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The Esmond Y Litter (3 Males/8 Females) was born March 27, 2009
This litter was co-bred with Valerie McGraw ~ Eis Haus Rottweilers

Sire: Multi BISS Am/Can CH Apollonia Anything Goes CS, TT, CGC, TDI 
OFA Good, OFA Elbows Normal, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, CERF

Dam: Multi BISS Select 1 Am/Can/UKC CH Eis Haus First Love of Kando RN, TT, CGN, RTD
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac-ECHO, OFA Patella, Thyroid Normal, CERF, vWD-



Because this litter is so large, we have split their puppy page into two for easier loading.
Below are photos of the pups starting at five weeks.

Click Here to see Day 1 thru Week 4


At five weeks, we got to play outside!!!
There are LOTS of fun things outside...We found the Garden...


We watched the big dogs run...

And practiced our Tracking, Retrieving and Carrying...


We helped weed the lawn...


We worked on our rock climbing and jumping skills...


And played in the tunnel...


We killed some wildlife...


And once we were back inside, we took a LONG nap!



At six weeks, we are as cute as ever!



We also had lots more visitors!


Brown Boy finds Iza's favorite toy!!



Ann also decided that we are big enough to play with Deke now!!!

We'd better count your teeth if you are going to Australia...

Deke was very nice to us!


Cool!!!  The loud storm last night meant a bunch of new "Toys from Heaven"!



Just some random cuteness...



At almost 7 weeks... In no particular order...


Miss Pink


Miss Lavendar 


Miss Orange 


Miss Purple 


Mr. Red


Miss Cranberry


Miss Yellow


Mr. Blue


Miss Lime


Miss Turquoise


Mr. Brown



7 Week Candids!

What happens when your desire to run is greater than the sum of your parts!


Here we are playing with Grandpa Yngo's birthday toys...

Thank you to Diane Hethrington, Mike & Nancy Gannon, Elizabeth Lewis and Judy Fahy
for sending these toys so we could steal them!



Look at us now!  We're ready to be show dogs!
Thank you to Val for stacking us so Ann didn't have to!

Purple Girl is now... Esmonds Yakity Yak of Eis Haus (Chatty)
Owned by Lisa Byrd of Connecticut & Valerie McGraw

Chatty will also live with Richter and Hannah


Orange Girl is now... Esmonds Your Brie de Meaux (Brie)
Owned by Rick and Darlene Facchini of Ontario & Ann Felske-Jackman


Turquoise Girl is now... Esmonds You Had Me At Hello (Renee)
Owned by Judith Coates of North Carolina & Ann Felske-Jackman


Yellow Girl will be Esmonds You Are My Sunshine (Sunny)
Owned by Cathy Krell of Texas & Ann Felske-Jackman

Sunny will also live with Aspen and Sprite 


Blue Boy is now... Esmonds Yankee General (Grant)
Owned by Rich & Judy Spetka of Illinois & Ann Felske-Jackman

Grant will also live with Gable & Rebel


Pink Girl is now... Esmonds You Make It Look Easy (Eva)
Owned by Lisa Boucher of New Brunswick & Ann Felske-Jackman

Eva will also live with Lucas & Griffin


Red Boy will be Esmonds Yield No Yards (Reggie)
Owned by Pat and Ron Carkoski of Pennsylvania & Ann Felske-Jackman

Reggie will also live with Coach


Cranberry Girl is now... Esmonds Yabba Dabba Doo (Pebbles)
Owned by Barbara and Cassie Young of Ontario & Ann Felske-Jackman

Pebbles will also live with Bond


Lavendar Girl is now... Esmonds You're My Lucky Charm (Clover)
Owned by Perri and Andrew Yinger of Oregon & Ann Felske-Jackman

Clover will also live with Buzz-B, Ted & Party


Lime Girl will be Esmonds You're Play'n With Fire (Ember)
Owned by Tammy Hampton of Ontario & Ann Felske-Jackman


Brown Boy is now... Esmonds You Gotta Slide (Cinch)
Owned by Donna Holloway of Alberta