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The true way to render ourselves happy is to love our work 
                                                          and find in it our pleasure.
                                                                                   ~ Francoise de Motteville 

Yngo has proven himself to be a very versatile and
willing worker who is always up for trying something new!

Thank you to Paul Wright for the photos of Yngo on the Schutzhund and Tracking fields
and Jim Garvie for the photo of Yngo at the ARC National (Below)

Yngo has been successful in several venues.
He is shown, above, passing his AKC Tracking Dog title at the 2004 ARC National Specialty.

Yngo also completed his CKC CD and CDX titles with placements, including an Open A first to finish his CDX.
He also earned his AKC CDX title, with an Open A first and a third!

Flash...Yngo earns the AKC TDX title at the 2006 MRC Spring Test!!!

Tracking is work for Yngo.  The rest is just fun fun fun!
In fact, Yngo isn't always the highest scoring dog in the trials, but he is nearly always the most enjoyable to watch!


Yngo does have one favorite sport though...

Yngo is our "learning" dog in the sport of Schutzhund.
We are proud to say that Yngo has been trained using motivational methods.

Training went well and Mike and Yngo earned the SchI title on their very first try, going High Scoring SchI
with scores of 90-80-94 "a".  They earned their SchII on their first try as well.  Things indeed seemed to be going well...

However, trialing Yngo on the Schutzhund field taught us something very important...
Don't try to push a dog before he's ready (Hey, we all have to learn some things the hard way!)
We struggled a bit at the Sch3 level, but Mike and Yngo were determined!

We're pleased to announce that they did earn their Sch3 title on October 23rd, 2004!!!

*A special Thank You to Owen Tober and all of the members of the Schutzhund Club of Buffalo
and the GSWDC of Western NY for their continued support.  Without you, we would not have earned this title.

*Thank you also to Thomas Schaaf & Larry Bzdon for your ongoing help and encouragement.
Without each of you, we'd never have even gotten started...

Yes, this is a photo of him "outing" after the courage test.  I'm not sure who was happier...Owen or Mike!


Below are photos from two of Yngo's trials.  One failed Sch3 attempt, and one passing.
Thank you to Paul Wright for these photos.


Tracking isn't Yngo's strong suit, but he tries hard and has passed his track at every trial thus far.


A beautiful day for his Schutzhund 3 track!



Checking in for obedience... oh's OFF lead in Sch3!


Hey, did you notice that there's a crowd watching me???


In the Group


Thank goodness the boring heeling is over with...Nothing beats retrieving!


Over the wall with ease!


Wahoo!  The A frame is even more fun
AND it looks like someone forgot to raise it from training, so I'll go super fast!


Look out, here I come!


If Mike looks a bit "tense", it's from being hit with that dumbell one too many times!!!


Yngo does give the dumbell up now though!


The long down that Yngo is famous for.  Heck, at least he's confident out there!
(and it really makes the crowd laugh!)


Obedience critique...
Points off for the long down???  Aw c'mon!


As usual, he passes obedience.
Good Boy Yngo!!!  ------------------->



Running the blinds...they make it look so easy haha.

Found him!


What we thought would be Yngo's worse excercise is his best... Fuss out of the Blind.




It's just dawning on Mike that he's passed his Sch3!


"Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records."
                                                               -William A Ward