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Multi V-1 Am/UKC/UCI Int'l CH, Can OTCH HC BAAR's 
Heaven Sent UDX, Am/Can RE, CI, U-CDX,
OFA Fair, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, CERF

V-1 Multi BOSS Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Iza One and Only
Am/Can CDX, RE, Am TDX, Can TD, SchHIII,
OFA Good, OFA Cardiac, OFA Patella, CERF, Thyroid Normal, vWD-



Always the over achiever, Iza gave us ten lovely puppies (the ultrasound showed six!)
Please help us welcome, In order of birth...

Pink Female - 17oz
Red Male - 16oz
Purple Male - 15oz
Navy Male - 15oz
Yellow Female - 17oz
Orange Male - 12oz
Turquoise Female - 15oz
Lavender Female - 16oz
Black Male - 17oz
Lime Male - 16oz


Day 3 Candids...
We are strong and healthy!


Miss Turquoise & Mr. Lime

Pink & Lavender - Telling Secrets!

Navy Boy (Bottom) & Black Boy (Top)

Orange Boy & Red Boy

Click Here to see a video of the pups on day Four!



Photos at 2.5 weeks...
Eyes are open and we're playful and lively!

Yellow Girl

Black Boy
Orange Boy & Black Boy
From front to back... Red Boy, Turquoise Girl, Pink Girl

Purple Boy
Turquoise Girl & Pink Girl
Navy Boy
Navy Boy & Orange Boy

Lavendar Girl

Click here to view a short video of pups at 19 days


As always, Iza is being a VERY good mommy!
(The pest is Miss Lavendar)



Day 22 was a great day!  Yummy!!!


In just a few days we figured it all out and eat like Ladies and Gentlemen now.



We're nearly four weeks old now and are adorable...
(We know that because Ann tells us all the time!)

Lime Boy

Orange Boy
Purple Boy
Black Boy

Navy Boy
Red Boy



On Day 28, we met a new friend...Simone!

Simone is BIG but played with us very nicely.
Ann said Simone is here to teach us not to bite so hard!

We said "Humbug!" to that and mobbed Simone!!!

I then took her toy while brother Lime distracted her...

And  then Yellow and Pink sisters bit her face and ears while I
stuck out my tongue at her...that'll show her who's boss around here!

Simone did manage to get one or two swipes in of her own...
She said we "Taste like Chicken" whatever that means!

Eventually we all learned to play fair...

We hope Simone comes back to visit again tomorrow!!!!!

Click Here to see video of Simone and the puppies... Video 1   Video 2



At 4.5 weeks, we got the whole living room!

Mr. Lime & Mr. Orange

Turquoise Girl
Yellow Girl

Purple Boy
Navy Boy

Pink Girl


We also found the TOYBOX!!!

Red Boy with Iza's favorite "Red Ball"

Jackpot!!!  Miss Lavendar finds the toybox first!

Lime Boy & Red Boy with their Dino Cuz


And made new friends...

Orange Boy loves Jen!

Cassie Jackman and Black Boy



We're five weeks old now and having loads of fun...

Lime Boy... Paper?  What Paper?  I wasn't ripping any paper!

Lavendar Girl... This is easy!  What next???

A big smile from Lime boy!

Pretty Miss Turquiose

Navy Boy... Do you think I'm handsome?

How about from this angle???

Maybe if I pounce a  little closer???

Purple Boy loves the tunnel!
Yellow Girl hoarding all the toys!
Black Boy wonders why he should sniff it when he can taste it!

Orange Boy with the big bed all to himself!
Pink Girl Pretty for a Picture...

Red Boy tries it out for size!



At 5.5 weeks, we had LOTS of visitors!

Cassie Young with Yellow Girl

Jeff McCrea with Lime Boy

Haley McCrea and Purple Boy

Haley McCrea with Orange Boy

And of course, we continue to be cute...

Turquoise Girl

Pink Girl

Red Boy checks out Haley's bag!



Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Pretty Miss Pink



At six weeks, we went outside...
(And found out it's REALLY cold in Ontario...we hope we're all going to live in Florida...)

Black Boy (left) and Red Boy (right)

We finally went back inside and played...

Lavendar Girl

Red Boy

Yellow Girl

Red Boy & Black Boy play with Iza's favorite Ball!

Navy Boy & Yellow Girl

Red boy doing his froggie impression...



We're seven weeks old now and had a visit from Briann!

We're also starting to get ready to go to our new homes...

Rayne says "I heard that Collette was researching the raw diet!"

Jewel says it's time to go to California!

If I could just get in the bag...

Almost there!

Jewel making sure she still fits in the Sherpa bag!

Orange boy has the Sherpa Bag all figured out!