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Kayla's A Cut Above TT, CGN


Hayden is from the Yngo/Danka litter.
He is owned by Tammy Burney & Steve McHugh, ON Canada
and Tessa (a Ty daughter)



Hayden recently attended his very first show and not only won
Best Puppy in Breed, but a Puppy Group One!!!
(that's his sire,Yngo, and half sister, Charm, with him in the photo)

Thanks Steve and Tammy for your enthusiasm with all of this "showdog" stuff!



Hayden is a typical Yngo puppy, enjoying water and big sticks.


Hayden (Left) and his brother Ripley (Right).
Photo taken August, 2003


As you can see, Hayden was a very well loved and spoiled little puppy.
His attitude as he's maturing reflects that...Hayden is a wonderful dog.


This must be heriditary also...take a look at Charm's Page



What Canadian puppies do for fun!


He's still doing it!
Hayden ~ Winter, 2003



Hayden & Tessa...


And again a few months later.


Hayden's all grown up now but still loves Tessa.
Look for Hayden and Tessa in the 2005 Browntrout Calendars.