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Online Stud Service Application
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Please realize that completing this questionnaire is in no way a committment on our part to accept a bitch for breeding.  All information provided is confidential and will only be used to help us make an informed decision about approving this breeding.  We will respond to your inquiry within 7 days.  If you are inquiring about a dog from our breeding program that we do not personally own, we will refer this to the dog's owner.


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Section 1:  Your Bitch

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Health Clearances
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Full Dentition and Scissors Bite?    Yes   No
Any History of ACL Tears?              Yes   No
History of Pano, OCD etc?              Yes   No

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Please describe your bitch's temperament:

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Has your bitch been bred before?    Yes   No
If yes, did she whelp naturally?       Yes   No

If yes, also please tell us about her breedings and pups:
(Dates bred, Sires used, number of pups and their titles & health clearances etc., any DQ faults?)


Section 2:  This Breeding

Are you planning to do a     Natural Breeding   Fresh Chilled Semen    Frozen Insemination?

If a Natural Breeding, do you plan to do progesterone testing?      Yes   No

If Fresh Chilled or Frozen, do you have access to a good Reproductive Specialist?      Yes   No

What are your goals for these pups?

Do you place companion puppies on spay/neuter or non breeding contracts?      Yes   No
Are you willing to supply us with copies of both your pet and show contracts?     Yes   No
Do you have specific homes for the puppies from this breeding lined up now?     Yes   No
Do you hope to keep a puppy from this breeding?                                                 Yes   No

When are you wishing to do this breeding?

Please list any other information you wish to supply us with that will help us with this breeding:


Section 3:  About You

List any COE Clubs that you are a member of:
How long have you been breeding?                
How many litters have you bred?                    
How many dogs live with you right now?        

 What titles & health clearances have you obtained on dogs owned by you?

What titles and health clearances have been obtained on dogs bred by you?

 Where exactly are your puppies whelped and raised?

What are pups fed?

How do you choose the homes your pups will go to and at what age do you send them home?


In Conclusion...

Have you reviewed our Stud Contract?       Yes   No

Please ask any questions you may have below: