Gambol's Pregnancy Diet


Since so many of you have asked, here is a copy of our BARF "pregnancy" diet.  This is the diet that works for our girls.  I have found that, especially on the BARF diet, our expectant mothers appreciate several smaller meals per day.   In general, we feed our normal diet for the first four weeks and incorporate the "1pm" meal once pregnancy is confirmed.   During the sixth and seventh weeks, we break the morning meal into three separate meals (7am, 10am and 4pm below) and break the nightly meal into two meals (7pm and 10pm below).  During the last week, nothing changes other than the fact that we remove the bones from the nighttime meals (give chicken and turkey without bones) and increase fish, liver, tripe and eggs. 


1/2 pound Meat Mixture
1 TBSP Yogurt
1 TBSP Oil
1 TBSP Raw Honey
1 tsp Kelp
1 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp Wheat Germ (Source of Vit. E)
500mg Vitamin C (Ester C powdered)

2 TBSP Cottage Cheese
Alternate daily between:
1/8 Cup Greens
1/8 Cup Fruit Mix

2 Eggs (scrambled)
4 Oz. Fish

Alternate daily between the following items:
4 Oz. Liver (Raw)
1/2 cooked Sweet Potato 
500mg Vit. C

1-2 Large Chicken Backs (Raw)

1/8 lb. Ground Turkey


A fat and happy, raw-fed, expectant mom!