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Celebrating My 9th Birthday!!!


Hi there!  Welcome to my 9th Birthday celebration!
Even though today (Monday the 21st) is my birthday, I've actually been celebrating it all weekend!

Here are some pictures of the fun things I've been doing....

First, Cassie came over!!!  Cassie is my FAVORITE person in the whole world!
She gave me a sqeeky tennis ball!!!
I squeeked it and squeeked it and squeeked it all night but there are no photos because the family was trying to watch a movie. 
All I heard all night was "Yngo shhhhhhhh".  To which I replied "SQUEEK!"

In the morning, I gave Cassie some hugs and kisses...

As you can see, Cassie REALLY likes it when I cuddle with her!


Next, I played with my favorite toy in the entire world... WUBBA!

You'll notice that both Wubba and my chin are a bit bloody.
I kind of forgot about the new steps by the front garden and landed on my chin on the rocks after a particularly nice jump.
I spent a lot of time punishing Wubba for that!

ps.  You can see my broken tooth also.  That is from the famous "Baseball" incident, not because of Wubba.


On Sunday, Diane came to visit and she brought me a FLEECY WUBBA!!!
I've wanted this so badly that I could barely think straight but Ann kept saying No (and making snide comments about how I NEVER think straight)

I am sooooo happy that Diane came to visit! 

Here I am breaking in MY new fleecy Wubba!

Ohhhh it feels so good in my mouth, it's so soft on my paws... I am the happiest dog EVER!


And finally it was MONDAY!

Every year for my Birthday, we take the first Spring walk in the woods!
This is my favorite time of year because all Winter the trees have been falling down because of the storms,
meaning there are LOTS of sticks that need cleaning up!

My Birthday also means that the river out back will be deep enough for SWIMMING!!!

C'mon Ann... Move it already!  We have a river to get to!!!  I already found one stick for my relocation project...

Listening for Ann to see if she's coming... She's sooooo S-L-O-W!
Notice, I am already in the RIVER!

Now, there are some tricks to making the most of your time in the woods.
I have MANY years experience with this, so listen up...

First, It's important to make a WILD entrance!   This will scare off the snakes.

After that, dig around on the bottom a bit so it gets really nice and muddy...If you're lucky, you will locate a good stick...

Dislodge the stick and balance it in the middle.
(This part is important.  Trust me, I've learned the hard way!)

Take the stick toward the camera, act all nonchalant, but then really RACE toward the camera as you get closer!
This part is super fun because it causes Ann to run and screech loudly (sometimes she even swears!)

Once you have removed all of the small sticks, locate the Mother of all Sticks!
This is the stick that every dog dreams of!  This is the moment you've waiting your life for.  It is what you were born to do!!!!

It's time to begin demolition work. 
Test it a bit too see how easily it will come apart and then................ GIVE IT ALL YOU'VE GOT!!!!!

Once the demolition is complete, you can stand back and let everyone admire your handiwork!

Your owners will be VERY pleased that you did you part to help the environment and keep the yard from flooding.
So much so that they'll let you pick a stick to take back to the house.
I would suggest choosing one that is short enough to run with, but long enough to still be dangerous with.


Here I am flaunting my "take home" stick in front of the girls (Neener Neener!)

Tonight, I'll get a bath (and rip the towels!) and then we'll have you know what... ICE CREAM!!!

You'll notice that Ice Cream is a three step process...

                  1.  Eat ALL the Ice Cream!
                  2.  Grab the Container Firmly...
                  3.  Rip it to Shreds!

I love my Birthday!  I can't wait until I turn Ten!!!


The End!