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Yngo van het Dornedal ~ April 21, 1999 to August 17, 2011 
If there is a Heaven, it will be filled with big sticks, blue lakes, small children and ice cream.
Every day will be your birthday and you'll never be asked to let go of a sleeve again.
Thank you for bringing us together as a family.  You will never be forgotten.

The Simone/Oz Puppies
Have Arrived!!!
Click the photo above to view.

Congratulations to Cassie Levy.  Ely wins three more group placments and
finishes his CD and RN titles the same weekend!!!

Congratulations to Elaine Swancer and Wizard on earning the AKC UDX title!!!

Congratulations to Cassie Levy on Ely's Group 1 Win!!!

Itchy wins Best of Opposite Sex at the 2011 Rottweiler Club of Canada Ontario Regional Sepcialty!!!

Congratulations to Jen Perry on Tango's Best Puppy win at the 2011 RCC Ontario Regional!!!

Congratulations to Lois Eid and Usher on earning their MACH2 and AKC UD titles!!!

Please help us to welcome back Bailey and Aiden.  They will live out their lives here with us in Canada.   Thank you to all for the many offers of assistance, but we do feel strongly that the dogs should be kept together.

Godspeed Donna, you left us far too early.  We miss you already.

Congratulations to Lisa Boucher and Lucas on their Back to Back High in Trial wins!!!

Congratulations to Elaine Swancer and Wizard on their ARC National Obedience and Agility High in Trial wins!!!

Congratulations to Pat and Ron Carkowski on Coach's 2011 ARC Select Award!!!

Congratulations to Kathy Lovan and Tudie on winning BISS at the 2011 Hoosier Specialty!!!

Click Here to view the pups from our 2011 OOPS Litter

Please visit our new 
High in Trial page!

Good luck to Jill as she begins Search and Rescue training with Lucy Newton!




December 18, 2011

Grace wins a four point major at the ARC Region VIII Specialty in Orlando!!!
Tudie wins a Select award at the specialty as well!!!
Nevar/Sydney puppy, Lucy, earns eight points, including two majors in Ohio!!!

Flare earns MX legs #5, 6 & 7, plus two QQs and 79 MACH points!!!
She also earns her first Graduate Open leg and 2nd Versatiliy leg!!!

Jill earns all three legs of her Beginner Novice title with two first placments!!!
Steel earns his first two Beginner Novice legs with a placement as well!!!


December 11, 2011

Luna (Gable/Jetta) finishes her AKC Grand Championship in Texas!!!
Sunny wins three GRCH majors and finishes her BN and RA titles!!!

Takara earns her CPE CL1 title!!!


December 5, 2011

Nevar/Tess son Grog earns his first two CDX legs with scores of 195 & 197
and he also finishes his Rally Excellent title!!!


November 27, 2011

Chatty wins a major and also finishes her AKC RN title with all placements!!!

Tie completes her AKC OAJ title and earns two T2B legs with firsts!!!


November 20, 2011

Lorenz passes his SchHII test and Juna earns her OB3!!!

Titus earns his first AKC UD leg with a first place!!!

Teal earns her AKC TDX title!!!
Takara earns her CKC TDX title!!!

Flare earns MX leg #4 and 19 MACH points!!!

Talon passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen certification!!!


November 13, 2011

Ely wins two Group 3s and a Group 1 at the Georgina Kennel Club show!!!
Spencer wins two more AKC GRCH majors!!!
Kaiser finishes his AKC Championship!!!

Usher completes his MACH3 title!!!

Norris finishes his AKC CD and RA titles!!!
Grant earns his second AKC CD leg with a first place!!!
Chatty earns her first AKC RN leg with a first place!!!
Kennedy earns her first AKC RN leg!!!


November 6, 2011

Wizard completes his UDX2 and OM2 titles!!!
Kennedy finishes her AX and XF titles!!!


October 29, 2011

Ely is Best in Specialty show at the 2011 Sovereign Rottweiler Club Specialty!!!
Bailey is Best of Opposite Sex at the specialty from the veterans class!!!

Aiden finishes his CKC CDX title with a placement!!!
Flare earns her first AKC Graduate Open leg with a first place!!!

Moxee completes her HIAd title!!!

Takara QQQs in her agility trial!!!

Grant earns his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification!!!


October 22, 2011

V and Patton are V Rated and Rumor is VVN2 at the Landesgruppe Sieger Show!!!

