!!!
Daisy earns her CKC Pre-CD title!!!


March 27, 2016

Tryst is BOB both days and Group 4 on Saturday in Alberta!!!
Jag is owner-handled to WD/BOW in California for his first AKC major!!!
Kong (Surfer/Pebbles) is BOW in Alaksa for his first AKC point!!!

Nox earns both legs of his AKC HT title!!!

Flint earns his first OAJ leg!!!
Jude earns two AKC RA legs with first placements!!!


March 20, 2016

Della (Surfer/Pebbles) wins a 4 point major in Louisville!!!

Strider finishes his AKC AX title earning 28 MACH points!!!

Coach earns his first AKC RE leg!!!
Keno (Pilot/Jemme) finishes his AKC RA and earns BN leg #2!!!

Spencer completes his AKC THDD, the highest available Therapy Dog
title for achieving over 400 visits!!!

Chip (Surfer/Pebbles) passes the Canine Good Citizen Test!!!


March 12, 2016

Sunny completes her NADAC NAC title!!!
Ike earns two legs of his AKC NJP and one NAP leg!!!

Sumo finishes his AKC RN title!!!


March 6, 2016

Ellie earns four AKC GRCH points in Missouri!!!

Strider finishes his AKC OAJ and NF titles!!!

Aspen and Toro both complete the RATI title!!!
Daisy earns her Advanced Scent Detection title with High in Trial!!!


February 20, 2016

Jag is WD/BOW for two more AKC points!!!

Strider completes his AKC OA title with a first placement!!!
Sunny earns her NADAC Novice Tunners title!!!


February 13, 2016

News from the Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty weekend...

M (Surfer/Maggie) finishes her Championship Thursday and wins an AOM Friday & Saturday!!!
Beejus finishes her Championship at Friday's Specialty and is also Best in Sweepstakes!!!
Ellie finishes her Championship on Saturday!!!
Della is Reserve Winners at both Specialties!!!

Wizard makes the finals at the 2016 Westminster Kennel Club Agility Championship!!!


February 7, 2016

Bantu wins back-to-back four point majors in Missouri!!!
Kellen wins three more AKC points in Atlanta!!!

Surfer earns RAE legs #5, 6, & 7!!!
Della earns her first AKC RA leg with a placement!!!


January 31, 2016

Beejus is WB each day in Chicago for four more AKC points!!!

Tie fnishes her UKC GRACH title!!!
Wizard earns another QQ toward his MACH5!!!
Strider completes his AKC NJP and earns his first OA leg!!!


January 24, 2016

Beejus is WB for a Four Point Major in Michigan!!!

Bo completes his UDX title and earns 17 OTCH points!!!
Itchy finishes her AKC CD title and also her RATI title!!!

Loki earns all three legs of his AKC RN title with placments and earns his RATI title!!!
M (Surfer/Maggie) earns her second AKC RN leg with a placement!!!

Sunny completes her NADAC Novice Jumpers title!!!


January 17, 2016

Stevie is WB in Florida both Saturday and Sunday to finish her AKC Championship!!!

Khaleesi earns her HSAs title and also her first HSAd leg with a first place!!!

Bling earns her first AKC OA leg!!!

Ellie finishes her AKC Beginner Novice title!!!
Surfer earns four AKC RAE legs!!!
Della earns all three AKC RN legs!!!


January 10, 2016

Kellen is WB/BOS both Saturday and Sunday n South Carolina for her first AKC point!s!!

Sarge earns his first two AKC CD legs with scores of 196 & 195.5, both with firsts!!!
Sunny completes her AKC Graduate Novice title and earn and HIC leg!!!

Nox earns his first two BN legs and both legs of the AKC HIC title!!!
Flare earns her first two RA legs!!!


January 1, 2016

Wizard earns another QQQ toward MACH5!!!

Strider Qs 7 of 8 of his first agility trials, earning all three legs of his AKC NA,
two legs of his NAJ and two legs of his NF titles with five first placements!!!


2015 Recap

Well, another year is behind us.  Each year, I think that perhaps our year end recap will not be so chock-full of news and titles.  However, every year our puppy owners surpass our wildest expectations.  2015 went by so quickly that I can barely recall all of the details.  Of course, that could also be the result of getting older.  We're also finding  that, because of the number of co-bred litters, we have trouble keeping all of the details organized.  If I've missed anything below, please do let me know so that I can add your update. 

