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OUR "T" LITTER (3 M/5 F) WAS BORN ON MAY 10, 2006
*Litter Co-bred with Cassandra & Kevin Levy*

V-1, 5xBIS, 11xBISS, Select, Am/Can Ch Keerocka's Entertainer
OFA Excellent, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, CERF

V-Rated Ch/OTCh/ATCh Esmonds Jump For Joy Am CDX, RE, NA, NAJ, Ag.X, Ag.XJ, MSCDC, MGDC, AD, BH, RNMCL, TT, HIC, CGC
OFA Good, OFA Elbows, OFA Cardiac, OFA Thyroid, OFA Patella, CERF, vWD-



Puppies arrived while we were at the National Specialty!
Congratulations to Cassie and Emma on a job well done!!!!


The whelping went wonderfully and, as always, Emma is a very good Mommy!



Early Imprinting...


A few two week candids...

Ann visited on day 12 and couldn't believe the quality and consistency in this litter!!!
And they were sooooo cute laying on their backs...


Pups at three weeks...
(Click on any photo to enlarge)


Pups at four weeks...
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Pups are doing wonderfully at four weeks of age.
They are happy and energetic and, of course, beautiful!

Sweet Dreams...


Pups at five weeks...
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I can't believe how big they get from one weekend to the next when I visit!
Pups definitely have their own personalities now and are FUN FUN FUN!!!


Puppies stacked at seven weeks...
(Place cursor over photo for puppy color/sex)

Light Blue Boy

Navy Boy

White Boy

Orange Girl

Yellow Girl

Red Girl

Green Girl

Pink Girl


There are also additional photos and videos (for those who can't stand waiting for the weekly pictures <g>)