Cisco earns RAE legs #4 and #5!!!


October 15, 2011

Lorenz earns his Schutzhund I title, making his sire, Gable, an ARC Silver Sire!!!
Juna passes the WH at the same trial!!!

Sunny is Best of Breed, plus finishes her AKC RN title and earns her first two BN legs!!!
Justice earns all three legs of his RN title and also his first RA leg!!!

Luka earns his OTDs title with a High in Trial!!!


October 8, 2011

Ely wins two Group 2s and a Group 4 at the Nippissing Kennel Club shows
plus finishes his CKC CD with 196.5/1st and 197/1st and also earns his CKC RN title!!!

Emma earns six rally legs for her CKC RN and RA titles!!!
Simone finishes her CKC RA title!!!

Moxee wins High in Trial, earning her first two HIAs legs and second HIAd leg!!!


October 6, 2011

Rumor wins her class and places in her sweeps class at the MRC Specialty!!!

Grant, Elsa (Nevar/Sydney) and Haley (Axel/Bianka) all earn CD legs!!!
Tie earns RAE legs #2 and 3 and son, Dante, finishes his RN title!!!


October 2, 2011

Ely wins a Group 3 and two Group 4s in Port Hope, Ontario!!!
Toro finishes his Championship at the same show with a Group 3 win!!!
Renee wins 3 points, Grace, wins 8 points and housemate Ethan wins 3 points!!!

Wizard QQQs in agility with all three first placements!!!
Flare QQs in agility, earning 31 MACH points!!!
Jerome QQs in agility, earning 28 MACH points!!!
Tie earns her 2nd OAJ leg!!!

Boo passes the ATTS Temperament Test!!!


September 26, 2011

Juna and Lorenz pass the Herding Instinct Test!!!


September 25, 2011

What a great weekend for the Yngo Grandkids at Purina Farms...
Maggie finishes her AKC Grand Championship, going BOS on Friday!!!
Sunny finishes her AKC Championship with a fourth major and wins her first GRCH major!!!
Lorenz (Gable/Jetta) finishes his AKC Championship on Saturday with a five point major!!!
Moose (Java/Tudie) wins two more majors to finish his AKC Championship on Sunday!!!

Maggie and Sunny's wins qualify Simone as an ARC Bronze Dam!!!
Lorenz's win qualifies Jetta to become an ARC Silver Dam!!!

Here in Canada, 7.5 month old Tryst finished his CKC Championship,
making him our youngest Champion yet!!!

Aiden and Pebbles both pass the CKC Tracking Dog title!!!

Havoc earns his HRD1 title!!!

Teal earns her first AKC CD leg!!!
Jerome passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!!!


September 20, 2011

Pixie passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!!!


September 18, 2011

Maggie is Best of Opposite all three days for more AKC GRCH points!!!
Sunny is WB on Saturday and WB/BOW/BOS on Sunday for three more AKC points!!!

Juna earns UDX leg #26!!!
Simone finishes her AKC CD and RA titles with three firsts and a second placement!!!

Takara passes the CKC Tracking Dog test!!!

Richter earns the Novice Working Pack Dog (NWPD) title!!!


September 12, 2011

Clover finishes her AKC Championship!!!
Maggie wins back to back GRCH majors!!!

Ely earns his first CKC CD leg!!!

Juna earns three more MX legs and 60 MACH points!!!
Tie earns her first AKC OA leg!!!


September 4, 2011

Grant earns his AKC Tracking Dog Excellent title!!!

Beckham earns her Herding Excellent B Course title on ducks!!!
Blitz earns her first HSAs leg with High in Trial!!!


August 28, 2011

Ely wins a Group 3 at the Markham Kennel Club show!!!
Gavin wins a five point major his first time shown in the US!!!

Lucas wins back to back High in Trials in Cape Breton!!!
Havoc finishes his HSAs title with a High in Trial!!!


August 21, 2011

Ely wins back to back Group 3s in Brockville, Ontario!!!

Goose is drawn for a track at the 2011 AKC Tracking Invitational!!!

Flare earns her first QQ and 18 MACH points!!!


August 14, 2011

Congratulations to V, Braun, Spencer and Tudie for receiving invitations to the
2011 AKC/Eukanuba Championship and to Usher for his invite to the
corresponding Agility Invitational!!!

Wizard earns UDX legs #14 & 15 and also wins another High in Trial!!!
Circe (Axel/Bianka) earns her first AKC CDX leg with a 195.5!!!