In our own household, our focus continues to be the gift of friendship that our dogs bring us.  We currently have six dogs in our home, after losing my beloved Nova last year.  Our personal dogs achieved the following in 2015:

Albert - ARC Versatility and Versatility Awards
Simone - ARC Gold Dam Award
Itchy - HT, PT, Am RA (thank you to Sue Ann Wolf), Can CD & ARC Silver Dam Award
SOLA! - Can CH, RN, RA, RE, CS & CI
Loki - Can CH, UKC CH/BIS, TD, TT, HIC, CGN, Top Ten Rottweiler (Canada)
Hope - As always, Hope continues to be our friend and bed warmer extraordinaire

We added a new face to our household in 2015 and what a beauty she is!  Derby was co-bred with Peggy Langdon & Nan Faile and is co-owned by Pearl Thompson.  Derby immediately bonded with Mike and they've become quite a formidable pair, winning Best in Show from the classes their first weekend out and ending up in the Top Ten after just three weekends.  Derby also won Multiple Best in Show wins for her UKC Championship and was Select at the 2015 Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty.  Thank you to Don and Pearl Thompson for letting us bring Derby to Canada!

2015 also brought two co-bred litters to our Esmond Family:

The Surfer/Pebbles Ice Cream Litter, co-bred with Barbara Young, brought us eight pups and helped us to welcome four new owners to our extended family: Angie Parsons of Newfoundland, Jeanine Ciszak of Pennsylvania, Jeannine McDowell of Ohio & Matt & Joy Keller of Michigan. 

The Vado/Itchy Singleton, Jag, co-bred with Sue Ann Wolf and Monique Latteier and born in California.
As you can imagine, with just a singleton, Sue Ann chose to keep Jag.  He's off to a promising start.

We are thankful that each of these co-breeders and we look forward to what the future holds for these pups!


As always, my favorite thing to do at year end is to put together our yearly list of accomplishments.  Congratulations to each and every dog and owner on this list.  We are so proud of every one of these dogs and owners!

2015 titles earned...

    Tammy Ausloos & Tie ~ MXF, MACH, ARC Bronze Dam
    Tammy Ausloos & Rumor ~ OAJ, OF
    Tammy Ausloos & Dante ~ CAX, RATN, RATO
    Tammy Ausloos & V ~ CAA
    Cathy Krell & Aspen ~ MRC Hall of Fame
    Cathy Krell & Sunny ~ CDX, IAC
    Dawn Phillips & Tryst ~ CD
    Dawn Phillips & Pan ~ Can CH
    Dawn Mulcahey & Rose ~ STDs, STDd, OAP, OJP
    Dawn Mulcahey & Ike ~ STDs, BN, PT
    Kelly Skiptunas & Spencer ~ THDX, CRC Silver Achievement Award
    Tammy Snyder & Flint ~ CDX, TD, NJP, NAP, OAP, VCD1
    Darci Proctor & Skye ~ VER, VX
    Karen Carroll & Takoda ~ NW1
    Jennifer Woodley & Kaiser ~ HSBd, HIBd, VX
    Jeff McCrea & Rayne ~ RA
    Elaine Swancer & Wizard ~ MACH4, FTC
    Lucy Newton & Steel ~ OB1, TR1
    Kay Willmarth & Bo ~ OM1
    Rich Spetka & Grant ~ UD, U-CD, CS, CI
    Lisa Byrd & Chatty ~ CD, RAE
    Perri Yinger & Clover ~ ARC Bronze Dam
    Nancy Gannon & Teal ~ CD
    Bill Costilla & Valor ~ CD, BN, RATN, RATO
    Kerri Laird & Tatum - MXJ
    Cyndi Kepner & Reese ~ NA
    Katherine Hoffman & Daisy ~ ADC, SGDC, DOT, Agn.S, D-S(Sp)
    Chrystal Freeman & Talon ~ IPO1
    Andrea Parker & Justice ~ CD, RE
    Barb Doering & Pixie ~ MX, OF
    Carol Jones & Abbey ~ Am CH, RA, RE, CS, CI, DJ, DS
    The Hayes Family & Kenya ~ Am CH
    Cee Fender & Sumo ~ CDX
    Sue Trout & Pie ~ RN
    Andrea Bauer & Daphne ~ Am CH
    Tracey Bradley & Georgia ~ RN, RA
    Rachel Meehan & Chili ~ CD, GN, CS
    Renae Kelly & Oonagh ~ NA, NAJ
    Mona Boord & Khaleesi ~ CDX, RA, RE, TDX, HT, PT, JHD, ARC Versatility Excellent
    Michelle Amtower & Jude ~ RN, U-RO1
    Debbie Sherman & Bling ~ NA, RATN, RATI, RATO
    Diane McKinney & Nox ~ Am CH

