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Thank you to the AKC for
recognizing Esmond Rottweilers as Breeder of the Year
in the sport of tracking!!!


Derby wins Best in Show
from the classes at the 2015
Markham Kennel Club show!!!


Itchy now qualifies as an
ARC Silver Dam!


Congratulations to Dawn Phillips
and Pan for winning
Best Puppy in Show!!!


Grant and Rich win back to
back High in Trials!!!


Stevie is Winners Bitch at the
2015 ARC National Specialty!!!


Loki finishes his Championship
with two Group 3s and a Group 1
win from the classes!!!




Latest News


December 31, 2015

Khaleesi finishes off a great year by earning her AKC TDX!!!

Bling earns her second AKC NAJ leg!!!


December 26, 2015

Tie completes her MACH!  Big Congratulations to Tammy Ausloos!!!


December 13, 2015

Nox is WD/BOW both Thursday and Friday at Eukanuba to finish his AKC Championship
then moves up for "The Big Show" and wins an Award of Excellence!!!

Surfer wins Select dog at the Working Dog Specialty at Eukanuba on Friday!!!

Wizard is the Top Rottweiler and is going to the Agility Finals in the 24" division!!!
Herja has three clean runs and ends up #41 of 140 dogs in the 20" division!!!


December 6, 2015

Nox is WD/BOW in Mississippi!!!

Talon earns his IPO1 title with a score of 270 and High in Trial!!!
Steel earns his OB1 and TR1 at the same trial!!! 

Tie finishes her MXF title and earns 37 MACH points!!!

Dante completes his RATO title and also earns a Sr. Barn Hunt leg!!!


November 29, 2015

Nox is WD/BOW for two more AKC points!!!

Libby finishes her AKC CDX and Blue wins a Group 2. 
These JungerSohn kids have now made their dam, Clover, an ARC Bronze Dam!!!

Khaleesi earns her AKC CDX title in three trials with three first placements!!!

Wizard earns another QQ toward his MACH5!!!


November 22, 2015

Gable/Clover son, Blue, fnishes his AKC Grand Championship!!!
Surfer/Maggie son, Ditto, wins back to back majors for his AKC Championship!!!
Tryst wins Group 4 to solidify his standing as the #1 Male Rottweiler in Canada!!!
Jag is BOW both Saturday and Sunday in California for more AKC points!!!

Itchy earns all three legs of her CKC CD with placements!!!
SOLA! finishes her CKC Rally Excellent title with a placement!!!

Daisy earns her Started Scent Detection title - SD-S(SP)!!!

Cindy Lou passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!


November 16, 2015

Loki wins two Group 2s, Group 1 and Best in Show to finish his UKC Championship!!!
Epic (Gable/Clover) finishes her CKC Championship and RN titles...owner-handled!!!

Ike earns his AKC PT title!!!

Bling completes her AKC Novice Agility title!!!


November 7, 2015

Tryst wins Group 1 at the Red Deer Kennel Club show!!!
Ellie wins WB/BOS Friday/Saturday for two more AKC points in Missouri!!!
Beejus wins WB on Saturday for two more AKC points in Minnesota!!!

Bo earns UDX legs #5 & 6 with High in Trial, two High Combined,
his Open B win, his OM1 title and additional OTCH points!!!
Rhett (Gable/Clover) finishes his AKC CD title!!!


November 1, 2015

Ellie earns two more AKC points in Missouri!!!

Reese completes her AKC Novice Agility title!!!

Dante earns his RATN title with a first place!!!


October 25, 2015

Surfer wins Best in Specialty Show at the 2015 Mile High Rottweiler Club!!!

Derby finishes her UKC Championship in three shows with 2 Best in Show wins!!!

Pixie completes her AKC MX title!!!
Tie Qs in Masters all three days and earns two MF legs!!!
Sunny earns her NADAC IAC title!!!


October 18, 2015

Wizard earns another QQ toward his MACH5!!!

Takoda earns her NW1 (Nosework) title!!!
Rose earns her first AKC Herding Started leg!!!

