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Below are each of Yngo's Sieger Show critiques.
Thank you to all of the judges who have admired our boy.


~ 1st Veteran Class ~

05.31.09  2009 Toronto Sieger Show
Judge:    Anton Spindler - ADRK

Ten years old. Scissors bite, Mostly dark mouth pigmentation.  Strong head, Dark Eyes, Strong skull. Broad neck and Backline, Strong Shoulders, Very good angulated, Strong muscled at rear end. Strong coat, Red brown markings. Free movement, Excellent condition for his age.


~ V-3  Working Class ~

05.27.07  2007 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
Judge:     Lucy Ang - USRC

Eight years old.  In excellent condition.  Excellent type.  Very good male head.  Medium stop.  Small ears, high set, right ear not carried correctly.  Medium brown eyes.  Mouth pigment mostly dark.  Scissor bite, complete dentition.  Upper S1 broken.  Very harmonious neck and topline.  Excellent chest development.  Strong back.  Excellent underline.  Very good front and rear angulation.  Very good coat with medium brown markings.  Tails is docked.  Free far reaching movement.


~ V-1 Working Class ~

10.09.04  2004 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
Judge:     Anton Spindler - ADRK

Scissors bite. Dark mouth pigmentation. Tall, Substantial, Full of Temperament. Alert, strong head with brown eyes.  A little bit high set ears.  Broad back, deep and broad chest.  Good angulation in front and rear.  Overall very good muscle.  Short coat, clear markings.  Free movement.  Back is partially loose whilst moving.


~ V-2 Sieger Class ~

08.31.03   2003 Canadian National Sieger Show
Judge:      Edgar Hellmann - ADRK

Medium to large in size, excellent in type, harmonious, strong bone, attentive, good natured, strong head, short muzzle, dark mouth pigment, medium sized ears, deep dark brown eyes, short strong neck, deep and broad in chest, straight front, paws are tight, broad/straight back, correct croup, tail cropped, hindquarters correctly set and angulated, free and far reaching gait, correct coat, brown markings, scissors bite.


~ V-1 Sieger Class ~

09.01.02   2002 Canadian National Sieger Show
Judge:      Herr Ottmar Vogel - ADRK

Correct Size, powerful, masculine, self assured and outgoing, broad head, normal stop,  muzzle could be slightly broader,  high set small carried correct ears, brown correct set eyes, correct pigmentation, full dentition and scissor bite, powerful dry neck, broad straight and tight back with correct croup, pronounced chest development, strong bone, good front angulation, very good hind angulation, correct coat,  medium brown correctly defined markings.


~ V-1 Open Class, Sieger, Most Beautiful in Show ~

05.19.02   2002 Ontario Spring Sieger Show
Judge:      Dr. Carla Lensi - Italy

3 year old, full and complete dentition, scissor bite, good masculine type in head, ears carried correct but not symetrically set, good stop, medium brown eyes, muzzle could be a little broader in relationship to skull, good gums, good lips, good topline, good underline, sufficient front and rear angulation, well developed chest and forechest, good coat, markings could be richer, front assembly a little bit loose, fluid in movement, medium drive. 


~ V  Open Class ~

09.02.01   2001 Niagara Sieger Show
Judge:      Hans-Juergen Radtke - ADRK

Medium size with good bone substance, powerful upper head with slightly small muzzle, cheek bones should be more pronounced, medium size ears not carried tight to upper head, lips and gums dark, good chest width with good chest depth, front and hind angulation very good, powerful neck, good top line,  good coat with brown markings, markings on chest not clearly defined, very good movement, scissor bite, both testicles intact.


~ V-1 Open Class ~

05.19.01   2001 Toronto Sieger Show
Judge:      Alice Zansch - ADRK

First impression is excellent.  Calm alert dog.  Typey head.  Medium size ears carried correctly.  Good dark brown eyes.  Stop and cheekbones pronounced.  Pink mottled mouth pigmentation.  Slightly light lips.  Muscular neck.  Deep wide chest.  Front and rear angulation correct.  Well closed paws.  Strong back.  Healthy outer coat.  Clean brown markings.  Fluent gait and scissors bite.


~ SG-1 12-18 Class, Youth Sieger ~

10.07.00   2000 USRC North Central Regional Sieger Show
Judge:      Frans Schaaf - The Netherlands

17 months, scissors bite, very good type, strong in bone, very good top and bottom line, very well angulated, good deep chest, very good head, well set ears, very good mouth pigmentation, brown eyes, correct coat, markings of very good color, very good mover.


~ SG-1  12-18 Class ~

09.02.00   2000 Niagara Sieger Show
Judge:      Frans Schaaf - The Netherlands

16 months old, Very good type.  Very good size.  For his age, powerful dog.  Scissors bite.  Very good topline, and bottom line.  Powerful chest.  Well angled.  A little weak in pasterns.  Very nice head.  Brown eyes.  Very good lip and mouth pigment.  Well set ears.  Very good coat.  Markings of good color.  Temperament full.  In movement, very good dog.


~ SG-1  12-18 Class, Youth Sieger ~

05.18.00  2000 Canadian National Sieger Show
Judge:     Anton Spindler - ADRK

Scissors bite. Dark mouth pigmentation. Medium size. Very good substance.  Full in temperament. Alert. Brown eyes. Good stop. Correct ears. Nice topline. Straight front. Very good angulated on rear. Strong muscled, correctly set. Short coat. Clear brown markings. Free in temperament. Good movement with good drive from rear end.