Havoc earns his first two HSAs legs, both with placements!!!


August 7, 2011

Tryst is Winners Dog both Sat/Sun for his first two CKC points!!!

Lyric passes the Canine Good Neighbor certification!!!


August 5, 2011

Spencer wins Group 3 at the Grey Bruce Kennel Club show!!!
Lyric finishes her Canadian Championship!!!
Nevar/Sydney daughter, Elei, finishes her AKC Championship!!!

Wizard earns UDX leg #13!!!

Fint passes the AKC Canine Good Citizen test!!!


July 31, 2011

Itchy wins Best of Opposite Sex at the 2011 RCC Ontario Regional Specialty!!!
Tango wins Best in Sweepstakes and also Best Puppy in Specialty Show!!!
Bailey wins Best Veteran at the Specialty!!!

Ely wins Group 1 and earns his AG.NJ title at the Barrie Kennel Club show!!!
Maggie finishes her AKC Championship at just 14 months of age!!!

Wizard finishes his AKC UDX title and qualifies for the NOI Championship!!!
Jemme completes her AKC CD title!!!
Aiden and Rayne both earn their first CKC CDX leg!!!

Toro passes the AKC VST test to earn his ChampionTracker title!!!

Sunny earns her first AKC Rally Novice leg!!!

Beckham finishes her AKC OAP title!!!
Lars completes his AKC NAJ title!!!


July 28, 2011

Ely wins a Group 4 in Gravenhurst, Ontario!!!


July 24, 2011

Maggie is Best of Opposite in Sweeps and wins two more majors in Texas!!!
Oz and Itchy each finish their UKC Championships with Group Placements!!!

Wizard wins High in Trial on Friday and HC all three days for three more UDX legs!!!
Usher completes his AKC Utility title with another first place!!!

Tie finishes her AKC Novice Agility title!!!
Norris QQs at the same trial!!!


July 17, 2011

Aiden earns his CKC CD title with High in Trial wins for two of the three legs!!!
Nova finishes her CKC CDX title with another first place!!!
Gavin finishes his CKC CDX title in British Columbia!!!
Lucas finishes his CKC CD title with another first place!!!


July 10, 2011

What a great weekend for the girls in Texas...
Gable/Jetta pup, Luna, wins a select at the Specialty for a GRCH major!!!
Sunny is WB/BOW for a four point major on Friday!!!
Maggie is WB/BOW for a three point major on Saturday!!!

Lisa Boucher and Lucas win back to back High in Trials!!!!!!!
Flare earned her first AKC Versatility leg!!!


July 3, 2011

V is Best of Breed both days in Wisconsin to finish her AKC GRCH with two more majors!!!
Maggie is WB for her first AKC point!!!

Wizard QQQs!!!

Dani completes her AKC CD title with placements!!!


June 28, 2011

Ely wins a Group 4 at the Bobcaygeon Kennel Club show!!!


June 26, 2011

Clover wins a second five point major, this time in Montana!!!

Flare finishes her MXJ title, earns an MXF leg and seven MACH points!!!
Minty earns her NA title and a NF leg with all placements!!!

Justice passes the HIC and CGN certifications!!!


June 22, 2011

Ann and Mike celebrate our 10th Anniversary!!!!!!!

Itchy finishes her AKC Championship with a fourth major in Indiana!!!


June 19, 2011

Wizard gets both his Open and Utility wins, plus 25 OTCH points while also
going High in Trial and High Combined!!!

Lucian earns his Canine Good Neighbor certification!!!


June 11, 2011

Aspen completes her AKC OJP title with another first placement!!!


June 6, 2011

Itchy wins back to back majors in Missouri and Java/Tudie son, Surfer,
finishes his AKC Championship at the same show!!!

Kaiser wins a third major in Colorado!!!

Glory earns all three legs of her AKC CD title with placements!!!

Wizard earns another QQ and 80 MACH points!!!


May 30, 2011

Emma finishes on the podium at the 2011 AAC Ontario Regional Championships!!!

Renee finishes her AKC Championship and Rally Novice title in Michigan!!!
Clover is WB/BOW in Idaho for a five point major and also finishes her RN!!!
Pebbles is Best of Breed at the Aurora Kennel Club show on Sunday!!!

Bo finishes his AKC CD with a score of 194.5 and a placement!!!


May 23, 2011

Ely wins a Group 2 & Group 3 at the KW Kennel club show!!!