Dante completes his CAX (Lure Coursing) title!!!
V earns more legs toward her CAX title!!!

Kellen passes the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


News from the MRC Specialty...

Derby is Select Bitch for a 5 point GRCH major!!!
Rumor wins the Brood Bitch Class!!!

Patton and V win Best in Sweepstakes and Best of Opposite in Sweeps!!!

Loki, Beejus and Kellen all win their 12-15 classes!!!
Stevie wins the Bred By Exhibitor Class!!!
V wins the 7-10 Veteran Bitch Class!!!
Patton wins the 10+ Veteran Dog Class!!!

Rumor and Kellen earn Rally legs with first placements!!!

SOLA! and Grant both earn the Carting Started and Carting Intermediate titles!!!

Co-bred Gable/Clover pups also win at MRC...
Blue wins an Award of Merit!!!
Tara and Rhett both earn obedience legs!!!

Sarge passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!
Valor and Bling both finish their RATO title!!!


October 3, 2015

Derby wins Group 3 at the Pine Ridge Kennel Club show!!!

Wizard completes his MACH4!!!

Skye earns her AKC Versatility title!!!
Abbey finishes her AKC Rally Excellent title!!!


September 27, 2015

Tryst wins three Group 3s, a Group 4, a Group 1 plus finishes his CKC CD title!!!
Nox is BOW/BOS on Saturday and BOB/Group 4 on Sunday in Arkansas!!!
Grant/Clover son, Blue, finishes his UKC Championship with group placements!!!

Loki earns his Tracking Dog title at just 12 months of age!!!

Chili finishes his AKC Graduate Novice title!!!

Tie earns two more QQs and points toward her MACH!!!
Daisy completes her CKC AgNS title!!!
Bling earns her second NA and first NAJ legs, both with first placements!!!

Abbey earns her first AKC Rally Excellent leg!!!


September 20, 2015

Tryst wins V-1, Select Male and Most Beautiful in Show at the
2015 Rottweiler Club of Canada Canadian National Sieger Show!!!

Sully (Surfer/Pebbles) wins Best Male Puppy at the same show from the 3-6 class!!!

Flint passes the AKC Tracking Dog Test earning him the AKC VCD1 designation!!!

Herja earns QQ#10 plus 41 MACH points!!!

Ike finishes his AKC Beginner Novice title and earns two AKC RA legs!!!
Georgia completes her CKC Rally Advanced title with a first placement!!!

Derby and Loki pass the Temperament Test!!!


September 13, 2015

Jag attends his first shows, earning his first two AKC points!!!

Bo earns UDX leg #4!!!
Gable/Clover daughter, Tara, finishes her AKC CD title!!!

Derby, Loki and Grinch all pass the Herding Instinct Test!!!


September 6, 2015

Georgia earns her first two CKC Rally Advanced legs!!!

Wizard earns another QQQ with all first placements!!!
Bling earns her first AKC Novice Agility leg with a placement!!!


August 30, 2015

Derby debuts in the CKC Ring with Group 3 on Thursday, Group 1 on Friday & Saturday
for her CKC Championship, and BEST IN SHOW on Sunday!!!!!!!
Derby also passes her Canine Good Neighbor test!!!

Abbey wins two more majors to fniish her AKC Champoionship in Kentucky!!!

Surfer completes his AKC Rally Advanced title!!!

Georgia earns two AG.N legs with placements!!!

Tryst and Lyric both pass their Temperament Test!!!
Horton passes his Canine Good Citizen test!!!


August 24, 2015

Daphne is Winners Bitch at the 2015 Northstar Rottweiler Club Specialty
to finish her AKC Championship and to make Itchy an ARC Silver Dam!!!

Beejus wins both of her classes at the Speciallty as well and goes on
to win BOS for two points on the Monday of the same circuit!!!

Chili earns two AKC RAE legs and two Graduate Novice legs at the Specialty!!!
Grog earns RAE leg #4 at the same Specialty!!!

Laurel (Kaz/Renee) wins her first AKC Major in Springfield!!!
Abbey wins another AKC point!!!

