A very big thank you goes out to Carl Rowe for being our official "unofficial" MRC photographer.
Thanks Carl, for helping us to commemorate this trip!


The Wizard of Rottz

Cowardly Lion

Our 2003 trip to the Medallion Rottweiler Club Specialty couldn't have been more exciting!  In addition to the dogs doing a fair bit of winning, we were happy to visit with old friends, see some of our puppies that have moved far away and meet a few new faces as well.  Thank you to all for coming.  The trip would not have been as enjoyable without sharing it with all of our friends.

After all... 
Wins fade, but the friendships that we have built will last us long into the future...


We have lots of super news to share from the specialty,
but there's the one that everyone seems to remember...

YNGO Went Winners Dog and received an Award of Merit
in an entry of over 300 dogs!!!!!
Can you find Mike and Yngo in the Best of Breed ring???
*Hint* they are in the back on the middle row, Yngo is sitting.  Mike is in a black jacket and tan pants.


Looking for full MRC results?  Click Here!


Whoever thought trialing in Schutzhund was difficult never had to show a dog in the big MRC ring to Frans Schaaf!!! 
Yngo and Mike worked hard for the win and both were exhausted (although Mike moreso than Yngo I think!)

Of course, we are thrilled for the win, but even more thrilled that
so many of Yngo's puppy owners were there to watch.

And what would winning a dog show be without a nasty rumor?
This year's was that Yngo was imported with a tail and that we removed it so he could show!
Please know that nothing could be further from the truth.  Belgium was still docking when Yngo was born.
Not to mention that we can indeed show a dog with a tail here in Canada, so docking a tailed dog would be moot.
Still confused?  Take a look... http://www.cdb.org/euro.htm#b
Oh, and to the person who started it, we know who you are haha...  Actually, we really do.


Wondering how the Yngo kids did????

First, and most importantly, several of the Yngo kids stopped by the Cardiologist on the way to MRC.  Emma, Rajah, Ripley and Hayden all passed with flying colors and so impressed the vet that he showed up at MRC on Friday to watch Yngo at the Specialty!  Thank you to each of their owners for taking an extra day to do this.

We arrived on Sunday morning, to watch eight month old Bailey (Esmonds Make Mine a Double TD) earn her TDX title.  What a thrill it was watching the little one go.  Okay, she did eat a bit of deer poo along the way, but always remembered what she was there for and got back on track (pun intended).  Congratulations to owner Donna Wielert and thank you for doing so much with Bailey in such a short amount of time. 

We also had Yngo tracking certified on Sunday.  How terrible is that???  His daugther earns her TDX and he's still at certification???  We have got to catch up with these owners!  Thank you to judge, Pam German, for taking the extra time to do the certification track

See Bailey's TDX Track    See Yngo's Certification Track


On Thursday, Yngo pups Rio (Oakview's Rio Bravo v Esmond), Ripley (Ch Kayla's Believe it or Not CGN), and Rajah (Ch Esmonds Kinetic Energy TT) placed in their Futurity classes for owners Don & Pearl Thompson, Theresa & Wayne Buck and Carl Rowe & Tammy Lavigne.   Thank you to each of their owners for making the trip with us.  The boys showed wonderfully and we were proud to have shown them.  Thank you also to Steve McHugh and Tammy Burney for bringing Hayden out to the show as well. 




Yngo's little girls did not fare as well, although they did show beautifully.  Emma (Ch Esmonds Jump for Joy CD, TT, HIC, CGC), Charm (Esmonds Kaleidoscope of Quarks) and Lexa (Esmonds Many Happy Returns) all made it to the final cut in their very large classes for owners Cassie & Kevin Levy, Lynette & Will Nehmer and Darrell & Crystal Freeman.  We are so proud of all of you!

Lexa did not place, but showed like a dream and was kept until the final placments in both her classes.


Bailey did not place, but heck she has a TDX at eight months of age, so you don't see us complaining!


Charm and Julia were amazing as usual and were in there to the end of a very large 12-18 class!



And Yngo and Envy's kids???