Haley (Axel/Bianka) finishes her AKC Championship in New York!!!
Renee is WB in Ohio both Thursday and Friday for two more AKC points!!!
Itchy is WB/BOW on Saturday and WB on Sunday for two more AKC points!!!

Jetta passes the FH!!!
Jada and Lyta both pass the BH!!!
Juna is High Combined with scores of 195 & 198 for more OTCH points!!!

Lars completes his AKC NAP title!!!


May 15, 2011

Congratulations to everyone who had great results at ARC/CRC...

Coach wins an Award of Merit at the ARC National!!!
Tudie wins the Brood Bitch class at CRC!!!
Maggie wins her CRC Sweeps and ARC Sweeps & Futurity Classes!!!
Hope wins her class at CRC and Envy wins her class at ARC!!!
Reggie, Renee and grandkids Haley, Surfer and Mocha all place in their classes!!!

Wizard thrills us all by winning ALL THREE official ARC Agility High in Trials (MACH QQ)
as well as the official ARC National High in Trial and High Combined in Obedience (UDX leg)!!!

Flare earns her TD and AX title as well as MXJ legs 8 & 9, plus her first MXF leg and MACH points!  This also earns Flare the VCD2 designation!!!

Takara passes her AKC TD test as well!!!

Jerome earns his eight QQ and 35 MACH points!!!
Jetta earns another QQ with Reserve High in Trial!!!
Takoda QQs for PAX leg #5 and MXP leg #8!!!
Tie QQQs two days in agility, plus earns another jumpers leg for her NAJ title!!!
Lyta earns two NAJ legs with first placements!!!

Dante earns two Rally Novice legs!!!
Grandkids Circe, Lola, Rain and Garth also earn Obedience and Rally legs!!!

V, Pebbles and Renee all pass the TT!!!
Pebbles, Renee and Itchy all pass the CGC!!!

Yngo wins the ARC Prico Award for the FIFTH straight year!!!!!!!!!
Nova wins the corresponding ARC Taxi Award!!!

Iza, Bailey and Emma all receive ARC Silver Producing Dam Awards!!!
Gable and Jetta receive the ARC Bronze Sire and Dam awards respectively!!!

Goose, Titus, Jada and Lorenz all earn the V and VX Awards!!!

The following dogs also received Top Ten Awards in their categories...
Agility - Wizard, Usher, Jetta, Jada, Kennedy Lars
Obedience - Rebel, Aiden, Wizard, Usher, Titus, Joy
Herding - Beckham, Jewel, Kaiser
Rally - Joy & Grandkids Levi, Lola, Hero

Plus... Takara and Flare's new titles helped Iza to reach ARC Gold Dam status!!!

Clover is WB in Oregon for two AKC points!!!
Lyric is WB in Alberta for another CKC point!!!
Aiden earns his OM title and 8th UDX leg with a score of 199 and High in Trial!!!
Lars finishes his AKC CD title!!!
Jemme earns two CD legs from the Novice A class!!!
Moxee and Kaiser both complete their HSAd titles!!!


May 8, 2011

V wins back to back GRCH majors at the Bucks & Trenton shows!!!


May 1, 2011

Tudie finishes her AKC Grand Championship!!!
V is Best of Breed all four days in West Virginia also wins a Group 2 and a Group 4!!!
Grace is WB/BOW all four days in West Virginia as well!!!
Spencer is Best of Breed in Delaware on Friday and Select on Sunday for more GRCH points!!!
Pebbles is Best of Breed on Sunday in Canada!!!

Beckham earns AKC OA and OAJ legs!!!
Minty earns AAC Snookers and Gamblers legs with placements!!!


April 24, 2011

V is Best of Breed in Arkansas for more AKC GRCH points!!!
Reggie is WD/BOW in Maryland for a three point major!!!

Juna completes her UDX2 title!!!
Aiden earns UDX legs #5 and 6!!!
Ty completes his UKC CDX title!!!
Lorenz completes his AKC CDX title!!!

Ely finishes his AAC Master Snookers title!!!
Lars completes his AKC NJP title!!!


April 17, 2011

Usher earns his first MACH3 QQ and also his first two Utility legs, both with first placements!!!
Norris finishes his MX, MXJ and MF titles and now has four QQs toward his MACH!!!!
Wizard completes his AX and MXJ titles!!!


