V-3 Select Ch. Jowett's Blazing Fire CDX, VMADC, VMJDC, VMTRDC, TT, HIC, CGC, CGN, RTD
RCC Hall of Fame

Sire:  Multi BIS/BISS Ch I'm Oliver von Damien CD,  CGC, RTD
Dam:  Ch Columbo's Blaze CD, CGC


Owned by Cassie & Kevin Levy - Hawkestone, Ontario


A tribute to Dylan ~

Holy Moly, my best bud and most patient teacher is 10 today. It almost makes me tear up! They say time flies when you're having fun, but I had no idea that 10 years could go by so quickly. Dylan has been my soulmate (Kevin accuses us of sharing a brain since we're always "in sync"), my teacher and just the most loyal and undemanding friend a person could have. Dylan is one of the gentlest, kindest boys I know. Although he does have an affinity to smother people with kisses! He has been patient through all of my fumblings with obedience and agility (goodness knows we'd have finished our VAATCH by now if I hadn't gotten lost on so many courses!). He waited for his turn to shine when Jessie was sick and needed all of my attentions and he's been there for me every time I cry at some soppy movie or commercial or even just because. He's also there to join my in laughter and in afternoon naps on the livingroom floor! Dylan has taught me that laughter is a gift and that sometimes a good chuckle is much more valuable than a qualifying score. I have had more judges tell me that I had the nicest Rottweiler they'd ever met and that he was just "perfect" even when he was licking kids in the face across the gates when he was supposed to be with me heeling! The judges also joined in our chuckles whenever he would take THEM his glove instead of bringing it back to me! Dylan was able to make some of the "sharpest pencils around" soften up a bit. I remember one trial with a judge who had a reputation for being a stickler and not always the most fair, trying to coyly entice Dylan to get his dumbell (he even whispered "Get it!" under his breath. Dylan had decided that resting his chin on the high jump and wiggling his bum was a better bet for the laughter votes that day. When Dylan started barking playfully at the judge instead of "getting it" the judge laughed and apologized that he really couldn't help me anymore. He did tell me what a wonderful dog I had though. (if I could count all the times I'd heard that from judges I'd be out of fingers and toes!)

Well, buddy! Happy Birthday and cheers to many more years of laughter and just sheer silliness! Thanks for always being there big guy, I love ya!


Dylan two weeks before his 12th birthday!


Some of Dylan's Accomplishments...

Dylan and Cassie winning the Open A class at the
Peterborough Area Dog Obedience Club.


And here winning the Utility A class at the Victoria County Kennel Club show..


Dylan flying high!!!


Dylan earned his AAC Starters title and
advanced jumpers title at 7 years of age!


And most recently, Dylan earned his AAC Veterans Master Jumpers title!

More agility candids...



In addition to all of Dylan's accomplishments in the show rings,
he is a very gifted Therapy Dog.
Read about Dylan's therapy work at if that is not enough, Dylan is a TV star!
He is shown here with the lovely Tia Carrere, while
filming an episode of "The Relic Hunter".
Dylan also appeared in the Degree "Feet" commercial
with his girlfriends Tressy & Envy.

Dylan also appears in the BrownTrout Calendars with his sister, Jessie.
Click here to see their Calendar shots.


Dylan was also part of Cassie and Kevin's wedding party!
He was sooooo handsomein his bow tie!!!


A young Dylan at his first Sieger Show


Dylan with his newest girlfriend...
Ch Esmonds Jump For Joy CDX, Am CD, Ag.N, SADC, AD, BH, TT, HIC, CGN

Dylan & Emma's Page


And with his newest addition...Ely


May 11, 1995 - March 11, 2008


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