In obedience, Emma (Ch Esmonds Jump for Joy CD, TT, HIC, CGC) earned her first AKC CD leg with owner Cassie Levy.  In conformation, Emma was the spinning, playing dead, sitting pretty, shaking paw, barking dog that I showed in the Open Bitch class.  What a blast she is and she thinks she's quite the show dog, making all of the cuts in a very competitive class.  

Cassie "convincing" Emma to Q in obedience.

See how well positive motivation works!

And, at the MRC agility trial, Joe (Esmonds Joe Cool NA) went High in Trial both days, from Jumpers on Saturday and Standard on Sunday, for owner Mike Vickery.  Holy moley, this dog can run!!!  I've never seen a Rottweiler weave as Joe did.  His jumpers run on Saturday was 21 seconds!  Go Joe!!!

Carl also took LOTS of candid shots of Emma and Joe and their webpages have been completely updated.
There are also some new shots on their litter page...

Click here to see Emma's Page
Click here to see Joe's Page
Click here for our "J" litter Page


Not to be outdone, Gambol and her kids held their own as well...

First, Gable (Am/Can Ch CT Esmonds Gone With the Wind CDX, Can CD, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, VX) and owner Rich Spetka placed 2nd in the Open B class each day.  Gable also shown in the breed and although he didn't win, was a very good boy and showed his heart out.  Thank you also to Gable for doing well right after being bred for the first time.  I would have been in BIG trouble with Rich had you not come through for us in the trial!

Iza (Ch Esmonds Iza One and Only Am/Can CD, Am/Can TD, TT, CGC) placed 3rd in a very competitive BBX bitch class (amazing since she attacked her lead for the better part of the class).  Good friends not only won that class, but went on to win WB and BOS...congrats to Traci, Linda and Kenya!

And Gambol herself (V-1 WWKC BIS/Ch, UKC BIS/Ch/ATCh Ch Oakview's Gambol vom Esmond CDX, OA, OAJ, NAP, NJP, BH, Can CD, AG.I, ADC, JDC, U-CD, SKC CD, NAC, NJC, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI, V) thrilled us by going High in Trial - Preferred on Saturday and earning both her OAP and OJP titles.  These were Gambol's 95th-98th agility trials and at eight years old, she is now officially retired.  A BIG THANKS to Gambol's favorite friend Tammy Ausloos for earning Gambol's preferred titles and for taking such good care of her.  Yes, I know that Gambol (and Tammy) wouldn't mind a run at those Excellent titles, but we missed her too much at home!


Also in agility, both Duck (Esmonds Everybody Duck NAP, NJP, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI) and Flirt (V-1 Esmonds First Class Flirt NA, OAJ, Ag.N, U-AGI, TT, HIC, CGC) had qualifying runs for owners Nancy Gannon and Tammy Ausloos respectively.




Thank you also to Mike and Nancy for bringing Duck out to visit us.  Because I kept him until he was so much older, Duck holds a special place in my heart and it was so thrilling for me to see him this happy!   On that note, thank you also to Larry Bzdon for bringing Casey along so that I could kiss on him, and Tammy Ausloos for bringing Kyla and Nevar along.  Although we're always happy to win, our greatest satisfaction came from seeing every one of our dogs interacting with their wonderful owners and with each other.  I can't count the number of times someone said to me this week "he/she is the greatest dog!" and every time, it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you to all...what you have each given these pups is more than we could have ever dreamed of...



Congratulations also to some of our puppy owners on their successes with their other dogs.  Chrystal Freeman qualified her first time in Utility with Titan, and Lynette and Blitz went High in Trial - Preferred both Saturday and Sunday in Agility!!!

And big congratulations to Andrea Bauer and Gabby for qualifying both days in Open Obedience and for their 1st place!  Andrea, it was so great to meet you.  Thanks for coming out and joining us.  And yes, you're officially on our puppy list.  I figure that if you guys can make it though dinner with 25 Esmondrott owners, you can get through anything... (and by the way, as a side note, Andrea and Gabby did finish their CDX shortly after MRC!)

It was also wonderful to meet Paula and Roger who traveled from Missouri just to see the dogs and arrived just in time to see Yngo win.  Paula, we don't always win like that, but we do always have fun.  Thank you for taking the time and traveling so far.  Oh, and yes, I'll be watching for a pup for you as well.

