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Pan smashes the record for
lifetime Best in Show wins
for a Rottweiler in Canada
with 28 BIS wins and also
earns his CDX this year!!!

Brother Nox wins the 2021
ARC Texas Regional Specialty
and earns both his UD and
IGP1 (schutzhund) title!!!

Jagger wins back to back
High in Trials at the 
2021 MRC Specialty
then finishes the year with
199.5 and High in Trial!!!


Welcome to the Esmond Rottweiler homepage and the online home of Mike Jackman, Ann Felske-Jackman and our very spoiled Rottweilers.  As you will see, our dogs and puppies are not just show and competition hopefuls, but much loved members of our family. 

Multi V-1, Sieger, Multi BISS, Am/Can Ch Yngo van het Dornedal Am/Can CDX, TDX, Can TD, SchHIII, FH, BST, BH, TT, CGC
ARC Gold Sire, MRC/RCC Hall of Fame, ARC Versatility Excellent, USRC Silver Merit Award, CRC Gold Award  #1 Rottweiler Overall in 2003 ~ Canada; 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2103 ARC Prico Award Winner Top Producing Rottweiler in Breed History (Canada) with over 600 ARC Production Points

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Cassie Jackman and Nevar
V-1 Multi BISS Select Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Never a Dull Moment Am/Can CD, RAE, NAP, NJP, HT, PT, JHD, BH, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI   ARC Bronze Sire, MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Top Ten Agility 2008

Esmond Rottweilers are
Happy Workers!

Plus, they're versatile enough
to Do It All...


V-1 Multi BISS Am CH, Can GRCHX Esmonds One Night Stand Am/Can/UKC CD, Am RA, Can RE, CS, CI, CAX, DJ, U-RO2, TN-N, ND, TT, HIC
2019 RCC National Specialty Best in Specialty Show; 2015 Canadian National Sieger Show Most Beautiful in Show; 2015 #1 Rottweiler Overall;l HIT Winner


V-1 UKC Ch/ATCh Esmonds First Class Flirt RAE, AX, AXJ, NAP, NJP, Ag.I, Ag.IJ,
MRC Hall of Fame, Top Ten Agility 2003


V-1 Am/Can Ch, UKC Ch/GRACh Esmonds Golden Opportunity RAE2, NA, NAJ, AXP, MJP, NF, Ag.N, Ag.IJ, O-NAC, S-NJC, O-TN.N, NGC, TG.N, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI  
ARC Silver Dam,  ARC Top Ten Agility...
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 


V-Rated Ch/OTCh/ATCh Esmonds Jump for Joy Am CDX, RE, NA, NAJ, Ag.X, Ag.XJ, MSCDC, MGDC, AD, BH, TT, HIC, CGN,ARC Gold Dam

Multi V-Rated Am/Can Ch MACH U-GRACH Esmonds Timing is Everything RAE, MXF, T2B, HIC ARC Gold Dam


Multi BOSS Select 1 Am/Can Ch, CT  Esmonds Make Mine a Double Am UD,
Can CD, RE, Can TD, TT, CGC, VX 
MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Gold Dam,
2005 RCC National High in Trial
2008 MRC High in Trial/High Combined
2005 ARC Top Ten Breed, Obed & Rally


Esmonds Cause for Pause UDTDX,
11x SchHIII, FH2, IPOIII, AD, BH, TT, CGC, VX MRC Hall of Fame, Dog World Award, Multi High in Trial - Obed & Schutzhund, ARC Top Ten Obedience 2000

...And are fun to live with!


BISS Am/Can/UKC Ch ATCh Esmonds Qruzin' for a Bruzin' CD, RN, Ag.N, AD, MADC,MJDC, MSDC, AGDC, TT, HIC, CGN
#1 Rottweiler Overall 2011 - Canada

V-1 USRC Select BISS Am/Can Ch Esmonds Quite Audacious RN, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI

Although they are adorable, raising a Rottweiler Puppy is a tremendous responsibility. Please research carefully before you buy or breed!


This pup grew up to be...
V-1 UKC BIS/Ch/ATCh Ch Oakview's
Gambol vom Esmond Am CDX, RA, OA, OAJ, OAP, OJP, BH, Can CD, Ag.I, ADC, JDC, NAC, NJC, U-CD, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI  MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Gold Dam,
ARC Top Ten Agility 2000 & 2003

Most importantly, If you do choose a Rottweiler Puppy, be sure that you're prepared to commit the time and effort it takes to ensure that he or she will mature into a dog that will help to dispel the many misconceptions about our wonderful breed.


Ch CT Esmonds Perfect Opportunity CDX, RA, Can TDX/UTD, TT, HIC, CGC
TD, TDX & VST earned in 12 months
without ever failing a trial.

Ch CT Esmonds Absolut Attitude UD, OM1, RE, Can CDX, Can TD, CGC, VX
AKC High in Trial/High Combined Winner
CKC Multi High in Trial Winner

Ch OTCh Esmonds Peppermint Patty Am CD, Am/Can TDX, Am/Can RE, NA, NJP, Ag.I, Ag.IJ, ADC, SGDC, TT, HIC, CGN


OTCh Esmonds Loping Thru the Mud
Am CDX, Am TD, Can TDX, Am/Can RE,
OA, OAJ, NF, NAP, NFP, Ag.N, Ag.IJ, CGN , VCD2, Eukanuba Superdog, High in Trial Winner, ARC Top Ten Agility 2007

Our web site is copyrighted for the years 2000-2020  and was designed and built by Ann Felske-Jackman.   We expect to be contacted if you wish to use any photosMANY of the pictures on this site are additionally copyrighted to their individual photographers, most notably to Mark Raycroft of Browntrout Calendars.  These may not be copied, edited or used for any publication without clear and written permission of the  photographer.


Pictured above is Mark's daughter
with a dog from Mike's past...
FCI Int'l Ch, Can Ch Aiko vom
 Sinnbrunnen SchHIII, FH, AD, CGC

Contact Us:
Esmond Rottweilers
Little Britain, Ontario Canada 
Mike:  705-738-7082

As breeders, we strive to produce genetically healthy Rottweiler Puppies with trainable temperaments.  We are dedicated to carefully screening homes and placing our puppies with owners who are willing to give them love, attention and training throughout their lifetimes, as well as helping the pup to reach its full potential as a show or working dog.

Multi BIS Am CH, Can GRCHX Esmonds God of All CDX, Am/Can RN, U-RO2, PD, JD, LD, DSX2, AJ, HDS, SD-N, TN-I, HIC, TKN, TKI
28 All Breed Best in Show wins; 2019 #1 Rottweiler & #10 All Breeds; 2020 #1 Rottweiler and #8 All Breeds; 2021 #1 Rottweiler & #1 Working  & #1 All Breeds in Canada

As owners, we are dedicated to giving our dogs the best care possible.  Our Rottweilers live in our home, are raised with children and socialized with other animals.  We raise our Rottweiler Puppies naturally, feeding a modified B.A.R.F. diet and utilizing titres rather than vaccines when possible.   


V-1 Multi BOSS Am/Can/UKC Ch Esmonds Iza One and Only Am/Can CDX, RE, Am TDX, Can TD, SchHIII, FH2, IPOIII, BST, AD, BH, U-CD, U-FO, TT, CGC, RTD MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Versatility Excellent, Multi High in Trial Winner #1 Rottweiler Overall in 2006 ~ Canada, ARC Gold Dam,CRC Gold Award, USRC Gold Merit Award, UKC Total Dog Award

For two decades, we have owner-handled our dogs in AKC and CKC Conformation shows, as well as at Sieger shows; and have competed personally with our Rottweilers in Obedience, Tracking, Agility, Carting, Rally and Schutzhund trials and we're proud that our puppy owners are committed to doing the same. 

Am OTCH MACH7 Esmonds We're Off To See The Wizard UDX5, OM6, MXB3, MJC3, FTC2, MFG2, TQX, T2B Multi All breed HIigh in Trial and High Combined Winner, 2012 CRC High in Trial (Obedience & Agility); 2011 ARC High in Trial/High Combined (Obedience) & High in Trial (Agility), 2010 CRC High in Trial/High Combined

We have have bred Rottweilers who have become Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winning Rottweilers; Sweepstakes and Futurity winners and V-1 Rated and Sieger title holdersOur pups consistently rank in the Top Ten for Conformation, Obedience, Agility and Rally Rottweiler standings and we've produced High in Trial Winners in nearly ever sport as well as; OTCH, MACH, Tracking and Herding Champions.  We've produced Police K9 and SAR dogs and we even had one pup who was a Flyball Champion!  Talk about a versatile breed!

AGCH, MACH5 Esmonds God of Valor Strider UD, MXC, PAD, MJC, PJD, MFS, TQX, T2B3 First Rottweiler in history to earn the AKC Agility Grand Championship title; 2017 CRC Specialty HIT Agility, 2019 ARC National Agility Championship Finals Qualifier

We are past members of The American Rottweiler Club (ARC), The Medallion Rottweiler Club (MRC), The Colonial Rottweiler Club (CRC), the Rottweiler Club of Canada (RCC), The United Schutzhund Clubs of America (USA), and several all-breed clubs.   We are most proud, however, of the pups that we have raised over the years; this is our continued focus.