Itchy finishes her AKC RA title and earns her second CD leg!!


August 16, 2015

Tryst wins Group 2 and also earns his 2nd CD leg with a first place!!!
Pan wins four more puppy groups and also Best Puppy in Show, owner-handled!!!

Daphne is WB both Saturday/Sunday for more AKC points!!!

Kaiser earns his HIBd title plus a High in Trial on Advanced A Ducks!!!
Itchy earns her AKC PT title, along with two AKC RA legs and a CD leg!!!

Flint finishes his OAP title with a first place and earns 2 NF legs!!!

Ellie earns her AKC RN title with placements for every leg!!!
Georgia earns her CKC RN title with placements for every leg!!
Rayne completes his CKC RA title!!!
Lyric earns an RE leg with a perfect score!!!


August 3, 2015

Abbey wins a four point major in Canfield, OH, and also completes her
Dock Dog Junior and Dock Dog Senior titles!!!

Tryst wins Best of Breed on Saturday and BOB/Group 3 on Monday at the Purina National!!!
Pan wins Best Puppy in Breed Saturday and Sunday, plus a select, at the Purina National!!!

Loki wins Best Puppy in Group both days he was shown at the Barrie Kennel Club show!!!
SOLA! finishes her CKC Rally Advanced title and earns her first RE leg at the same show!!!

Flint finishes his AKC NJP title!!!


July 28, 2015

Daphne earns three more AKC points!!!
Jude earns another AKC point!!!

Grant finishes his UKC CD title with back to back High in Trial wins!!!

Usher completes his MACH7 title!!!

Wizard earns another QQ on Friday!!!
Rose finishes her OAP and OJP titles plus an AJP leg, all with firsts!!!
Ike earns an AKC NA leg!!!

Daisy finished her AAC SGDC (Started Games Dog) title and also earns
her DOT (Detection Odor Test) on Wintergreen!!!

Dante earns his first RATN leg with a first placement!!!


July 19, 2015

Daphne wins an AKC Major in Wisconsin!!!

Rose earns her ASCA STDs and STDd titles!!!
Ike earns his ASCA STDs title!!!

Sunny earns her second RAE leg!!!


July 11, 2015

Justice earns his CKC CD title with High in Trial!!!
Bo scores 199 in Open B in Michigan!!!

Grinch passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!


July 5, 2015

Tryst wins Group 2 in Alberta, making him the #1 Male Rottweiler in Canada!!!

Abbey is WB for two more AKC points in Maryland!!!
Nox is Best Puppy at the ARC Specialty in Texas!!!

Chatty finishes her AKC CD title with a placeement and
her RAE title with two high Combined wins!!!

Justice earns two CKC CD legs with placements!!!

Itchy earns her AKC HT title!!!


June 28, 2015

Laurel (Kaz/Renee) wins her first three AKC points!!!

Tryst wins two Group 2s and a Group 3 in Alberta!!!
Pan finishes his CKC Championship, then earns his first GRCH Points and also
Best Puppy in Group - all owner handled!!!

Kaiser is Reserve High in Trial (Herding)!!!

Usher earns three more QQs and 103 points toward his MACH7!!!
Wizard earns another QQ toward his MACH4!!!
Herja earns another QQ toward her MACH!!!

Daisy completes her AAC Agility Dog of Canada (ADC) title!!!


June 21, 2015

Pixie completes her Open Fast title!!!
Flint earns his second OAP leg!!!
Rose also earns her second OAP leg!!!
Reese earns her second NA leg with a first!!!

Daisy earns two CKC Pre-Novice and two CKC RN legs with first placements!!!
Desi (Surfer/Maggie) finishes her AKC Rally Novice title!!!


June 14, 2015

Herja earns another QQ toward her MACH!!!

Khaleesi finishes her AKC RA title and earns her first RE leg with a perfect score!!!

Loki wins Best Puppy in Group and passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!
Nox receives his AKC Canine Good Citizen certificate!!!