We also had 5 pups pass the HIC, 7 pass the TT, and 11 pass the CGC or CGN.


While there were many highlights in 2015 and we'd like to congratulate the following extraordinary achievements:

Tryst finished the year as the #1 Rottweiler Overall in Canada (Breed and Obedience)
Tie becomes Esmond Rottweilers first Champion/MACH
Spencer received the Mirko Medallion and Anvil True Awards for his many hours of Therapy Work
Usher completed his MACH7, the highest MACH achieved by a Male Rottweiler in breed history

2015 also saw strong showings for our pups and also the Yngo pups and grandpups at the Specialties.  Congratulations to the following winners:

Tudie ~     Hoosier Rottweiler Club Best in Specialy Show
Surfer ~    Mile High Rottweiler Club Best in Specialty Show
Tryst ~      Canadian National Sieger Show V-1 & Most Beautiful in Show
Stevie ~    WB/BOW/Select at the American Rottweiler Club National Sepcialty
Derby ~    Medallion Rottweiler Club Select Bitch
Gavin ~    B.C. Regional Specialty Award of Merit
Daphne ~ Northstar Rottweiler Club Winners Bitch
Patton ~   Medallion Rottweiler Club Best in Veteran Sweepstakes
V ~            Medallion Rottweiler Club Best of Opposite in Veteran Sweepstakes
Spencer ~Colonial Rottweiler Club Best Veteran and BOS in Veteran Sweeps
Rumor ~   Medallion Rottweiler Club Brood Bitch Winner
Beejus ~   Greater Cincinnati Rottweiler Club Best in Sweeps, Northstar Rottweiler Club Best in Sweeps
                 & Seminole Rottweiler Club Specialty BOS in Sweeps
Sully ~      Canadian National Sieger Show Best Male Puppy

It was also a great year for High in Trial wins, with pups winning HIT in nearly every venue in 2015.  Congratulations to Kay Willmarth and Bo, Rich Spetka and Grant, Andrea Parker and Justice & Rachel Meehan and Chili for winning High in Trial in Obedience; to Kathy Howse, Jen Woodley and Kaiser for winning High in Trial in Herding; to Elaine Swancer and Wizard, Renae Kelly and Herja & Tammy Ausloos, Tie and Rumor for winning High in Trial in Agility; to Carol Jones and Abbey for winning High in Trial in Carting and to Chrystal Freeman and Talon for winning High in Trial in IPO!!!  You are truly the best of the best!

There are hardly any Yngo pups left in the rings - it feels like the end of a legacy with so few Yngo puppies from other breeders left to congratulate here.  However, we are proud to say that Gavin earned his UD, CS and CI titles in 2015, that Usher completed the MACH7 and that Blitz earned the RATS.  Congratulations to all!

The co-bred pups did well again this year also with Luke (Renee/Kaz), Cruz & Yolo (Ted/Clover) and Ditto (Surfer/Maggie) finishing their AKC Championships, Blue (Gable/Clover) finishing his AKC Grand Championship and Epic (Gable/Clover) finishing her Canadian Championship.  Quite a few of the co-bred pups also earned obedience, rally and other titles and, although I'll miss some if I try to list them all here, we hope that you know we're very proud of all that you have accomplished during the past year.

Because of our jobs and scheduled judging assignments, we are trying hard to wind down our show and trial schedule significantly.  However, we will be cheering all of our friends and puppy owners on to success as always!

                                                                            Ann & Mike