April 10, 2011

Aiden and Wizard both earn their 4th UDX leg!!!

Takoda earns her 4th PAX QQ as well as MXP legs #s 6 & 7!!!


April 3, 2011

Dante finishes his AKC Championship at just 14 months of age!!!
Jada is WB/BOS in New York for her first AKC major!!!

Bo earns his first two AKC CD legs with placements for each!!!

Jetta QQs and earns 82 MACH points!!!
Jerome earns his 7th QQ and 30 more MACH points!!!
Flare finishes her Excellent Fast title!!!
Aspen earns her first two OJP legs both with first placements!!!


March 27, 2011

Sunny is WB/BOS in Texas for her second AKC major!!!
Lyric wins five more CKC points in Alberta and is Best Puppy all three days!!!

Aiden passes the VST to become a second generation CH/CT/UD!!!
Usher finishes his MACH2 title!!!


March 20, 2011

Thunder (Nevar/Sydney) finishes his AKC Championship in Connecticut!!!
Spencer is Best of Breed Wed and Select Thur/Fri in PA for AKC Grand CH points!!!
Dante wins his third major, going WD/BOW/BOB in Missouri!!!

Takara earns her first NAMBR CDX leg!!!
Coach earns his second AKC CD leg with a placement!!!


March 13, 2011

Aspen finishes her AKC NJP title!!!
Minty earns her 2nd AAC Started leg!!!


March 4, 2011

Dante is WD/BOW in FL on Friday for another AKC point!!!
Grace is WB/BOS at the same show both Thur & Fri for two more points!!!

Rose completes her AKC Rally Novice title with placements!!!


February 27, 2011

Jerome earns his 6th QQ and 32 MACH points!!!
Wizard earns MXJ leg #9 with a first place!!!
Takoda earns MXP leg #5 with a placement!!!
Aspen earns her 2nd NJP leg with a first placement!!!


February 18, 2011

Kaiser wins wins a major in Colorado!!!
Grace is WB/BOW/BOS for two points in South Carolina on Friday!!!
Renee is WB/BOS for two points in South Carolina on Saturday!!!

Kennedy earns her first OA and OF legs and finishes her OAJ title!!!


February 11, 2011

Tudie wins BISS at the Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialty and goes on to Group 2!!!

Juna completes her MXJ title!!!


February 6, 2011

Lyric attends her first show and wins two CKC points!!!

Wizard finishes his AX title and 33 MACH points!!!
Usher earns 59 more MACH2 points!!!



January 30, 2011

Aspen earns her first NJP leg with a first place!!!


January 23, 2011

Kaleb finishes his AKC Championship in Alaska!!!
Dante is WD/BOW for a four point major in Florida!!!

Usher earns two more QQs and 93 points toward his MACH2!!!
Tie completes her UKC Agility I title with four first placments!!!


January 16, 2011

Itchy wins her first AKC Major in Florida!!!

Emma completes her Canadian OTCH title!!!
Kaiser finishes his AKC CD title!!!
Tarara finishes both her AKC CD and RA titles!!!

Griffin QQs and earns 36 MACH2 points!!!


January 9, 2011

Sunny wins her first AKC Major in Texas!!!

Minty finishes her CKC Ag.I and Ag.IJ titles with placements for every leg!!!


January 1, 2011

Welcome to 2011!  Some of you may recall that our 2010 recap had lots of ups and downs, but we're happy to report that there were many more positives than negatives again during the past year!!!  First and foremost, Mike and the girls are doing very well.  Mike is back to work and has been busier than ever.  Sarah is enjoying her position as an emergency room nurse, and Cassie is in her third year at Queens University.  I am settled into my new Edward Jones office in Uxbrige, Ontario and am extremely happy with this new role.  As always the dogs just continue to thrill us in every venue, plus at home where it counts most.

Currently, we live with nine Rottweilers:  Our eldest, Envy, is nearing age thirteen.  Close behind her is Yngo at almost twelve (and yes, STILL as wild as ever!) and Iza at age Nine.  In the middle, there are Simone, Nova, Jill and Hope.  Additionally, we have two young pups, Itchy and Stella.   Stella is our first linebred Yngo pup.  Itchy is new to us.  She came from Suzan Guynn (Otto) of Cammcastle Rottweilers in Virginia.  We have high hopes for Itchy and Stella are excited to see what the future holds.

