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Am CH Pepperhaus Xcellent Adventure UD, RE,

RO-63410G53M-PI, RO-CA1859/127M/C-VPI-ECHO, RO-TH327/63M-PI
RO-PA165/68M/O-PI, CERF RO-6201/2011-124, Long Coat DNA Clear

Ted is owned and loved by Perri and Andrew Yinger of Oregon.


Perri writes the following about Ted...

"From Novice A to ARC Versatility Excellent, Ted has lived up to his name and beyond!  Although he's excelled at everything we've asked of him on the SchH field, the Herding arena, and the Obedience and show rings, he has a day job as a working farm dog.  When the work day is done, Ted is a favorite in and in elementary school classrooms and nursing homes where he has a gift with Alzheimers patients."


Ted in his prime, being shown by his breeder Sandy Stuart




Ted is now ten years of age and is still just as frisky as ever!


Ted is a true working dog, helping Perri in a variety of ways around WilLambette Farms