How We Got Started...      

One of of the most common questions we are asked is how we got started feeding the raw diet.   Over the years, both Mike and I have tried just about every imaginable processed food on the market, often adding additional supplements to make up for what was lost during the processing of the kibble.  In addition, we started researching exactly what was in processed dog food and what we learned was horrifying.  Each of us switched our dogs to a raw diet.  Mike switched cold-turkey, and I fed my dogs 1/2 kibble, 1/2 raw for a few years.   Neither of us had problems making the switch in our own way. 

We would suggest that before changing your dog's diet, you do two things.  The first is to research carefully to determine how and what you will feed.  There are many versions of the raw diet out there, including several good cooked diets, and of late, prepackaged raw and cooked meals.  There is an incredible variety of supplements available these days, in fact, you'll likely find the choices somewhat  overwhelming.   Next, we would suggest a trip to your veterinarian  to ensure that the dog you are considering changing to the new diet is as healthy as they can be.   In the case that you are investigating a switch because your dog is struggling to remain healthy, please do so with the guidance of your veterinarian and consider one of the special needs diets that we have provided a link to at the left.

You will find that initially, your dog may not want to eat raw meat, or you will see changes that are worrisome ie. vomiting, loose stools, change in coat condition etc.  This is because your dog is going through a normal detoxification in which his/her body is ridding itself of the bad things and getting used to the new.   Let your common sense guide you as to what type of change is acceptable, but please do know that after this detoxification period, things will return to normal.   In the case that your dog is unsure about eating, you may want to consider searing the meat for a few seconds in garlic or oil.  In general, they learn quickly how to eat their new diet and really love it!