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The Esmond Y Litter (3 Males/8 Females) was born March 27, 2009
This litter was co-bred with Valerie McGraw ~ Eis Haus Rottweilers

Sire: Multi BISS Am/Can CH Apollonia Anything Goes CS, TT, CGC, TDI 
OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, CERF

Dam: Multi BISS Select 1 Am/Can/UKC CH Eis Haus First Love of Kando RN, TT, CGN, RTD
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Patella, Thyroid Normal, CERF, vWD-



Please help us to welcome Simone's first litter!!!

All ELEVEN of them!!!

As usual, Simone has far exceeded our expectations with a litter that is a breeder's dream...
8 Lovely Girls and 3 Robust Boys!!!

Simone is a kind and attentive mother and is quite pleased with herself.  Needless to say, we are pleased as well!
Simone has been a dream come true from day one and never seems to let us down.  We feel very blessed.

Momma's Girls!


Synchronized Sleeping...


         Mom, are you Awake?                     Mommmmmmmm!        Maybe some little kisses will wake you up?                *SIGH*


At two weeks of age, pups are spending a lot of time exploring with their mouths and love to bite Simone's feet and legs!



Happy Easter!!!



Happiness is a new bed!


Pups are starting to get very interactive now and really enjoy their wrestling games!



At three weeks of age, pups are eating real food. 
What they lack in technique, they make up in enthusiasm!

Afterward, Simone "Tops Them Off" while cleaning them up...

And then they crash... 



We're not sure they can get any cuter than this,
but stay tuned to find out!



On Day 24, the pups started having daily visitors!

Nova was THRILLED to finally get the chance to go in the box with the pups.
They were all eager to meet her as well, even though their attempts at finding milk were unsuccessful!


Diane Hetherington and Jim Smith came to visit on Day 25
and Diane introduced Miss Lavendar to Deke!


The next day, the pups met Amy!!!
Thank you to Trish Barrett-Butler for the visit!


Then, over the weekend, we had LOTS of visitors...



Now that the pups are bigger, Simone's trying to find a comfortable way to nurse!


Yellow girl, getting ready to pounce her brother!


Miss Purple, contemplating her escape!


The pups LOVE all of their new toys!


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