2010 brought us three super litters.  The Miracle Litter (Nevar/Tie) produced seven gorgeous pups.  The AA Litter (Oz/Simone) also produced seven outstanding puppies and the BB Litter (Rebel/Jill) gave us eight darling babies who will go home in the next two weeks.  As always, puppy time is a happy time in our home.  We enjoyed seeing so many of you this year and thank each of you who stayed to visit while taking your pups home.  This year, we added  several new homes to our family.  Please welcome:  Cee & Ernie Fender, Renae Kelly, Kerrie Laird, Cyndi Kepner, Esther Campuzuto, Steve Taylor & Kasey O'Grady, Andrea & Steve Parker and Laurie Cottier.  We look forward to a long and wonderful relationship with each of you and hope that your pup brings you much joy.

As always, my favorite thing to do on December 31st is to put together our year end list of accomplishments.  Congratulations to each and every dog and owner on this list.  Your hard work is a testament to your love of your dogs.  We are so proud of every one of these dogs and owners!

2010 titles earned by our pups...

Tammy Ausloos & Tie ~ Am RE
Tammy Ausloos & V ~ Am CH, Can CH, Am RN
Tammy Ausloos and Dante ~ Can CH
Cassie Levy & Emma ~ Ag.XJ, RAMCL
Cassie Levy & Ely ~ Am CH
Sue Ann Wolf & Jewel ~ HSAs, HRD1s
Sue Ann Wolf & Havoc ~HT, PT, JHD
Sue Trout & Flapper ~ Can OTCH, Can RE, NAP, NFP
Rich and Judy Spetka & Rebel ~ Am UD
Dawn Neff & Griffin ~ MACH
Katherine Hoffman & Minty ~ Can OTCH
Steve Paschkewitz & Patton ~ V-1
Kelly and Skip Skiptunas & Spencer ~ U-CH, RTD
Sue Bowman & Norris ~ MXJ
Lisa Byrd & Richter ~ PT, U-CD, U-CDX, U-RO, ASCA CD, O-NJC, O-TN-N, NP-N, HP-N
Maria Germano & Bristol ~ Am TDX, JHD
Michelle Amtower & Titus ~ Am CDX, NA, NAJ, CS, CI
Jacqui Woodhall & Montana ~ Can RE
Lisa Boucher & Lucas ~ Can RE
Gus Alexandropoulos and Christine Triggs & Oz ~ Am CH, Can RN
Karen Carroll & Takoda ~ AXP, AXJ
Darci Proctor & Skye ~ Can CH, Am CD, Am RE
Tammy Snyder & Flare ~ OA, OAJ, AXJ, NF, OF, Can TD, ASCA CDX
Kim Oatway & Takara ~ Am RN, Can CD, Can RA, NAMBR CD, NAMBR TD
Jennifer Woodley & Kaiser ~ HSAs, Am RA
Diane Hetherington & Desmon ~ Can TD
Ron and Pat Carkoski & Coach ~ Am CH, APDT RL2
Tony and Becky Dove & Braun ~ Am GRCH, Am CD, Can CH
Linda Dillard & Glory ~ Am RN
Lucy Newton & Steel ~ Police K-9, Am TD
Elaine Swancer & Wizard ~ Am CD, CDX, UD, NA, NAJ, NF, OA, OAJ, OF, AXJ, XF
Mike and Nancy Gannon & Teal ~ Am TD
Haley McCrea & Smooch ~ Can RN
Kathy Benner & Dani ~ Am RA
Barbara Young & Pebbles ~ Can CH
Perri Yinger & Clover ~ HCT
Cee Fender & Kelsier ~ Am RN

2010 titles earned by Yngo pups produced by other breeders...

Becky Giddings & Beckham ~ HC, HTCH, HTDIIIs, RLFIII-s, HSBs, NAP
Becky Giddings & Breve ~ HRDIs
Hedy Rankin & Jazz ~ Am UD, Can RE
MJ Kushwara & Luka ~ HTAd1
Ellen Calnan & Bradaigh ~ AXP, AJP
Jennifer Woodley & Moxee ~ HSAs
Beth Jackson & Blitz ~ RS-N, JS-N
Mickey and Donna Whalen & Tonka ~ SchHIII, FH, AD
Pauline Karalia & Jetta ~ Can CDX, Can RA, RE, MX
Lisa Kramer & Juna ~ AX, VER
Karen Carroll & Jerome ~ MX, MXJ, MXF, USDAA PD3
Michelle Hermann & Jada ~ OA, OAJ, OF, AXJ, HSAs
Janet Bender & Joy ~ Am CD
Gina DeAlmeida & Toro ~ Am CH, Can TDX, ASCA TD, BH
Moe Mullen and Kathy Bach & Devlin ~ CPE ATCH, NAC, NAP, NJP
Moe Mullen and Kathy Bach & Rogan ~ NAC
Valerie McGraw & Bianka ~ Am CD
Janel Bush & Gavin ~ Can CD
Lois Eid & Usher ~ MACH, CDX
Ana Cilursu & Cisco ~ Am RA, RE

