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Some candid photos of Yngo...

Caution!  We are not going to pretend that all of these photos are flattering to Yngo.  However, the way that we see Yngo is not stacked at a show, nor clean and shiny.
He's our everyday dog, constant companion and comedian.
We hope you enjoy Yngo for himself...the same way that we do!


Yngo and his best friend.


Just when we thought that Yngo couldn't possibly bring Mike any more joy,
imagine Mike's surprise when he found Scotty Bowman in the living room one day!

(Scotty's son, Stan, was here to pick up their new baby, Kennedy)

Of course all Yngo cared about was that Scotty was willing to play tug with him!


How we taught Yngo to show his bite to the judges!


Yngo adores kids and particularly likes Alexis and Kurt Bauer!


Yngo ~ Winter 2007...He's got the same zeal that he had as a youngster!

Something on my face?  Are you sure???


Yngo on his 9th Birthday...

With his favorite toy!

And with his favorite person, all grown up now!

Click Here to see Yngo's 9th Birthday Celebration Page!


Why Yngo doesn't do agility... Video 1    Video 2    Video3    Video4


More Swimming Candids...

Moonlight swim!


Yngo's "After Bath Party"...  Video 1   Video 2   Video 3


Yngo's Forest Remodeling Project (age 9 1/2)


A happy day for Yngo...The Vanstone kids and vanilla ice cream!
Life doesn't get better than that!


Yngo goes "Hunting" at age 8 1/2...

Hey Liz, what are all those remote controls for???

Wait, what do you mean, Wait?

Wahoo!  I couldn't wait!

You do know I'm going to clobber you the minute that leaves your hand, right?

Whoa! You're right, that automatic launcher does it WAY better!
Do you see me pointing???

Here I go...Oh, how I hope it's a real bird this time...


I am sure that I can do this as well as those Tollers!
On Land AND in the Water!!!


Yngo and his new Donut (thanks Jacqui!) at age 9 1/2...


Yngo vs. the Watermelon... Click Here to see More!


Of course, now everyone wants to see Yngo "kill" things...
Click Here to see him with his pumpkin at 10 1/2 years of age!


Yngo thanking Trish Barrett for his new toy...Henrietta Chicken
Click Here to see the Video!


Oh yeah...Yngo in his Birthday Hat...
What, I couldn't just slip that in there?

For those who don't know, the hat was lovingly handmade by Reilly Rowen.
Reilly is our birthday hat maker extraordenairre.
When the hat arrived, the Fedex man said, "Boy this is a light box for it's size".
To which I exclaimed, "IT'S YNGO'S BIRTHDAY HAT!!!!"
The Fedex man said "WHAT???"
And I pointed out that it was a hat for "This Dog, it's his Birthday".
He walked away muttering somthing to the effect of "Someone paid $17 to ship a hat to a DOG?"

Thank you Reilly, we love the hat! 


Yngo and the infamous baseball that broke his two front teeth!


Yngo at MRC....just after running and running and running for AOM.


Christmas 2003


Did I say "not flattering" about downright embarrassing???
Yngo ~ Christmas 2002...these WERE on his head at one point!!!