June 7, 2015

Tryst is Best of Breed in Albert on Friday and Saturday!!!
Pan is Best of Breed, over five specials on Sunday and wins a puppy group 2!!!
Jude wins two more AKC points in North Carolina!!!

Bo earns UDX leg #3!!!
Flint finishes his AKC CDX title!!!
Sumo completes his AKC CDX title as well!!!

Dante earns two more CAX legs!!!
V completes her CAA title!!!


May 30, 2015

Grandmother, Tie, and Grandaughter, Rumor, take turns winning High in Trial
at their UKC Agility trial, and Rumor also earns 10 points toward her U-ACH!!!

Wizard earns another QQQ toward his MACH4!!!

Daisy passes the Canine Good Neighbor test!!!


May 25, 2015

Beejus is Best in Sweepstakes at the Ohio Specialty and also Reserve Winners!!!
Jude wins four more AKC points in North Carolina!!!

Bo earns UDX leg #2 and OTCH points with scores of 195 in both open and utility!!!
Valor earns all three legs of his AKC CD title with placements!!!

Wizard earns two more QQs toward his MACH4!!!
Flint earns his first AKC OAP leg!!!
Sunny earns a NADAC Novice Standard Q!!!

Good show news for the co-bred Jungersohn puppies...
Blue is select Friday, BOS Saturday and Best of Breed Sunday for his first GRCH points!!!
Yolo finishes his AKC Championship and wins his first GRCH points!!!


May 18, 2015

Loki is Best of Breed and Group 1 to finish his CKC Championship, then is
Best of Breed and Group 3 later that day for his first GRCH point!!!

Jude is WD/BOW/BOB in North Carolina!!!

Rumor finishes her Open Fast title!!!

Pie finishes her CKC Rally Novice title and earns her first RA leg!!!
SOLA! earns two CKC Rally Advanced legs!!!

Vali passes the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


May 12, 2015

Cruz (Ted/Clover) wins back to back majors in New Mexico!!!

Dante earns leg #19 toward his CAX title!!!
V earns legs #7. 8 & 9 toward her CAA title!!!


News from the Colonial Rottweiler Club Specialty...

Spencer wins both his Veteran class and his Veteran Sweepstakes class!!!
Beejus places in both her regular and sweepstakes classes!!!

Herja earns two QQs and 65 MACH points, plus back to back High in Trial wins at CRC!!!
Oonagh earns her first OA leg with a placement!!!

Circe (Axel/Bianka) passes the ATTS Temperament Test!!!


May 3, 2015

Tryst is BOB all four days at the Working Dog show as well as a Group 2!!!
Ellie is WB/BOS in Missouri for a four point major!!!
Beejus is WB/BOW/BOS in Wisconsin for her first AKC point!!!

Lorax passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!


April 26, 2015

Gavin earns his Canadian Utility Dog title!!!

Jude finishes his U-RO1 title!!!


News from the American Rottweiler Club National Specialty...

Stevie (Patton/V) is Winners Bitch and receives an ARC Select award!!!!!!!

Simone receives her ARC Gold Dam award!!!
Tie receives her AKC Bronze Dam award!!!

Kaiser receives the ARC Versatility and Versatility Excellent Awards!!!
Skye receives the ARC Versatility Excellent Award!!!
Albert receives the ARC Versatility Award!!!

Spencer wins his Veteran Sweeps class and also receives the
ARC Mirko Medallion & ARC Anvil T.R.U.E Award!!!

Beejus wins her 6-9 Puppy Sweeps class!!!
Kellen places in her 6-9 Puppy class!!!
Beckham places in her Veteran Sweeps class!!!

Chili & Grog earn their Carting Started titles!!!
Surfer earns both his Carting Started and Carting Intermediate titles!!!

Grog also earns three RAE legs!!!
Jude finishes his AKC RN title!!!

Chili passes the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


April 19, 2015

Sola is WB at both shows for four more points to finish her CKC Championship!!!

Loki goes to his first official show and wins Best of Breed/Best Puppy, Group 3
and Best Puppy in Group, TWICE, for 9 points his first day out!!!