Our own dogs were out and about a bit, albeit less than in previous years due to my new work schedule.  Hope and Itchy both finished their CKC Championships, Simone completed her CKC CD and RN titles and Nova finished her CKC RE.  I have to admit that although we do like working and showing our own dogs, it's become much more satisfying to be able to attend the shows when we have time to watch our puppy owners exhibit.

2010 was the Year of High in Trials, with our pups winning High in Trial at the ARC, MRC and CRC Specialties!!!  Winning high in trial in their various venues were Beckham, Wizard, Usher, Aiden, Kaiser, Richter, Takara, Jewel and Jetta!!!  We are also proud of those who made it to the top ten in their venues which were announced at the 2010 American Rottweiler Club Specialty... Beckham, Elke, Juna, Flare, Griffin, Jetta, Jada, Jerome, and Takoda.

It was also a good year for specialties, with Spencer winning the Sovereign Rottweiler Club specialty, Tudie going BOSS at the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty, and V winning three specialty majors!  Our veterans also did exceptionally well at the specialties this year with Ripley winning Best Veteran at the 2010 Canadian National Specialty, and Bailey winning Best in Veteran Sweepstakes at both the ARC National and MRC Specialties.

We are also pleased to announce that Iza, Emma and Bailey each become eligible for the ARC Silver Dam award with Gable qualifying for the ARC Bronze Sire Award in 2010.   Yngo again won the ARC Prico award.  Yngo now has 535 production points, the most of any dog in breed history!  Thank you to all of the dedicated breeders and owners who helped make this dream a reality. 

2010 also saw 16 pups pass the Temperament Test, 22 pass the Herding Instinct Test and 9 earn their CGC (or CGN) certificate as well as quite a few hall of fame and versatility titleholders.  Emma also qualified for her AAC Silver Award of Merit & Versatility Bronze Awards.  Benelli and Spencer were also R.E.A.D certified in 2011.  Congratulations to all!  We are also very proud of our related pups.  Demi and Tank from the Nevar/Sydney litter, Hero from the Axel/Bianka litter and Luna from the Gable/Jetta litter, all of whom earned their AKC Championship in 2010. 

On a sadder note, we had several difficult and young losses in 2010.  Our hearts go out to Lucy Newton on her loss of  Dugan, to Peg Langdon and Nan Faile on their loss of Bob, to the Vickery family on the loss of Joe, to Dawn Phillips on her loss of Kamo.  These were very special dogs, and their losses have been difficult for many of us.  Thank you to all for offering these boys the kind of lives that every dog dreams of.  Though they are gone too soon, they will live on in our hearts.  We also lost some of our great oldsters... Flirt, Elle and Duck, all three of whom I originally kept for myself so many years ago.  I thank each of their eventual homes... Tammy Ausloos, Donna Shore and Mike and Nancy Gannon for the love and caring they provided for these three wonderful dogs.  I miss each and every one of them.

We did have a milestone in 2010.  Our first pup to be certified as a Police K-9 is two year old Steel, owned by Lucy Newton.  Steel (Yngo/Nova) is now certified as a dual purpose patrol/narcotics K-9 and is working for the Winhill, Vermont, police department.  Lucy and Steel are a fantastic team.  I'd sure hate to be a bad guy in Vermont!  In related news, Lucy will be pairing up with Jill, who she will train as a wilderness search and rescue and cadaver detection dog.  Best of luck Lucy, Steel and Jill!

Mike and I will be out and about at the Specialties in 2011 and hope to see many of you at ARC/CRC.  We also have two pups hitting the AKC show rings... Dante and Itchy.  Watch for them with Julia foster starting in January!   We also have a spring breeding planned for Simone, and are working on an upcoming breeding for V.  Stay tuned for more details!

We wish everyone much success in all of your 2011 endeavors!!!

                                                 Ann & Mike