And Tammy Tondu, what are the chances that we'd get together through dogs after all these years?  I barely remember high school, but it was great to see you again.  We'll keep in touch.


Some of our MRC Candids...

Dinner for...well, a bunch... 


The "pass the Vickery Baby game"...
Theresa's turn !!!!!            



<--- Hey, there really IS a Darrell!






There was definitely NOT a loose dog on the agility grounds...Shakka simply had his own tent...poo on anyone who was bitter
about not being invited into it!



Quote of the week...

"I spend enough money NQ'ing
in agility, I certainly can afford to
buy $100 worth of  raffle tickets!

*  Note  *           
the Donna Raffle raised
approximately $2000!
Thank you to all.

Hayden & Tessa REALLY liked their new car.

That positive motivation stuff works for husbands also!
It's just a matter of finding the right motivator ;-)


On a more personal note...

It always makes me happy to see Don and Pearl Thompson.  Thank you for letting Gambol come to your room and boss your dogs around.  I was also glad to see how nicely Tess is turning out...don't forget about my breeding plans for her haha.  Thank you also for convincing Julie to allow Rio to come to the show.  I was thrilled by his quality and by his drive.  He's going to make us all proud.

Lorretta, thank you for letting me show your special boy, Bo.  I know how difficult it is for you to send him away.  Bruce did a great job as "bucket b****" though (and yes, it did have ice cubes in it).  Bruce even unwrapped Bo's string cheese for me.  You've got a good man there, hold onto him!  Congratulations also on a good showing by Harley in the veterans class as well.

Sondra, thanks for giving Joe such a good life.  And you are right (yes that means I was wrong)...Joe is beautiful!  I was so pleased, first with how he looked, but especially watching him with the girls.  And thank you for letting my Mike play with the girls...for those who don't know, Mike has a real soft spot for kids.  After Thursday's dinner he lamented "there were four babies there and no one handed me one to hold!".  Thank you for letting him "babysit" on Sunday.  It made his weekend. And yes Mike V., the goal is to win HIT at MRC going forward ;-)

Tina, as always, it was great seeing you again *naked* although I agree with Julia <wink>.

And Julia, thank you for taking such good care of Envy and for buying her a motorhome.  She told me that she's very happy with her new "digs" and that the couch is comfy.  She did say however, that she doesn't like any of those other dogs loose with her in there.

To Cindy Liebert, thank you for caring so well for Goldi while we were away.  It was much easier to relax and enjoy the show, knowing that we didn't have to worry about her.  Cathy, we're keeping our fingers crossed for a bunch of little "playboy bunnies" in the near future.

Lastly, thank you to Keith and Deanna for coming out to visit with us.  I'm sorry that we were so busy when you did, but it was wonderful seeing you again.  And as usual Keith, you can still pick a good dog.  I wish I wasn't so busy showing so that I could have sat ringside with you and compared notes.


And last but not least,
(or for those who might not have heard... ie. are living under a rock)

Ann and Elvis won BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW!!!

A sincere Thank You to Stuart and Sue Larsen for allowing Elvis and I to "play" again.
As you know, Elvis has captured my heart in a way that few dogs have.  I do believe that it was our love for each other that propelled us forward as we went around (and around and around) that ring.

Elvis, thanks for the memories...a High in Trial the first time and now Best in Show at MRC...

A special Thank You needs to also go to Jim and Linda Garvie, who brought Elvis to the Agility trial on Sunday!  You have no idea how happy I was to see him there (you too of course haha).  Winning was fun, but Elvis and I have always preferred cuddling to actually accomplishing things.  Thank you also for the photo of Elvis and I below.


As an added bonus, we returned home to find that Sue Trout and
Flapper (Esmonds Loping Thru the Mud CGN) had earned their Tracking Dog title
here in Canada!  Congratulations Sue...she really is turning into a SUPER dog!!!!!!!!!!
Mike, Yngo, Gambol and I are all so proud of you and the "Beav".


One final thought...
Although the winning is great, it's important to remember why we do this...

Joe and "his" girls.

Good boy Yngo!

Ann & Elvis, Together Again!

Cassie and Dylan...what better way to relax!

Because we all really love our dogs!