Multi BISS Select 1 Am/Can/UKC Ch Eis Haus First Love of Kando Am/Can CD, Am/Can RE, CS, CI, TT, HIC, CGN, RTD ARC Gold Dam, 2011 Top Producing Dam

We also believe that a dog needs to feel happy and loved to achieve optimal health.  To this end, the quality of the dogs' lives always comes before show or trial wins.  After all, it is at home that we spend most of our time with our dogs.  Their show and working careers are simply a way to express how much we enjoy spending time with them.  We choose owners who share our philosophy in this regard.

Multi BISS Am GRCHB, Can/UKC CH Esmonds God of Night Am UD, Can CD, Am RE, Can RN, U-RO1, HT, PT, IGP1, BH, CAA, CS, CI, CS(t), CI(t), HIC, TN-I, IJC, FDC, RATI, JD, SD, UJJ, IAC, TKN, TKI, TKA, TT, CGC, CGCA, CGCU
2019 Medallion Rottweiler Club SpecialtyBISS; Multi High in Trial Winner


Multi V-1 USRC Select Am/Can Ch Esmonds Kaleidoscope of Quarks UDT, RAE, NA, OAJ, OAP, AJP, NFP, SchHIII, FH, BST, BH, Can CD, U-CD, U-AGII, CS, CI, TT, CGC, TDI  ARC Top Ten Obedience/Agility 2004, 2005 ARC National Agility High in Trial, 2004 Top Ten Overall~Canada, 2005 ARC Top Ten Utility/Rally, MRC Hall of Fame, USRC Gold Merit, ARC VX, AKC VCD2

Champion Tracker Esmonds Will of Steel ASCA TD, OB1, TR1, CGC
Certified as a dual purpose Patrol/Narcotics Police K-9 by the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council.

No matter how handsome a dog may be, the Rottweiler is, above all else, a working breed.  The reason that we exhibit our dogs is in an effort to produce a better working dog.  In our opinion, form will always follow function.  The Rottweiler must be able to prove himself in working venues (Schutzhund, Search and Rescue, Herding, Obedience, Tracking or Agility) to be considered true to breed type. 


Esmonds Sixth Sense CGC ~ Vermont Wilderness Search &  Rescue K9, NAPWDA Cadaver Detection Dog
ARC Heroism Award, ARC Mirko Medallion, ARC Anvil T.R.U.E Award Winner

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V-Rated Am Ch/CT, Can Ch/OTCh Esmonds Gone with the Wind Am UD, RE, HT, PT, HTD1s, BH, U-CDX, TT, HIC, CGC MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Silver Sire, ARC VX, Dog World Award, High in Trial winner, ARC Top Ten Obedience 2003 & 2004

And although we've been lucky enough to compete successfully in many venues, we own dogs first and foremost because we enjoy their company.  Their enthusiasm is contageous and we can't imagine any better life than the one we share with them, day in and day out, even (or especially) when there are no dog shows to attend.


Am/Can Ch CT Esmonds Old Southern Comfort Am UD, Can CDX, RE, U-CD, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI MRC Hall of Fame, ARC Versatility Excellent, Multi High in Trial Winner

Mike and I are so proud, not only of our own dogs, but also of each of our puppies that are featured on the following pages.  This site is dedicated to these pups and their outstanding owners, without whom, we would not be able to continue doing what we love most in life. 

Am/Can Ch Oakview's Roughrider v Esmond RN, CI, TT, CGC, RTD, TDI Certified READ (Reading Education Assistance Dog), 2012 AKC "ACE" Honoree, 2012 CRC Seger Medallion Winner American Rottweiler Club Mirko Medallion, Anvil T.R.U.E. Award Winner

Our Rottweilers have been used in books, movies and TV commercials and are often seen in the Browntrout Calendars.  We are most proud, however, that each of  our pups is a loving family companion and good ambassador for the Rottweiler breed.

Our only Dual champion... DC Esmonds U Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet! CD, RE, Can RN, HT, PT, HSAsd, HIAsd, HIBd, HXAsd, TT, HIC, CGC 2010 ARC National High in Trial Herding, Multi All Breed Herding HIT

Our longest lived pup... Esmonds Perpetual Motion CDX, RAE, OJP, BH, NJC, WV-N, RATO, TT, HIC, CGC, TDI, TKN, TKI 2008 ARC Top Ten Obedience (Feb 26, 2005 - Aug 16, 2020).  Aspen is enrolled in Dr. Waters Exceptional Longevity Study

Most importantly though, we are happy to call our puppy owners friends.  Thank you to all for being there with us through the good times and for serving as our our inspiration to continue through the difficult times.  Thank you also for your support of one another.  Our success is truly a team effort!  We hope that this website honors you and your dogs well.