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Pan & Little John


Hello, My name is Little aka Little John aka CH Arwins Little John

I am loved by Lori-Ann Fischer and was once a successful show dog. 
Now, I have a very important job.
My job is to help my best friend, Pan the Rottweiler, break records. 


I'm pretty good at this job.  You will see that Pan is amost covered by ribbons - This is due to my  excellent coaching. Under my guidance, Pan has earned the following...

2019 #1 Rottweiler & #10 All Breeds
2020 #1 Rottweiler and #8 All Breeds
2021 #1 Rottweiler, #1 Working and #4 All Breeds

And, he broke the record for annual Best in Show wins and also Lifetime Best in Show wins!


Let me tell you how we do this...

First, we travel.  We have traveled all over the country together.  I help navigate while Pan meditates.  It's important to be ready well before the big event.  Visualize the ribbon Pan; Become one with the judge... No Pan!  Stop looking at that girl dog!  Pan!  Pan!!!  Focus Pan... Red, White and Blue....You've got this... We've got this... Whew, that was a close one!


When we arrive at our destination, it's time for some beautty sleep.  Pan takes up so much room on the bed - it's ridiculous really.  He could curl up, but he's got to stretch waaaayyyyy out.  He says it's better for his movement but I am skeptical.  Sometimes there's not even room for Lori-Ann.  But there's always room for me - can you find me in the photo below???


Next, we get up very early in the morning.  We make Lori-Ann start the day with coffee.  Without it, she might look like we do in this photo.  She needs to look pretty and Pan needs to look alert.  Get it together buddy, you look like you are falling asleep - and what's with those gross lips?  Cleanup!!!


While Pan waits for his turn in the ring, I do double duty as security detail and protect the setup.  These show dogs are valuable and someone needs to keep their eye on them.  Not to mention that if Pan was stolen,  I'd have Dawn, Kat, Ann and Mike to contend with.

I know that Pan would be very sad without me.  So I stand guard. Plus, people always underestimate me - it's the perfect disguise.


When Pan comes out of the ring, that's means he's won!
I am in charge of making sure the ribbons make it home to Dawn.


Good Boy Pan, I'll take that!  Now, off you go to win Best in Show!!!


Back home, I make sure that Pan stays on his beauty regimen. Rottweilers need to have all of their teeth examined in the ring so he must keep them clean and shiny.  He must also exhibit excellent temperament, so we practice this at home too. 

A good way to make sure your Rottweiler is safe is to take his bone when he's not looking!  
(Don't try this at home folks, I am a professional)


The key to a long and successful campaign is making sure to keep things fun.
One must celebrate big events with their friends.  I make sure to bring the hats!

Stay still everyone!  I mean it!  Birthdays are serious business!
I mean... fun!!!  We're having fun and I need you to look like it on 1...2... and CLICK!


Now that Pan has smashed all the records, he will get to retire.
I will see him less, but am confident that he will remember his lessons - and remember ME!

It's now time to start looking for a new protoge - this is Pan's son, Canyon. 
If we start training early, there's no saying what he might accomplish under my tutelage!


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