Grant completes his AKC UD title with a placement!!!
Sunny earns her AKC CDX title with a placement!!!

Jerome completes the requirements for the USDAA PDCH!!!
Tatum finishes her AKC MXJ title!!!
Rumor earns her AKC OAJ title with placements!!!

Abbey earns all three legs of her AKC RA title with placements!!!
Pie earns two CKC RN legs with placements!!!

Kaiser finishes his HSBd title and also earns a 1st in Adv A ducks!!!
Rafter passes the Herding Instinct Test!!!

Valor passes the CGCA Test!!!


April 12, 2015

Abbey earns her CS and CI titles with High in Trial at the Dogwood Carting test!!!

Tie earns QQ #20 and 21!!!

Gable/Jetta puppy, Lars, finishes his AKC UD title with a first place!!!
Valor finishes his AKC BN title and earns his first CD leg!!!

Blitz earns her first Masters Barn Hunt leg!!!


April 5, 2015

News from the Canadian Rottweiler Club Specialty weekend in British Columbia...
Tryst is Best of Breed Saturday and Sunday, plus a Group 3 on Saturday. 
He also earns his first CKC CD leg and first CKC RE leg with placements for each!!!
Lyric earns a CKC RA leg with a placement!!!
Pan wins Best in Match and also Best Puppy in Group on Sunday!!!
Gavin is Best Veteran and wins an Award of Merit!!!

Here in Ontario, Sola is Best of Breed for another CKC point!!!

Presto earns AKC NA and NAJ legs with placements for each!!!


March 29, 2015

Tryst wins Best of Breed in Alberta on Friday and Saturday!!!
Ellie is WB in Missouri for another AKC point!!!
Nox earns his first AKC point at his very first show...owner-handled!!!
Pan wins his first two CKC points at his show as well!!!

Bo qualifies for his first AKC UDX leg!!!
Flint earns his first CDX leg with a placement!!!

Tie earns her 4th UKC GRACH leg with High Combined!!!

Valor passes the qualifications for his RATN title!!!


March 22, 2015

Luke (Kaz/Renee) wins Group 3 in Tennessee his first time out as a special!!!

Lorenz earns two UDX leg and finishes his Versatility and Graduate Open titles!!!

Wizard gains another QQ with all first placements!!!
Flint finishes his AKC NAP title!!!

Ziva earns her second AKC RA leg!!!

Blitz finishes her Senior Barn Hunt (RATS) title with a first place!!!


March 15, 2015

Wizard earns two more QQs with all first placements!!!


March 7, 2015

Oonagh finishes her AKC NA and NAJ titles!!!
Presto runs her first agility trial, earning her first NAJ leg with a first place!!!


February 28, 2015

Surfer earns his CKC CD and RN titles with four firsts and two second placements!!!
SOLA! earns all three CKC RN legs with placements!!!

Oonagh earns AKC NA and NAJ legs!!!

Rhett passes the Canine Good Citizen test!!!


February 22, 2015

Tie earns 15 more points toward her MACH!!!
Oonagh earns an AKC NA leg with a first placement!!!

Khaleesi earns an AKC RA leg, going high scoring Rally dog at the
Southwestern Rottweiler Club of San Diego specialty!!!

Bling completes her RATN and RATI titles!!!


February 15, 2015

Surfer finishes his Canadian Championship and earns five GRCH points!!!
SOLA! wins six more CKC points at the same show!!!
and baby Loki wins Best Baby Puppy in Group!!!


February 8, 2015

Tudie wins Best in Veteran Sweeps and Best of Breed on Friday, then AKC Select
on Saturday at the back to back Hoosier Rottweiler Club Specialties at nine years of age!!!

In Canada, her son, Surfer, wins Group 2 & Group 4 for his first eight CKC points!!!
At the same show, SOLA! is winners bitch fo rher first CKC point!!!

Oonagh earns her first NAJ leg the first time in the agility ring!!!

Spencer earns the AKC Therapy Dog Excellent award for performing over 200 visits!!!


February 1, 2015

Wizard earns 2 more QQs torward his MACH4!!!
Tie earns QQ #19 toward her MACH!!!
Herja earns QQ #4 toward her MACH!!!


January 25, 2015

Kenya finishes her AKC Championship!!!
Ellie earns her first AKC point!!!

Khaleesi earns her HT, PT and JHD titles in one weekend!!!

Chili completes his AKC CD title with High in Trial!!!
Grog earns his AKC BN title with his Jr. Handler, Charlie!!!

Wizard earns another QQQ toward his MACH4!!!


January 20, 2015

Congratulations to Rumor, Grant, Chili, Ziva and Pie for earning an invitation
to the 2015 American Rottweiler Club Rally Championship!!!


January 18, 2015

The grandpups have great showings across the USA...
Blue (Gable/Clover) wins back to back majors to finish his AKC Championship in MA!!!
Yolo (Ted/Clover) wins four points in Oregon
M (Surfer/Maggie) wins two points in Michigan

Tryst wins Best of Breed in Alberta and Pan wins Best Baby Puppy in Group!!!

Tie earns her third UKC GRACH leg!!!
Rumor earns more UKC ACH points!!!
Jetta earns another QQ toward her MACH3!!!


January 10, 2015

Luke (Kaz/Renee) finishes his AKC Championship with a fourth major!!!

Herja earns another QQ!!!


January 1, 2015

Luke (Kaz/Renee) wins two more AKC points!!!

First day of the year, first QQ toward MACH 4 for Wizard!!!
Tie earns more points toward her MACH!!!




I can't believe that another year has passed.  It seems like just yesterday that I wrote the 2013 yearly recap and here we are again.  2014 moved very quickly for us here at Esmond Rottweilers.  Mike and I moved our focus to completing our judging assignments, rather than showing our own dogs in 2014.  However, we still did accomplish a bit, with Albert earning his FH and TDX, Sola earning the FH, BH & TD and Penny Lane finishing her Championship and ending the year as Canada's #1 Rottweiler bitch.  Our older dogs are all still doing well, with Simone, Nova and Hope warming our couches these days.  Itchy attended only one show this year, but walked away with a Select Award at the 2014 American Rottweiler Club National Specialty - owner handled!  And we also added a new puppy, Loki, shown above.

Tammy Ausloos and I produced one litter in 2014: The Grant/Rumor Litter, adding two new homes to our Esmond Family.  Please help us to welcome Diane & Stephen Pilcher and Lisa Wingerter! 

We also had 3 co-breedings in 2014 that welcomed many new homes to our extended family from these litters. 

We are thankful that each of these co-breeders, who continue to allow us to be involved, and we look forward to what the future holds for these pups and owners.


As always, my favorite thing to do at year end is to put together our yearly list of accomplishments.  Congratulations to each and every dog and owner on this list.  We are so proud of every one of these dogs and owners!

2014 titles earned...

    Tammy Ausloos & Tie ~ U-ACHX
    Tammy Ausloos & Rumor ~ GRCH, RN
    Tammy Ausloos & Dante ~ RAE, CAA
    Tammy Ausloos & V ~ RE, CA
    Cathy Krell & Aspen ~ NJC, WVN
    Cathy Krell & Sunny ~ Am RE
    Diane Krell & Sprite ~ TNN, NJC
    Tammy Snyder & Flare ~ UD, MACH
    Tammy Snyder & Flint ~ BN, RA, CS, CI
    Sue Ann Wolf & Jewel ~ CD, RA
    Sue Ann Wolf & Ziva ~ BN, RN
    Lucy Newton & Steel ~ BH
    Lucy Newton & Jill ~ BH
    Dawn Phillips & Tryst ~ RA
    Dawn Phillips & Lyric ~ RN, RA
    Dawn Mulcahey & Rose ~ CD, RE, PT, NJP, NAP
    Dawn Mulcahey & Ike ~ Am CH, HT, RN
    Judy Fahy & Eddy ~ NJP, NAP
    Darci Proctor & Skye ~ UD
    Jennifer Woodley & Kaiser ~ HC, HXAs
    Kim Oatway & Takara ~ SD-A
    Elaine Swancer & Wizard ~ MACH2, MACH3, UDX5, OM6
    Rich Spetka & Grant ~ CDX, RE
    Lisa Boucher and Eva ~ TD, DD
    Lisa Byrd & Chatty ~ HT, U-RO2
    Tammy Hampton, Keith Mackay & Ember ~ Can CH
    Renae Kelly & Herja ~ AX, MX, MXJ, XF
    Barb Doering & Pixie ~ UD, OA, AXJ, AX, MXJ
    Sue Trout & Pie ~ RN, NJP, NFP
    Carol Jones & Abbey ~ CD
    Cee Fender & Sumo ~ CD
    Katherine Hoffman & Daisy ~ RNMCL
    Kathy Lovan & Maggie ~ RATN, RATI
    Nan Faile &  Easy ~ RN
    Tracey Bradley & Georgia ~ TD, TNN
    Rachel Meehan & Chili ~ RA, RE, BN
    Mark Elvington & Sarge ~ BH
    Mona Boord & Khaleesi ~ CD, TD, RN
    Michelle Amtower & Jude ~ UKC CH, UKC BIS
    Debbie Sherman & Bling ~ NTD, ITD

A special congratulations goes out this year to Jennifer Woodley, Kathy Howse and Kaiser.  Kaiser completed his AKC Herding Championship in 2014, making him one of a very few Dual Champions in our breed.  Great job ladies!!!

Although there aren't as many Yngo pups earning titles any longer, the titles they did earn were big ones! Congratulations to the following dogs and owners for earning 2014 titles: Lois Eid & Usher MACH 6;  Beth Jackson & Blitz RATN, RATI, RATO; Pauline Karalia & Jetta FH2, MACH2, FTC1; Karen Carroll & Jerome MACH; Lisa Kramer & Juna U-UD. 

There were also a large number of titles earned by Gable puppies in 2014 and many earned by our co-bred puppies.  Although the list is getting too long to keep track of here, we are proud of each and every one of you!!!

At the specialities, our related pups continued to do well, with Tudie earning a Select Award at the Indianapolis Specialty; Rumor and Itchy winning Select at the ARC National; Tryst winning an AOM at the RCC Regional Specialty; Pixie, Wizard and Jerome winning High in Trial awards at CRC and Toro winning High in Trial in Carting at CRC.  For the eight year in a row, Yngo won the ARC Prico Award for having produced the greatest number of working titleholders in a given year.  Gable, Bailey and Emma were awarded ARC Gold Production Awards, Simone the Silver Production Award and Nevar, Itchy and Takoda the Bronze Production Awards.  Benelli was also honored with an Einstein Award and our pups and related pups made the top ten in nearly every venue.

Another honorable mention is Spencer and Kelly Skiptunas for receiving the American Red Cross Heroes award and Pennsylvania State House citation for pet therapy and his AKC Therapy Dog title.

In 2014, Albert also qualified for the ARC Versatility Excellent award, Simone qualified as a Gold Dam and Tie qualified as a Bronze dam.  We also had 6 pups pass the HIC, four pass the TT, six pass the CGC and one who was certified as a Registered Therapy Dog.


Looking forward, we have two co-breedings planned, and one more in the planning stages.  Itchy's pregnancy is waiting to be confirmed.  This is her last litter and we are very excited about the pairing, as we've hoped to breed to Vado for a long while.  This litter will be co-bred with Sue Ann Wolf & Monique Latteier.  Perri Yinger will also be repeating her 2014 Gandalf/Clover breeding.  Vali turned out exceptionally well and we hope this breeding will produce a few more like him.  Please contact these breeders directly if you are intestted in one of these litters.

Mike continues to move forward in his judging career and is currently licensed for all of the Working, Hound and Toy  groups, as well as half of the Non-Sporting group,.  Ann is now licensed for the back half of the Working group and on permit for the first half.  Because of scheduled judging assignments, we will be showing very little in 2014.  However, we will be here, cheering all of our friends and puppy owners on to success!

                                                                            Ann & Mike